Traffic and Sales Funnel Strategy For Online Masterclass

James Hughes


Creating a sales funnel strategy is vital for your online business whether you sell products or services. In this video, watch the sales funnel blueprint that I built for one of my client’s online masterclass. There are 7 sales funnel steps that we followed to ensure that we generate leads and customers. You’ll also learn how we drove traffic to the funnels by using social media and paid advertising.

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Video Transcription

Hi, Ferris. It’s James. This is the blueprint. Great talk this morning. This is how I would do it. This is the, so this is the blueprint of the steps altogether. Let’s zoom out. Yeah. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 steps. So that would be seven ClickFunnels pages. Okay. The first step funnel, step one is the free masterclass opt-in page like you’ve got it.

Funnel step two is the thank you page and link to the sales page. Okay. But a refined sales page, a refined product structure. When you improve the copy, the headline, the calls to action, and the grammar we need at a time of urgency and we need to increase the price after so many days or threaten to increase the price after so many days.

This will improve sales and start generating sales. So this is the traffic coming in. Okay. Now with, based on Facebook ads and content marketing. Okay. And the Facebook ads is $1 per click. Okay. I don’t know what you’re currently doing, but I’ll just for the purpose of this simulation, lets it go by in the content marketing I put at 20 cents per click because what we want to do here is create engagement.

Okay. And then we retarget them and the people that are going through the funnel with the sales page, the refined sales page. Okay. So for the purposes of this simulation, I’ve put in 500 views per month at 50 cents cost per click, okay.

So traffic going into the free master class, sign up, thank you. Would you like to see the offer and the sales page? If not, we give them lesson video one on the thank you page. It will have a copy saying, Please check your inbox. Thanks for signing up.

Please check your inbox to receive your first lesson. So these will be three pages as here. Okay. These emails are linked to three separate pages, three separate lesson pages, lesson one, two, and three.

Like you currently have on the thank you page, but we’re just switching it around slightly. Okay. So there’s the automation one day part of the emails every day, basically.

And the purpose of the lesson, the lesson pages are, will be the lesson and then we’ll have a call of action on the sales page, less than to call the action at the sales page, less than three calls to action to the sales page or case we’re following up with them and we’re getting them to the sales page every time and then hopefully onto the order form.

So let’s simulate that and let’s see some figures. Okay. So based on the price of $47, okay. Obviously refining the sales page. First, as we discussed it’s going to create traffic. Good. It’s going to create a revenue of $4,559 with traffic sources of 6,500.

That’s the re-targeting from Facebook. Sorry, the re-targeting plus the content marketing and the Facebook engagement because we’re, re-targeting everybody that’s engaging with the sales funnel.

Okay. So that’s given us a traffic cost of 2,250 merchant fees are 205, which is a total of 2,455. That’s given us earnings per click of 70 cents cost per liter, 54 cents cost per acquisition of 9 22 generating a revenue monthly of 4,559.

Like I’ve just mentioned which profit 2,104 profit. Okay. If we do these things right. So that’s the blueprint for the sales funnel. Okay. That’s what I’m going over. I’ll send you a PDF of that. Okay. I’ll just pause this video and then we can go through the traffic.

Hi, I’m back first with the traffic strategy. So the traffic strategy is what’s leading into the sales funnel. Okay. So the traffic going into this page, this which is this page on this diagram. Okay. So everything we do is related to getting them on the free master class because everything that follows is to get them to the sales page.

What you need to do or potentially you can do is create consistent videos on your client can create a consistent. In this case, your client could do lots of content videos, which you already have for the master class, but we based them on long-tail keywords.

Okay? So we find long-tail keywords associated with depression, eliminating depression, anxiety, et cetera, et cetera. We create articles from the long-tail keywords we’re using in the title. And we create videos, which we convert into articles, video articles. Then we post them to WordPress. Okay. Cause that’s the best medium for search engine optimization in terms of traffic.

And we drive it and this is what creates the powerful post. Okay. This is our relentless audience strategy. Okay. Relentless audience growth strategy. So the powerful posts will include a convert box, which has software that your ad to each article that is posted deriving originally from the YouTube video.

Okay. And every article that’s posted acts like a landing page. If they don’t sign up at that point, they’re going to engage with it. It’ll be pixeled. And we retarget them by these avenues. Okay. But we also boost the post. We drive Google AdWords to it.

It will obviously increase the search engine ranking using techniques. Then we boost each article that’s created and posted to the WordPress blog. We boost it on the Facebook page at only $1 per day or one pound per day. Then whoever engages with the post, we retarget them via Facebook.

We retarget them via the Google display network. And we retarget them via Instagram and all avenues of re-targeting or to get them in the free master class. Okay. Which then leads to our automated funnel. Simple as that. Okay. So that is the traffic strategy. That is the relentless audience growth strategy, best around the powerful posts.

And then we put it on rocket fuel basically by using paid methods to re-target the engagement of that post or posts.

So that’s how that works. I’ll send you a PDF document of that Ferris. I hope you can leave me five-star feedback.

And if you want me to help you with the next steps, let me know, and we can continue. But hopefully, this has helped you and I end out what you need to do for the funnel.

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