Turn Cold Traffic Into Profits Using Tripwire Funnel

James Hughes

turn cold traffic in your business into big spenders using the tripwire funnel in funnel rolodex

Do you have an amazing product to sell, but you’re having a hard time getting customers to buy it? Or perhaps, are you spending a lot of money, time, and effort driving traffic to your website – but it isn’t converting enough? What if I told you that there is something in Funnel Rolodex that can change this so you’ll start getting massive conversions and profits?

If you’re interested, then read on because we have the tool you need to get the ball rolling.

What is a Tripwire Funnel?

Simply put, a tripwire is a product that you can use as an offer in your sales funnel and is usually priced very cheaply. It is a simple marketing strategy that entices customers to make a small purchase to get them to make larger purchases in the future. To put it simply, a tripwire is a high-value product/service offered at a far lower cost, making it an irresistible deal. Tripwire funnels are a super powerful strategy in Funnel Rolodex that can turn cold traffic into big spenders within minutes. By creating a low-ticket offer that is hard to refuse, you’re able to get clients where you can upsell, downsell, or send to a confirmation page.

Why does tripwire offers work?

There’s a psychological reason behind tripwire offers: When someone spends money with you, even if it’s just $1 they’re much more likely to do it again and again. Their initial commitment is the hardest because they’re skeptical but once they make that first purchase and all goes well, they’ll find it easier to buy again and again from you. It’s 10X easier to sell a product to an existing customer than it is to someone who’s never bought anything from you.

It’s also a really good marketing strategy because they do these 3 things to move your business forward:

  1. Tripwire offers can pay for themselves. Your low-ticket offer can cover the advertising costs to bring in cold traffic. 
  2. They can grow your email list
  3. They can boost your sales. Their entire purpose is to get people to make more expensive purchases over time.

How to create a Tripwire Funnel?

The goal of a tripwire is twofold. The first goal is to quickly increase your customer base by converting cold traffic into buying customers. And the second goal is to identify qualifying leads who are more likely to spend money on your products/services (and hence easier to sell to).

In this part, we’ll show you how to create both the irresistible low ticket offer and then the one-time-only upsell and downsell.

1. Setup your lead generator.

The first thing that you will want to do is start generating some leads. This will be the start of your tripwire funnel, and you will do it with a free offer. You will give people some free content, or perhaps a free physical product, which will help to start building trust in your brand. This lead generator will allow you to collect contact information so that you can move onto the next stage.

set up your lead generator

2. Choose a tripwire product.

You can use product splintering to start creating your tripwire offer. This works by taking your main offer and splintering off part of it to offer as a tripwire product. By doing this, you can easily tell the customer that they have just purchased one part of the whole package. Their next step can be to purchase the whole thing. They won’t need to spend too much on the initial offer, but they will get a taste of the value that the whole course can offer them.

3. Create a one-click upsell.

After your customer bought your cheap tripwire product, the next thing you should do is offer a one-click upsell. This means redirecting them to a new sales page, where they will see a new offer. By clicking just once on a “buy now” button, they can buy this new offer. They have already entered their credit card details, so they won’t need to do it again. This upsell can be a one-time offer, meaning that it is time-sensitive. If the customers don’t buy it now, they won’t be offered that price again. Be sure to match your tripwire offer well with the core product that you’re offering. Ideally, your tripwire product is a small part of the main product, so you’re giving your customers a taster before they invest in the real thing.

4. If the upsell is rejected, use a downsell instead.

If the customer says no to the upsell, using a downsell will keep them engaged. They might not be buying your core product exactly, but they will still be buying something. You might offer them a secondary product that you want them to consider. However, you should be careful with the way that you offer a down-sell because it might put some people off. If you have already offered them something they don’t want, they might dislike having something else offered to them.

5. Create a Thank You page.

Once your customers completed their purchases, you can then take them to a Thank You page. This page confirms that their order is complete and that their product is on its way or available to download, or that they can now use your service. This page can also be used as an offer wall meaning you can provide other offers and next steps, leading them to other funnels or products that you have to offer.

6. Use email campaigns to promote your core offer.

Though your customers might not be ready to buy your core product right away, you already know that they are willing to spend money with you. You now have their email address and you can use this to keep them engaged. You can nurture your leads via email to entice them to come back to your page. It’s better if you won’t jump straight to offering your core product but to encourage them to browse your new products or benefit from another free resource that you have to offer first.


You can use the tripwire in Funnel Rolodex to start getting more and more conversions and profits. Since tripwires are cheap, you’ll need to add one upsell to increase the amount of money you make from your funnel. Remember, your funnel is your lead generation machine, so spending considerable time testing all the different options to create a break-even funnel in Funnel Rolodex is a good investment of your time. And that’s it! We’ve covered a lot in this article and we hope you find this valuable as much as we do.

Having difficulties on how to execute all the things you’ve learned from this article? Visit Funnel Rolodex now and start searching for funnel experts to help you build your own tripwire funnel.

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