Value Ladder Overview for B2B Sales Funnel

James Hughes

This value ladder overview for a B2B sales funnel needs a bit of change to make it more converting. Watch the video as I devised a funnel strategy to test and see which will work amazingly well. Using the methods on this sales funnel system aims to drive more traffic and conversion.

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Video Transcript

I realize it’s James his is a traffic strategy that I’ve devised to see your focus, which will work amazingly well if we do things in the right if we do the right components in the right order. So this it’s 11 steps. Okay. It’s based heavily on LinkedIn, but also the other channels as well. This will increase the number of things. The search engine optimization traffic, and basic traffic. So if we’re aiming for a lot of traffic using these methods, that’s what leads basically to the sales funnel system. So all of this will lead to the sales funnel system, which I’m working on. I will, I’ll get that in for you tomorrow in Trello, but yeah.

Step one is a YouTube video. This is based on one YouTube video. So, for example, a piece of content could be the three ways to present valuable content or track more business, or it could be how to set up your social media comes to find clients five ways to attract clients to your business.

These kinds of micro topics work really well. And then whoever the influencer is for see your focus. They create the YouTube video, okay. On that, based on that piece of content. And we can find long-tail keywords by a keyword search tool. And this, we can basically map out 12 months’ worth of content that we can create all that the influencer or the CEO. Obviously, your forests need to focus on is creating YouTube videos because that’s what fuels the system. So the YouTube videos create one YouTube video, okay.

Convert this to a powerful post, convert this to a blog post effectively on WordPress. So that’s step three. Step four is adding convert box software to the powerful post. I’ve a convert box software. So you will need to purchase that. Okay, so we can split test, test the results on there.

So if we’re posting five to seven times per week with valuable content, powerful posts, this is increasing the search engine ranking. And it’s doing all of these things at once. All of these components drive a lot of traffic to which w to the powerful post and to the main website, and obviously ultimately through to the sales funnel, the high converting one. Okay. So step four, is that in the convert box of the power for porcelain, each article is posted five to seven times per week. This is what makes the most impact on Google.

People are searching for solutions in Google, not on Facebook, not on LinkedIn, they’re searching for sleep. People hung out on LinkedIn. People hang out on Facebook, they’re searching for solutions and Google. So that’s where, that’s why the powerful post comes in very well because we, if we’re the top of the search engine ranking for the keywords related to the product there’ll be found, so your focus, and then we can use retargeting methods to retarget the people that are there that are searching for that value and have read the post because it would be pixeled.

Via these steps, we’re retargeting them to the sales funnel. Okay. So we’re creating engagement value, Bose growth virus. This method re-targeting via the high converting sales funnel. Okay. But obviously, we’ll do the manual things as well share via the social media platforms, LinkedIn, where we’re coming here, you’re already doing that in email ads. There’s obviously manual outreach as well, but share the powerful post in the groups. Okay.

It’s a business-to-business product. So create a snippet post. And what I mean by a snippet post as use the powerful post that’s created here originally for the YouTube video 2,500 words, we’ll publish that in the LinkedIn, create a link, read, more links button on the powerful post is going to drive a lot of traffic. So we’re looking to drive thousand 5,000, 10,000, 50,000, a hundred thousand over the months that, that we, that you power this and an action this out with the client, obviously it has to be rolled out.

That’s how it works. And we retarget the people that are engaging with this powerful post, okay. Adwords drive words, searching for a solution, looking for CEO forums, et cetera, et cetera, retarget the people on AdWords, okay. By the Google display network, retarget people on Facebook that have engaged with a powerful post via retargeting ads, which I can advise on as well. I can advise on the setup and the rollout. And this leads to one thing only whether that’s the, whether that’s the webinar, oh, the free live event or the free book.

If you push it towards the free book and have that as the foundation funnel, we can have them, these two funnels, we can retarget the people that have signed up for the free book with the free live event, with the webinar, but these will have to be mapped out.

And that’s what I’m going to do in the sales funnel system. So let me know if you’ve got any questions on that, or if you want to get Jim on a call to go over it again, but in more detail, but there’s obviously components, individual components to that based around LinkedIn, but derives and is formed and created from the YouTube videos. It starts from the YouTube videos. That’s step one. So just one video, we do, we go through this process for one video, create the next video, go through this process again, create the third video, go through this process again, and the all air, all avenues lead back to the sales funnel. Okay.

Let me know if you’ve got any questions to look to go over it with you again in more detail, but I’ll continue to work on the sales funnel system, which will include the information and assets that we already have here. Okay. But will be mapped out clearly. And we can look at some profits scenarios. Okay. And let me know what you think. Elias cheers.


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