Marketing and Sales Funnel Strategy For Chiropractor


This video will show you how the marketing and sales funnel strategy for a chiropractic business is planned. If you are a chiropractor, or in the same niche and want to grow your business, take time to study how sales funnel marketing can grow your business relentlessly.

As a business owner, it is vital to set up your marketing strategy online. Watch this video to discover the process, techniques, and tips to increase your leads to grow your business.

Video Transcript

Hi guys, this is a very quick overview of the traffic strategy, my relentless audience growth strategy, which I’ve included for Well Health. So this is what we should definitely implement. Short-Term start, start at short-term with a long-term view in mind just to increase everything that we do and this, this is kind of, this is the marketing for the business, basically.

This will lead to the foundation sales for like, well, you’ve already got one in place with the very high converting style chiropractic sales funnel industry standards. It’s very decent and converts reasonably well. I think we’ve fought a couple of small wins recently with the increase in leads as well, Lyndon told me, so that’s fantastic.

But I’m still actually documenting the finer details for this, which may take me a little bit more time, but once we’ve got a document is we know exactly what we need to do and what actions to follow to make this a real success.

So this is kind of like the overall map with steps. There’s yeah, there’s 11 steps and I’m actually going through a document just to make a crystal clear. So yeah, just to give clarity on exactly what we need to do and what kind of order, what steps this will increase and grow and make things a lot better in so many components to what we do. So I’ll just go over the map slightly, just, just so you know, there’s still more work to do on this.

I’m still waiting on the sales funnel system map as well. And this is the traffic strategy, the relentless audience growth strategy. We lay this foundation and all these activities lead to, to one place, which is the high converting sales funnel. Okay. So there’s still a map to do, which I’ll have tomorrow for you, which we can go over a simulation of the funnel of what I think we should do.

This all starts with step one and I’ve touched on this briefly with Joslin. It starts with a YouTube video, okay. One YouTube video. And then we convert that YouTube video into what I call the powerful post or a powerful post. Okay. That’s the second step. So that’s step three, the powerful post is what we publish to the WordPress site, which is getting built at the moment.

I’ve already had a look at it. Fantastic. Simple, easy to navigate works like a funnel as well, which is very important symbol copy. I know you’re missing a few taglines and things like that, which I’ll help you with, but so far, very good, indeed.

So this is based around that website, which is the publishing platform. We’ve got two things here. We’ve got the number one, the publishing platform, which is that. And two, the sales funnel for sales, which makes the sales funnel system overall.

Okay. So step one, create one YouTube video. I know that sounds a bit crazy. First, create one YouTube video, but I’ll show you what I mean, We create one and we do all this thing just with this one video, this sequence of steps. And then we rinse and repeat, okay. With another video, then we follow the exact steps again.

So YouTube video piece of valuable content for Dr. Ben converts a powerful post, then we publish the powerful post to the WordPress site, the new one that’s getting created.

Obviously, it looks good and it doesn’t, it’s aligned with the branding, et cetera. That’s pretty straightforward then step four, we add what’s called convert box which is software, which acts as a funnel entry.

So when people, when we’re driving traffic to the powerful post each post that we, that we do posts that we publish will act as a landing, a high converting landing page. Okay. So that, that software allows us to do that.

Step five is to create and publish a snippet post on LinkedIn. So to snip it of the powerful post, so it can create two or three paragraphs in LinkedIn, then with a link to read more. What that is doing is it’s getting them to go button to the powerful post from LinkedIn, from that channel back to the WordPress site, which is pixeled, that’s registering the visitor. Okay.

So step six is once the powerful post has been created, We post it to the Facebook page. Okay. Whether that’s Franklin or the other franchises, okay. Then we boost that post to $1 per day. Okay. I’ve already gone over these with Jocelyn. She’s already started doing them. So their engagement starts. So that’s how that works. That generates engagement on each post.

Step seven is we share the powerful post on each social media platform. Okay. Within this process. Step eight is then we set up a retargeting, ad, or adds to retarget the people that are viewing and engaging with the powerful post it’s, as simple as that. Okay. Which starts off in its basic form of a YouTube video. I’ll go into a bit more detail in that in a second, but we’re retargeting on Facebook and what we’re retargeting is the sales funnel.

We’re turning cold traffic and hot traffic. And then when we’re directing the hot traffic, we’re retargeting the hot traffic with the sales funnel system. Okay. Which is the irresistible offer that could be the chiropractic adjustment offers. It could be a well, I’ll go through the sales funnel system tomorrow, or the potential lead magnets before they even get to the offer.

Okay. So that grows more prospects rather than taking them straight to the offer and the call, the schedule call, which works well anywhere.

All of these activities and tasks that we perform consistently are a case of getting in the mind of the prospect, all sorts of doing other things as well, which I’ll explain. And then we’re retargeting with people that are engaging with this super value with the high converting sales funnel, rather than consistently driving direct traffic, cold traffic, or reasonably cold traffic to that, the high converting sales funnel.

Okay. So this is the foundation we need to layout for all our marketing activities. So step eight is retargeting on Facebook and then step nine is doing the exact same thing with Instagram through Facebook, start to retarget on two platforms.

Step 10 is the ad words. This can be the second phase because we can reasonably quickly set up a Facebook ad campaign where we know that we can reasonably quickly set up a Google ads campaign as well.

But obviously, it’s going to be more expensive, more complexity involved, obviously with setting up an ad words campaign. But the purpose of the ads compare the AdWords, the Google ads campaign, I should say a step 10 is to drive traffic to the post. So low-cost ads drive traffic to the powerful post published on the publishing platform, which is the WordPress site for telehealth, the main one.

And then that is driving not only because of what we do with the search engine optimization of the post and the fact that it’s a long-tail keyword, which I’ll explain as well, we’re boosting the powerful post with paid traffic as well.

That’s boosting it up the search rankings even more across the franchises across the main site, across your publishing platform with Dr. Ben is the attractive character. So step 11 is simply the progressive retargeting of our Google ad activities, which is boosting the traffic to the powerful post in Google, on the WordPress site.

And then we’re retargeting them via Google display network. So three retargeting channels there with the sales funnel, obviously with a targeted audience. Okay. So that’s how that works. Yeah. The Google ads, sorry, the SEO of the post.

I’ll just turn to the documents. So this is phase one, the long-term foundation and the action. So I’ll just read this out. This structure with consistent action is the foundation of your publishing platform to create relentless audience growth, turning cold traffic to hot traffic, which creates warmer leads as they enter your sales funnel.

This will over time create a system that’s producing 20, 80, the 80 20 rule, 80{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} results from 20{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} effort in everything that we’re doing in terms of marketing, in terms of the mechanics of how it works, the production of content, the delivery of content.

All of our marketing efforts will be based on this foundation system. Okay. It will reduce overwhelm. It will increase clarity, and it will create a focus on tasks that have benefits. Okay. So there’d be an assurance there that it’s going to work, that it will work if we’re doing the right things in the right order at the right times.

Okay. Obviously using the map and the guides that I’ve created. So I recommend two platforms with aligned social media channels, which are already in place anywhere plus the following additional software and plugins. So we have two main platforms, the publishing platform, which has WordPress already been created. Fantastic.

A blog must be created on that blog page. I’ve touched on this with Jocelyn. I think the sales funnel software is the other platform. Clickfunnels we’ve already got it. And we’ve already got an autoresponder.

We’re ahead of the game. What we do with the WordPress site once complete it’s, it’s under construction. We upload the Yoast SEO plugin to optimize every time, powerful post creators derived from these two things. Okay. So, yeah, we upload the plugins, Yoast, SEO, and we’ll do the things that are involved with that.

Each post after it’s created prior to publishing we upload the ClickFunnels plugin so we can align the ClickFunnels pages, the demand with the domain that, that the WordPress sites on basically the main publishing site.

Okay. Convert box. Yeah. The convert box is the software. For the third piece of software, you will need a purchase that I am you on convert box as software for clients, so no need to purchase that. We’ve already got it. So that will be uploaded to the WordPress site also. So three things that additional software is the convert box.

Google Analytics needs to be uploaded to that. So we can track the traffic, Google tag manager, so we can add it to Facebook. Sorry. So we can add it to a, yeah. So the Facebook pixel and the Google pixel, so we can do the retargeting.

We can track the ads that way as well. So step one, I’m going into detail and documenting every component of the map, basically. It’s a document that you can follow forever, more and it’s there, so we can follow like a kind of Bible.

So step one, YouTube video course into a bit more detail. You probably think, well, when are the hell am I, when I’ve got the timer to create all these YouTube videos, it’s not as onerous or overwhelming, as you may think, you know, you’ve already started, those great episodes when you come in and your, your RV and stuff.

Dr. Ben keeps cracking on with those that they’re fantastic. Then they’re lighthearted with educational pieces in perfect content. Don’t have to be too technical in terms of keywords and things like that. But what we need is content in terms of educational pieces, as well, solely educational pieces, valuable ones, two to three minutes videos that really strike a chord with the audience.

What we need to do to achieve this is to decide on the brand values that well health and Ben is an attractive character. So we need to choose at least four core values that you probably have in mind, anywhere what you and your brand are about.

Under those four core values, we choose 12 macro topics. 12 topics that lead back to the core values one for every month of the year. Okay. So that’s providing 12 months of content within each topic, micro topic. We choose four to eight niches down micro topics that solve the pain points of your target market.

These will be your weekly topics and your headlines, the headlines, or titles, and reduce long-tail keywords, wherever possible. And the title of the video, this will search engine optimize the content. Okay. So I’ve touched on this with Jocelyn as well and what we can use to find these long titles and headlines for the cotton end.

I use Ubersuggest by Neil Patel, he’s the SEO and content king. You know, you can’t go beyond him and you’ve probably already heard of him. But yeah, he’s brilliant at what he does. So why not follow this guy? And I use his tool Ubersuggest it’s free. It’s to analyze long-tail keywords and where we can compete and where we can create a derived continent from these potential titles. Okay.

It’s going to be easy to do to come up with the content, the ideas, and it’s just a case of bad finding the time to do the videos. Okay. Two and three-minute videos spend a few hours, could create many, you know, if we do, based on that. The frequency of the posting we’d want to do seven to eight, seven to eight about five to seven posts per week consistently on the blog, don’t let that frighten you.

This is not frightening. And if we do it properly we’ll be able to do it. Usually, we suggest, or we’ll use Ubersuggest, Jocelyn, and I to come up with the content topics and things like that. So, very easy.

I’ll be there to hold your hand and there’s like a BuzzSumo section in Ubersuggest where it comes up with content ideas. For very much like BuzzSumo does you have to end up going into the premium product to really dive deep into BuzzSumo. But it was suggestible will work for what we want it for very well. Okay.

So yeah, this can be buffed out for the entire year. And all that will be left to do is to create the videos with YouTube then create them. So we post these to the social media channels on the WordPress site.

Obviously, we create a video article basically. So I’ll have a look at the map here, each YouTube video, we’re converting into a powerful post, and then we do the rest here. Okay. So a quick example of the values family first. Already doing up and with the family videos in reducing that into, you know, it’s almost like a TV show, which is really cool.

The format of how you’ve done it, the production is excellent so that hear your values. You can include values in there. It’s obvious scaling businesses, chiropractic franchises. That could be a value empowering people you know, with your adjustments, your techniques that the things that you’re doing on a daily basis to change transform people’s lives basically.

Another one, health is your key. Your health is key. The micro topics associated with the values growing chiropractic business techniques, finding clients demonstration or strategy or implementation. Which can be linked back to the values of those four things.

The micro topics under the macro topics could include 4 techniques. For example, the macro topic of techniques, how to perform the best chiropractic adjustment, five ways to attract clients to your business or franchise.

That’s like a kind of the business pillar or the business value. All three ways to improve your posture, very kind of educational piece, which you already know how to do. And you’ve probably done videos on this already, but we have to do it in a consistent, robotic, methodical way to really generate good visitors.

Okay. Step two, that’s the conversion of the powerful post. So we created a WordPress post using the transcript from the video that we create. Initially, I didn’t refine the Google doc that we can transform that into a powerful post. We publish the article. The WordPress Intuit is ensured, is Greenlight via the Yoast SEO tool.

Each time that we’ll optimize it to its best capability in terms of a search engine is to choose the post that is fully optimized for the search engines are YouTube videos to the post and some great images. And then we’ve got a fantastic post. So what we need to do as well, that go into further detail with the post. We should think of five cool posts of 2,500 to 3000 words. So five epic posts, I call them.

Then every activity in terms of creating the articles, following the creation of the five articles, we link back to the five articles every time. So we create a network of content they’re heading back to the five main articles, okay. At every opportunity cause, they will rank highest in the search engine.

So step four, I’ve gone over that add convert box to the powerful post. So each post that we do five to seven times per week, we’re fundamentally creating five to seven landing pages.

Okay. Powerful then obviously I’ll document the further detail of the further steps which align with the strategy and rollout plan. If you like, and then obviously still working on the sales funnel system, you already have part of it in place. But this can be some improvements there in terms of growth, but that would be the end goal from this.

This is the marketing strategy that leads to the sales funnel, generating more inquiries, increasing the exposure, increasing search engine ranking, increasing paid traffic results, improving paid traffic results, getting more offers in getting more people to shed. You’ll then get more leads, converted. It’s the key to everything. And this is what we need to, you know, religiously abide by if you like.

So that is the relentless audience growth strategy for Well Health. I just want to do a quick video now to show you what point we’re at. And it’s just a case of documenting it now and getting on with it the components and that’s basically it. Wwe just crack on with this and it will yield much better results in all sorts of areas for the marketing of the business and the success of the business.

I hope this helps you, if you can come up with some questions in the meantime, that’d be fantastic. That will help on the call. And by then I’ll have the sales funnels, simulation done. I will have it done by then because I’ve got another full day tomorrow. I’ll have that done and we can go over that as well with some profitability scenarios. So yeah, excited to know what you think. Cheers guys!

Traffic & Sales Funnel Strategy For Online Yoga Platform


I will show you in this video the traffic and sales funnel strategy I created for an online yoga platform with a simulation of the possible results. You will see how I mapped out the blueprint of the sales funnel steps that will attract prospects, and turn leads into customers.

Creating a traffic strategy for your online business is vital to set yourself and your team up for success. Watch this whole video to know the techniques and ways to establish your strategy for your online business.

Video Transcript

Hi Semyon, hope you’re well. I’ve mapped out the funnel blue blueprint strategy and the traffic. So this is for the foundation. I’ve also done a simulation of what we can achieve with the way it is basically. So looking at everything, the document, and the conversations that we’ve been having you’ve got your a hundred basic fly yoga exercises. This will be funnel step one. This is your lead magnet. Okay.

This will then lead to the parents and kids fly yoga workshop, which currently you’ve got on $101 on the main site. Let’s try that for $97. Okay. This is for the funnel. We can obviously edit the ones on site as well, quite easily.

This leads to funnel step three, which is the order form. So the idea would be to get as much traffic flooded through as possible. I’ll get onto that in a second. Through funnel step one, get them to sign up for yoga exercises, the new one, the 101 with you know, some more irresistible copy on there, on the page at least. The funnel step two, which is a sales page. That’s for the parents and kids flying yoga workshop. Okay. At $97, this is the first product. Then funnel step three is the order form.

They’re not leads to the upsell. Now the upsell we’ll put in the premium product and we’ll do that at $297. Okay. So that’s a Sira fly yoga kids premium product. Once the purchase side, that leads to a thank you page, which is funnel step five in ClickFunnels. Now the thank you page, we’ll have steps on there. We can have landed doing it in a video. Thanks for purchasing the product. Please ensure you download your poster.

That’s step one, button two, we’ll link to the membership registration on the main website for the workshop and for the premium product, depending on which one they’ve bought, obviously the buy the premium one, but get what’s contained in the workshop. That’s how that works and the prices will need to be aligned with the main site. So the funnel and site are aligned.

At funnel step two, when people are signing up for that to go back a step when people are signing up for the lead magnet, driving traffic to here in all avenues channels, this leads to funnel step two at this point, the signup for the prospect follow-up sequence.

So this will have a download link in the first email, and that will also revisit the offer of the workshop. Okay. The $97 one. So we’re growing the email list and then we’re following up with the initial product. Okay. Then they’re going through the funnel, again, order form upsell of the premium product, and then the thank you page sermons and step one. Okay. So we’re following up with them, the prospects in this email sequence with the initial offer.

These are people that have signed up for the yoga exercises. Okay. So the first email received, once they’ve signed up, we’ll have the download link to the yoga exercises, but also prompt them towards the first offer, which is the workshop, which is normally $97 as affordable more to the muscles. So that’s how we get them into the sales funnel.

Then we upsell them to the premium. So if they don’t take it at this point, the second email, we talk about the problem. Okay. The problem that yoga teachers have to teach kids. So in this, restate the offer again. Okay. And then again, the third email, the agitation problem, and then how we solve it again, leaving them to the offer in another funnel again. So that’s where the prospect follow-up sequence will lead in. Then eventually when, where people purchase the workshop, we will create a prospect sequence promoting the upsell, which is the premium product. Okay. So that’s how that works.

Let’s look at the metrics that I’ve plugged in the traffic strategy. So the sources here will be Facebook ads, I’ve plugged in 500 visitors per month, traffic to articles. Now I’ve put a cost in of 1 cent per 500 visitors.

So $500 per month on articles. That’s 20 articles per month using the traffic strategy that I have and the tactics. So 500 of Facebook, Facebook ads, 500, the traffic articles, which is a content marketing sharing via the socials. So that’s content marketing, according to that in more depth re-targeting the 500 visitors as well. And what we will be doing is retargeting the people that are viewing the articles, which will be on the main site, which I believe in WordPress.

That creates looking at the figures, traffic sources sorry. I forgot to mention Google ads as well. The Google ads will be driving traffic to the articles that are posted. So not only we’re getting search engine optimization there, we’re getting traffic, we’re creating Google ads or driving traffic, fire, Google ads to the articles on the main website which will be pixeled.

And then we’ll re-target the people that engage with the content on Facebook. So the scene is on Google searching for the solution, and we’re fine. And then finding us two weeks, two days, three days, five days, one week, two weeks down the line, cause we’re retired on Facebook cause we’re retargeting them there. And this is where getting into the minds of Sira. We’ll be in their minds, we’re getting we’re following them around every opportunity. So that’s how we will convert even more.

It will bring, reduce the cost down because the cost per click usually is reduced using retargeting methods that I’ll use. So we’ve got two products creating a monthly revenue using this system of 4,300 and 777 per month that the traffic sources that are creating 1500 traffic over those three sources, three methods, the cost for that approximately 1300.

So in summary, that will create earnings per click for us for two, nearly $3 cost per lead, just over $2 cost per acquisition, $30 revenue, monthly 4,377, which is profit three, just over $3,000 per month. That is based on these figures here. So that’s 1500 coming through to the sales funnel. Okay. Which is a traffic source, 600 of those opting into the funnel to get the hundred basic flow yoga exercises at 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}, I’ve plugged in a 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} opt-in rate there. Okay.

I think if we make that irresistible enough, we can get the 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}. So that leads through to 600 of those lead to the sales page, put in 5{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} conversion. Okay. For that sales page, which is lower than probably well gap, but only time will tell. So converting a 5{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} at $97 will equate to 2,910. Okay. So 30 buyers from that, and then one person taking the upsell of the 2 97.

Okay. And then one person gets the thank you page. Well, actually 30 people getting that. So from the order form, so that is creating an income of the 2,910 plus the 2 97. Okay. Which is 3,783. And then if they’re not taking it, 95{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} are not taking it. They’re getting the emails. So of those 193 people sorry, of those 570 people, a conversion rate of 34{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} will go to the sales page. Okay.

If they don’t take it at 66{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}, you’ll get a follow-up email, then 124 of those 376 people that, which has 33{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} of clicking on that will go to the sales page. And then a day later on the third email, follow-up 80 of a 250, 1 of those people, 32{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}, which is 80 we’ll click on the sales page for the workshop, which is that one. Okay.

Funnel step two. And then this is where they re-enter the funnel via our email list. Okay. See how that works. So I’ll put in a 2.5{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} conversion. I’ve dropped it by half. Okay. It could be higher. It could be low. Only time will tell. So that’s $97. That’s creating 187, $3 on the purchase. Nine purchases with one purchasing the upsell. Okay. So that’s adding to the revenue and the profit traffic cost 1250 for the month merchant fees, $121 per the, per the merchant fees when you purchase the product. And that is creating those figures there via that simulation. Okay. So that is the sales funnel strategy and structure.

This is the traffic strategy that we all set up. Okay. So one, one obviously are two, well, one is very quick to set up this Facebook and the retargeting campaign. Okay. A bit longer and more gradual traffic, but the most important traffic at all is content marketing. And we can use to retarget them via Facebook and Google ads. Okay. So we’re driving the Google ads to the content, which is the articles that we create or pay somebody to create. So that’s, that’s it in there.

It’s a 500 per month for content marketing. Okay. So that’s how that works. That’s creating a profit per month. The foundation, so steps are funnel step one, the hundred basic fly yoga exercises, leading them to the tripwire product of the workshop. Okay. And more affordable. Get them over the line at $97. More people flooding through the sales funnel, then feeding through to the opposite of the 2 97 premium products. Okay.

Five steps to be built with a follow sequence prospect sequence by a sequence for the upsell. Okay. So that’s the strategy complete. What I can do is go have a look at the figures, make some suggestions, and we can look at some profitability scenarios, plugging in some different figures in the simulation. Okay. But this is how it works.

I think this is a really good one to get started. Obviously, you have to refine the copy in tandem with what we do for the funnel as well. But let me know what you think Semyon, and we can keep moving forward. Thank you.

Free Plus Shipping Sales Funnel For T-Shirt Company


If you are a t-shirt company, this sales funnel strategy is the right one for you. Watch how I explain the importance of sales funnel copy, design, and structure in converting your leads to buying customers. Take note of the step-by-step marketing strategies that will be mentioned because this will give you an overview of how to boost your sales relentlessly.

If you know someone who is in the same niche or type of business, share this video with them! For more content, subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

Video Transcript

I tolerance gyms. Yeah. Thanks for sending the fun links so that everything looks cool. Just a few things I’ve noticed now, obviously this is in test mode. One thing I would say is definitely don’t be frightened to drive traffic to it once these few little changes that don’t because it’s, it’s, it’s ready to go in my opinion. So the first thing would be that it hasn’t got a pixel in. I would add a Facebook pixel in the settings in click funnels. I’ll show you where to put that. If you don’t know if it’s got settings there within the sales funnel.

And it goes in here, head tracking cord. Okay. So that’s where you had the pixel. The next thing is a perfect logo. Contact me. I would remove this from the top, or maybe just have the logo and move this further up the page here, make this narrow or this ball here, and do have anywhere where they can click to get off this page. Cause we don’t want them to get off this page at all. Maybe add this in the footer. Okay. So further down we could add it as a small link in here, but definitely don’t have it at the top of that. I just that’s one small thing I would add or remove, I should say, but this is perfect. The products look great.

Especially driving traffic or the order form, I’ve already tested it out. This is great as well. This is all perfect. Yeah. Scrolls back with the order. Yeah. Copy is fine. Very simple. Got rid of the testimonials and the foot looks great. Another thing is I would take the affiliate badge off. Okay. So you don’t want them clicking on that. You just want to remove that completely. And how you do that is you just go into the page. If you don’t know already, I’ll show you how to do that. Edit page.

Yeah. So you’ve got a setting and you’ve got a general and then obviously I’ve hidden this one on this page. So you just go to hide and rather than show, okay, then you click out, and then you serve it. And then that should show like in this page here, there you go. So we don’t want them. We don’t want them, to click off anywhere else. We just want them to stay on here and see what’s going on with the offer. So let’s narrow this bar, remove these links and maybe move them to the bottom. If, if, if you must have them on, definitely have them on the bottom, remove the affiliate barge. So I’ll go through it, I’ll put the credit card number in that test.

Yeah, this is perfect. And then the t-shirt club, you get two free t-shirts per month at 70 95 per month. That’s very generous. So it’s bound to convert in my, my opinion. And then you’ve got the audit bump, the second upsell here. So that’s for the sweatshirt to go with the t-shirts and the switches. Perfect. So yes, my order. Now, there you go. I’ve done it a few times.

I’ve tested it a few times. So that’s, that’s why that’s showing up there, but yeah, I’ve had this on this page after the board, but don’t have it on the initial page because it will be destruction and same with ClickFunnels affiliate badge as well. That would remove that. But this is really cool as well. Have you seen your, grid product? All look good. Nice fonts and everything. So, yeah. Perfect. I’m still trying to figure out the follow-up email sequence part.

I really appreciate, appreciate your feedback. I’m still too scared to start sending traffic to it. Don’t be, I would say Megan was few changes and start driving traffic to it. Here’s the link. Yeah. At least this is supposed to be the link for some reason. Once the page loads, it displays us, blah, blah, blah. Yeah. The reason for that is I’ll show you how to do this. So if you go out of here, this link will be, you need to have this link here. Exactly the same as, and here, for example, look, if I preview this link here for Corbion pitch that.

Yeah. So you reversed the opt-in page because that is the one, this link here with that path reverts to this one here. So all you need to do is go into here in funnel into the first page of the free plus shipping page, click on the cog and make sure the congruent to the links, to the one you exactly want and that’ll solve that problem. Then similarly only take you two minutes. The other thing is when purchased, I received an email, thanks for your purchase email, which is all great from Tara Smith. Thanks for your purchase.

Your order will be shipped soon, blah, blah, blah. And then you may access your thank you page here at any time. And then it goes to a tablet. So you need like a thank you page and there, or even so you can remove that, that link there. And the thank you page and remove this copy here. Yeah. Yeah. And maybe edit this email. Thanks for your purchase. So the way you change that.

So if you’ve got automation, no, sorry. No, it’s actually in the order form. Sorry, products. And then you’ve obviously added your products in the back end. Oh, this is slightly changed settings. Oh yeah. It has changed. Am I sorry, I’ll go back in there. So what you need to do is you need to go in the order form. This is the change, the thank you page. You go to products and this must have just changed. And then you add products, but yours already be added. You mean product and you’re upselling. And then it’s the fulfillment email.

Sorry. Follow-up actions. Ah, this has changed. Oh, mine somewhere. It’s in here somewhere. It’s got to be a product. The ELLs, Oh wait. I think it’s not allowing me to do it because I haven’t got a product and it on this particular sales funnel. But if you, if you go into the order form, go to the steps the products go into products. You can edit the thank you page, which is the one that goes to the email. Yeah. Which the link. All right. So you can either create a thank you page and then add that link in the settings.

That’s just something that sometimes people miss is this part here because the guest said this link and then this link into something completely different. So just something to watch out for that aura, but yeah, everything else looks cool. So what I’ve done is I’ve mapped. I’ve got Trent, this audience growth strategy it’s mainly based around content marketing, but if you want, do you want us to book another call and to go over that that’d be fantastic. But obviously, just boot the clarity call and don’t book. I’ve never changed the price of this gig to 97 from $5. So just book another $5 gig in on the clarity call and we can go through that. But so based that the traffic coming in and traffic source one it’s just 1000 visitors per month on a standard $1 cost per click. Okay.

So that’s traffic going into the free plus shipping offer 7 95. I put a 25{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} opt-in rate or purchase rate on that 50{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} on this one here, which is the order form. And the first up-sale is 1795 per month that I’ve put it on a three-month stick, rate the product, and can put a conversion for 10{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}. Okay. And the second sell, which is the order bump of the sweatshirt. I put that in is 5{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}. So simulating that that’s creating a revenue per month of 1,639 and 95 cents. Okay. That’s based on traffic going through to your current sales funnel based on those opt-in and conversion rates of 1000 visitors per month, per month. And that’s creating a traffic cost of 1,515, including the merchant fees. Okay.

So that’s only for Clegg of 1 64 costs per acquisition of 3 82 monthly revenue, 1 6, 4, oh, but all your profit of 1 25. Okay. So let’s see what happens when we put more juice into it. So let’s say you drive your 5,000 visitors per month to the sales funnel. Let’s see what that gives us. Obviously, it’s like doubling the revenue and it’s massively creating more profit, but in comparison to the revenue, if there’s a massive difference there. So let’s drop this backdown and visit this per month, the purpose of this simulation.

And then we changed the sales per page conversion here so let’s just increase that they’re 30{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} and that’s it only 10. So let’s just increase that to 15 and leave it up, sell it. It’s 37 95 with 5{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} conversion on that, the second on the order bump. Okay. So let’s simulate that.

Okay. So, so that’s based on 1000 visitors per month. So you get nearly as much as driving 5,000 visitors per month, just for those slight conversion changes. So that’s a profit of 772 per month earnings per click increases and you make, and it’s going through the sales funnel to get a sale on there on the second upsell of 37 95. So, based on those figures, it drives traffic all the time. And let’s say you get 5,000 visitors per month with the campaign simulate that. So the more juice you put through it without increasing the revenue at $12,000 per month. Okay. But obviously, the cost is 8,224 to reach that point for the profit is a lot bigger, monthly profit.

Another thing to look out for would be the stick rate of your t-shirt club. So if we look at upsell to, sorry, that’s the second upsell. So this is for monthly and that’s based on sticking for three months in the t-shirt club. So let’s say this stuck in the stand around and your t-shirt club for five months, each visitor or each conversion, let’s simulate that that’s increasing the revenue at 16,000 per month. Traffic cost per month, 8,224, much bad profits per month, maybe $8,000 per month. Okay.

You can see with these figures, plugging them in the simulation, how much you can get. So if let’s say you drive the Khan Martin strategy that the Facebook ads are retargeting, and then you get him over the next three to six months, you get 10,000 visitors per month.

Let’s have a look at this. Okay. It’s increasing the profit there per month of 16,082 but obviously increases the cost as well. That’s based on one, $1 per click. So there are the sales funnel you’ve already got built. I’ll deliver this in front of Rolodex for you. Let me know your thoughts. Hopefully, you can leave your five-star feedback. If you want to book another call in, just go to my page and book the clarity call in as many calls in as you want $75, but I’ll deliver this now, and let’s talk more of a joy doing it for your cheese Tara.

Creating a Profitable Sales Funnel For LinkedIn Lead Generation Product


Are you using LinkedIn for lead generation? This video is for you! I will show you how I made the strategy for a client in building their sales funnel. I refined the copy and sales page to make it more converting and traffic-ready once launched.

Recreating and reconstructing the sales page is one of my techniques as a real estate agent to get leads and results. This is very vital to have an effective headline, copy, and design to grab the attention of people.

Video Transcript

Hi, Scott hope you’re well, it’s James Hughes. I’ve gone through the lead magnet sales funnel to kind of overview what needs to be changed in my opinion. So that’s for the opt-in page, kind of some detail changing here. I mean, the copy’s not the worst to be perfectly honest for the opt-in page or the sales page. But I’ve gone through every single bit where I think needs refining. So this is in the I’ve put it in the folder, the Google folder. So that’s the opt-in page.

Funnel step one, funnel step two, sales page full step three, upsell confirmation page members, sign up page a members area. Okay. So they’re there for five minutes that needs changing to get traffic ready. But I’ve also gone and mapped out the flow of the sales funnel and took into consideration the second follows, which is the webinar.

In my opinion, I don’t think you should even go with the webinar. And I know the Facebook ads guy said do a webinar sales funnel, but I would get this lead back. The follow converting first with the sales page, then focus on doing the webinar follow. What do try, do too many funnels at once? And a second thing is that you mentioned in your YouTube video about, you know, you have got the type to do it, and that’s fair enough. You’re a busy guy, but I wouldn’t get too hung up on the fact that you have to complete the UFS challenge training.

This is a mistake that many people make. They kind of almost panic that the main thing is to complete the OFA challenge tradings rather than getting to a successful follow. So I think if you do it this way and get a funnel converting first and obviously backup your, your trading, and your learnings with the UFA challenge, that’s the best way to do it. But the priority would be to get a high converting sales funnel, not the complete the training. So I just wanted to add that in there, big subs split over 300 people.

Now, the common theme is that having the mind that it’s so important to complete the training which that’s not the case. That the priority here is always to get a winning follow-up like you mentioned, so this is the way to do it. So I’ve mapped it out. This is the traffic coming in and the traffic’s based on. So if I knock that back to a thousand clicks, go to the opt-in page, a refined opt-in page at a cost per click or 40 cents.

And then we’re getting a minimum 2{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} conversion. Here are the $47 product, obviously with a follow-up sequence in place, solid follow-up sequence, the pardoned cart, we’re going to shift the order form or the order form needs creating within the sales page to reduce the amount of steps. Okay. It’s just to this simulation, can’t show the one sales page with order form on you need to separate it out. So that’s that there. Then we got the order book of $70. Then we have the monthly set up of $197 for the LinkedIn set up.

Now here’s where the webinar comes in. Now, when people purchase the initial tripwire product or, and or the order bump, they need to be tagged within the follow-up sequence. Okay. So when they go on the buyer’s list, we know exactly what product was purchased and the buyer’s list is your, is your goal list.

If you’re like, that’s taking people to the webinar registration. Now, the webinar registration or the webinar funnel, I should say, we have a great webinar funnel. It should be used as a retargeting funnel if you like. So via ads, retargeting ads that have come through this funnel. So re-targeting the people that have engaged and come through this portal with the webinar registration. Okay. So they’ve already kind of, they’ve gone from cold traffic to hot traffic. They know who you are, they know how you can help them.

The hot traffic they’ve opted in to get a 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} opt-in rate. We want to get a 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} opt-in rate here. So this is where we retarget these people. If the purchases, particularly with the webinar registration, which sells the high ticket product on the back end. Okay. Which is in this case, it’s $197 per month LinkedIn. So, okay. That’s how that retargeting would work. So you retargeting the, buy the email sequence on your buyer’s list, and you’re retargeted by your ads that have come through your follow-up, the engages basically the hot prospects and buyers.

That’s exactly how that webinar funnel would work. But I would focus definitely on this bottle here to get this converting first, the webinar follows, you would need to do a script. So I dunno it could be the three simple steps to success on LinkedIn and how you can 10 times your business. So that script would be the content would be, you know, perfect webinar script. Like the Russell Brunson method to sell the high ticket product, which you’re retargeting.

People have come through your lead magnet funnel here. Okay. But I would aim at converting this one first. So the simulation that the figures based on a clicks

Just free check that recently that as well. So the important part in the beginning, really, without thinking too far ahead and creating too many funnels is to, is to get this profitable situation at the front end. So if we’re getting people that update at 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} now we’re closing the minimum 2{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} of the $47 product. That’s a profitable scenario, although the revenue’s high and the profit is only slight. So if we increase, that’s kind of nine sales for 460 opt-ins, so it’s more than doable once the funnel is refined.

If you knocked out the 5{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}, 5{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} conversion on the initial product, that’s a much better situation for us. So I’ve told you 23 sales at the 460 opt-ins 2{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} click-through rate on the emails. So this is what we’ve got to hoard in. And a hundred percent laser focus on this particular part and get that conversion there.

Then we’ve got the $70 upsell. So if you put a 58{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} conversion, there that’s four and 31 that are purchasing there. And then we’ve got one purchase of the 197 product, which is creating a revenue per month of 1300 expensive 590, based on the ads and cost per click, 40 cents. That’s given us earnings per click of 90 cents cost per lead, 92 cents cost per acquisition, 15 revenue months, three, 1300, and 755 of that profits. So that we’ve got, if it’s 47, if it’s a $47 product here, we need to get around a 5{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} conversion to get these figures. A 3{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} conversion would probably work as well. So this is what we’ve got to laser focus on simulate that

That’s still a profitable situation. Obviously the higher conversion, the better, but if we’re getting 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} here, a minimum of two to 3{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} here, it’s a profitable situation. So the upsells and audit bumps, or create a bigger profit margin within the follow. But obviously, the traffic is very important to drive through there. So that’s where the webinar funnel would come in and a remarketing and retargeting situation. So whatever evergreen webinar here, you know, three simple, six, three simple steps to success, with LinkedIn, how to 10 times your business, that kind of presentation leading to the high ticket. Okay.

And we’d follow up the prospect of bias, the bias, particularly on this sequence with this webinar registration. Because by that point, they’ve already bought one or two products from you, which is this the 47 and the 17 order bump. And then you’re following up with those buyers, with the webinar registration.

What would that make sense? Scott, what I want to do now is I want to drop this in the Google folder. Let me know your thoughts on this. And we’ll set up a call for Thursday. I’ll send you a link for, a 30-minute call, the goal rate, which is the $97 gig. You can decide on whether to stick with this, refine this and make this the best it can be. Or go ahead and create the webinar funnel as well and then get the tweaks done for that to tidy up yourself.

We don’t really necessarily do tweaks to it, to a follow. We normally do build from scratch, which is a 4 97. But if you fab somebody that can make those tweaks based on my recommendations, I think it would save you a lot of money.

So I’ll deliver this a $97 strategy gig. Now I’ll give you 30 minutes, like a cold leg for Thursday. Let me know if you could, for Thursday, I can’t do tomorrow. But yeah, I think this, the whole idea here is to be super patient. I think focusing on completely the tradings is not a good move in my experience with, with the people that I’ve helped. So the focus is definitely getting all this profitable situation here with, with your first follow. Only that once you’ve got that profit or at least break it, even, that’s what you bring in the upsells. And then that’s when you’re looking at further follow-up.

So I’m not sure because I could get your ClickFunnels account, but I’ve left you a message on Trello about the password. But yeah, again, definitely focus on getting a conversion here. Get, I dunno if you’ve been running ads already or traffic to it. So I thought all the stats, but that would be the best bet to get that profitable scenario here then looked to do the further retargeting funnel. That would be like a second phase here. Okay.

Let me know what you think, Scott of joint working on this initial strategy with you. But again, we’ve gone over this in great depth on Thursday and 30 minutes at a 30-minute call, and you can ask further questions on the call. You can also utilize Trello as well for questions and people would be glad to help. But yeah, I think that this is these are the next steps. We can go ahead and create that, that the webinar funnel, but I would recommend refining this. Okay. Cheers, Scott.

Video Script Optimization For Auto Webinar Sales Funnel


In this video script optimization, I reviewed the scripts for the client’s auto webinar sales funnel. Watch how I made changes to the scripts to make the funnel more converting. This will lead to attracting potential clients and customers to purchase through the sales funnel.

Did you know? Video scripts are a very important part of your business strategy so make sure to create and establish amazing scripts for your sales funnel.

What type of business are you in? Let us know in the comments below.

Are there any questions you have in mind about how sales funnel works for your business? Talk with me today.

Video Transcript

Hey Floris, it’s James. I’ve got your sales funnel scripts. You asked me to review them. Very excited to read through these. So the video script that your registration.

Hi, just a quick video to say congrats on taking action. A lot of people are talking about wanting change, but they never take action. And today you did. Let’s keep that momentum going like right now. Put the date and time in your calendar, in your phone, date, planner, whatever you need to do.

I’m not sure when there’s going to be another opportunity to hear me talk for an hour about overcoming challenges as a runner, and really become stronger, healthier, happier in the process.

It’s going to be something exciting and special and you don’t want to miss it. So right now, write down the date, wherever, take any action to make sure you can be there. There’s one that there’s one thing to do before you arrive at the training.

Many people have the intention to change that you really want to. Yeah, there are obstacles in the way that prevent them from taking action. I want you to take just a few minutes and you do it right now and write down what is the one thing you’d like to accomplish by attending this training, setting this intention as one step in the right direction of making a positive change in your life.

Do it right now so that you are prepared when you show up, you don’t want to miss out on this training because these three proven strategies discussed are getting results every day. Set the alarm, put the effort in right now, and show up. Ready? I look forward to seeing you there.

First-Class love it. Yeah, absolutely. Great. Come follow. So the video script for the Facebook flow running with GoPro, so you’re calling yourself flow that that’s brilliant. A flow running with GoPro. Love it. Yeah, it’s really good lately.

I’ve been seeing a lot of runners outside and many of these runners are struggling either not enjoying their runs, getting injured, or certainly not knowing how to run the right way. No matter how hard they try. I hear it all the time.

If any of this sounds familiar, I have good news. These are several simple steps you can take to become a stronger, happier, and healthier runner. I wouldn’t use the word several because I’ll think, oh wow, this is a long road.

There are simple steps you can take. There are very simple steps you can take. I wouldn’t put several because well, it made me think when I was reading it that this is a long road ahead and I might be a bit too much. I think several is not the right word, but everything else. Perfect.

So the next paragraph for the past eight years, I have guided and coached thousands of runners who were looking to improve from beginners to advanced. There are several key fundamentals between runners of all levels that will help them improve. Whenever you’re running, goes up, the proven your immune system, losing weight, running your first five, K 10 K half marathon or beyond.

I’m setting up free live training. It’s going to cover three proven ways to become a better runner. Click the link below to sign up. We’ll talk in detail about running an intensity, getting in tune with your body, and creating consistent habits, brilliant small steps. You can take right away to get out the door and gradually build your running up the right way.

Over the years, I’ve interviewed many world-class coaches and athletes of different levels. So far, these videos have been viewed more than 1.5 million times on YouTube alone. I’m excited to talk about this and help you. You really don’t want to miss this class. I hope to see you there. Seats are limited. So I, so I urge you.

Oh, so I sign up now to join. Seats are limited. So I sign up now the joint seats are limited. So I urge you to sign. Oh, is that right? You really don’t want to miss this class. I hope to see you there. Seats are limited. So I urge you to sign up now to join. I think that sounds better on subtitles to the video yet. So I’ll make a common here. Several, Maybe remove several. So I removed several remove so far wrong.

Perfect YouTube video. Let me know if you’ve used FunnelScripts for these Floris. Really good. So the YouTube video flow running. I love that. I think that’s absolutely brilliant. Hi there. Literally, a lot of people have started running.

I’ve gotten back into running again. This is awesome to see. I’ve noticed most of them don’t know how to go about running the right way. How long the road will Perez. How many times a week? There’s no structure.

Many people push themselves too hard. Some deal with injuries or there’s really, don’t like running. I hear it all the time. If any of this sounds familiar, I have good news for you. There are several changes too. There are several simple steps you can say. I would just remove several. Yeah, remove several.

Know the simple steps you can take to become a stronger, happier, and healthier runner. Over the past 50 years, I’ve experienced many challenges in my own running. And I’ve also learned a lot along the way.

I have guided and coached thousands of runners who were looking to improve from beginners to advanced a few key fundamentals that keep coming back and improving in an achievable way, slowing down your running intensity on most of your runs. So running slow with a breathing pattern that is under control and a lower heart rate.

This might mean initially taking some more, some or many walk bricks. Yeah, this is what I was thinking about this morning. When I went for a walk, I mean, I didn’t run, but I went for a walk. So was it like, it was one big walk break if you like. But I remembered what you said yesterday about taking the breaks in between all of that came to mind.

Brilliant. So this might mean initially taking so many walk breaks all the time. You will become faster finding ways to get more in tune with your body learning to really listen to the signals of your body and mind that are just in your work as a coordinator, brilliant creating consistent habits that are easy to implement small steps and tricks to get you out of the door and gradually building things up the right way. Perfect. There’s a lot more to share.

I’m setting up free live training. Soon. It’s going to cover three proven ways to become a better runner. Click the link below, sign up whatever your running goals are, improve your immune system. There’s a way to run your first 5k, 10 K half marathon, or beyond over the years. I think if you have many world-class coaches and athletes of all different levels of different levels.

So fall so far, these videos have been viewed more than 1.5 million times on YouTube alone. I’m excited to talk about these learnings and insights with you. You really don’t want to miss this class. And I hope to see you there. Seats are limited. So I urge you to sign up now to join seats are limited.

I urge maybe remove that seats are limited coma. Sign up now to join. You really don’t want to miss this class and I hope to see you there SITA limited. So sign up now to join that’s yeah. Perfect seats.

You really don’t wanna miss this class and I hope to see you there. See to limited comment. So sign up now to join. Yeah, this is pretty awesome. This absolutely perfect flourish. Yeah, absolutely brilliant. These can be done straight away. We can run a flow run style. I just, yeah, just the small thing of several.

I think several makes it sound like it’s going to be a really long laborious journey. Maybe there are a few simple steps you can take to become a stronger, happier, and healthy runner. Yeah, no, I think that’s exceptional.

What can you say about this sales funnel script? Let me know.

Value Ladder Overview for B2B Sales Funnel

This value ladder overview for a B2B sales funnel needs a bit of change to make it more converting. Watch the video as I devised a funnel strategy to test and see which will work amazingly well. Using the methods on this sales funnel system aims to drive more traffic and conversion.

If you know someone who is in the same niche or type of business, share this video with them! Click here to learn more.

Video Transcript

I realize it’s James his is a traffic strategy that I’ve devised to see your focus, which will work amazingly well if we do things in the right if we do the right components in the right order. So this it’s 11 steps. Okay. It’s based heavily on LinkedIn, but also the other channels as well. This will increase the number of things. The search engine optimization traffic, and basic traffic. So if we’re aiming for a lot of traffic using these methods, that’s what leads basically to the sales funnel system. So all of this will lead to the sales funnel system, which I’m working on. I will, I’ll get that in for you tomorrow in Trello, but yeah.

Step one is a YouTube video. This is based on one YouTube video. So, for example, a piece of content could be the three ways to present valuable content or track more business, or it could be how to set up your social media comes to find clients five ways to attract clients to your business.

These kinds of micro topics work really well. And then whoever the influencer is for see your focus. They create the YouTube video, okay. On that, based on that piece of content. And we can find long-tail keywords by a keyword search tool. And this, we can basically map out 12 months’ worth of content that we can create all that the influencer or the CEO. Obviously, your forests need to focus on is creating YouTube videos because that’s what fuels the system. So the YouTube videos create one YouTube video, okay.

Convert this to a powerful post, convert this to a blog post effectively on WordPress. So that’s step three. Step four is adding convert box software to the powerful post. I’ve a convert box software. So you will need to purchase that. Okay, so we can split test, test the results on there.

So if we’re posting five to seven times per week with valuable content, powerful posts, this is increasing the search engine ranking. And it’s doing all of these things at once. All of these components drive a lot of traffic to which w to the powerful post and to the main website, and obviously ultimately through to the sales funnel, the high converting one. Okay. So step four, is that in the convert box of the power for porcelain, each article is posted five to seven times per week. This is what makes the most impact on Google.

People are searching for solutions in Google, not on Facebook, not on LinkedIn, they’re searching for sleep. People hung out on LinkedIn. People hang out on Facebook, they’re searching for solutions and Google. So that’s where, that’s why the powerful post comes in very well because we, if we’re the top of the search engine ranking for the keywords related to the product there’ll be found, so your focus, and then we can use retargeting methods to retarget the people that are there that are searching for that value and have read the post because it would be pixeled.

Via these steps, we’re retargeting them to the sales funnel. Okay. So we’re creating engagement value, Bose growth virus. This method re-targeting via the high converting sales funnel. Okay. But obviously, we’ll do the manual things as well share via the social media platforms, LinkedIn, where we’re coming here, you’re already doing that in email ads. There’s obviously manual outreach as well, but share the powerful post in the groups. Okay.

It’s a business-to-business product. So create a snippet post. And what I mean by a snippet post as use the powerful post that’s created here originally for the YouTube video 2,500 words, we’ll publish that in the LinkedIn, create a link, read, more links button on the powerful post is going to drive a lot of traffic. So we’re looking to drive thousand 5,000, 10,000, 50,000, a hundred thousand over the months that, that we, that you power this and an action this out with the client, obviously it has to be rolled out.

That’s how it works. And we retarget the people that are engaging with this powerful post, okay. Adwords drive words, searching for a solution, looking for CEO forums, et cetera, et cetera, retarget the people on AdWords, okay. By the Google display network, retarget people on Facebook that have engaged with a powerful post via retargeting ads, which I can advise on as well. I can advise on the setup and the rollout. And this leads to one thing only whether that’s the, whether that’s the webinar, oh, the free live event or the free book.

If you push it towards the free book and have that as the foundation funnel, we can have them, these two funnels, we can retarget the people that have signed up for the free book with the free live event, with the webinar, but these will have to be mapped out.

And that’s what I’m going to do in the sales funnel system. So let me know if you’ve got any questions on that, or if you want to get Jim on a call to go over it again, but in more detail, but there’s obviously components, individual components to that based around LinkedIn, but derives and is formed and created from the YouTube videos. It starts from the YouTube videos. That’s step one. So just one video, we do, we go through this process for one video, create the next video, go through this process again, create the third video, go through this process again, and the all air, all avenues lead back to the sales funnel. Okay.

Let me know if you’ve got any questions to look to go over it with you again in more detail, but I’ll continue to work on the sales funnel system, which will include the information and assets that we already have here. Okay. But will be mapped out clearly. And we can look at some profits scenarios. Okay. And let me know what you think. Elias cheers.

Case Study Sales Funnel Blueprint For High Ticket Consulting Program


In this video, I will show you the blueprint that I used including the 6 sales funnel steps which gave and provided results to my clients. I had lots of clients who offer a high-ticket consulting program to their audience so if you are in the same niche, this video can help you. Or if you know someone who has the same type of business, share this video with them!

Do you have any questions about the sales funnel? Leave a comment below.

Video Transcript

On possession and the detail that you’ve sent in the strategy document, which is, which is fantastic. Not only has that helped me, but it’s also helped you as well, moving forward. So anyway, this is the blueprint. Just change it. Okay. So the funnel, this is the blueprint and we’ve got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6 funnel steps in clickfunnels basically while you’ve built a Samoan style, a sales funnel, which is cool.

Go room with that one, you know, exactly, you know, run with it because it’s, it’s very good. And it’s a concept that works. So what I’ve done here is add additional parts to make it really work. So let’s go through this. So six sales funnel steps and three traffic sources. Okay. So 1, 2, 3 traffic and reports. Okay.

So this is the case study page. So the traffic is coming through to the case study page. Okay. I’ll go over the traffic strategy in a second. But all traffic should lead to the free case study. Okay. So when the update I’ve got that a 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} opt-in rate if they don’t, so that takes them to the funky page, which is funnel step two, which is the case study video and the button to apply, which takes you then to the application page, which is funnel step three. Okay.

Like already how you’ve got it, which is great. And then once they’ve scheduled a call in that will tend to the fund new page. Okay. So traffic in the front end, 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} opt-in rate. If the docs, if 60{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} don’t take that, we’ll receive the welcome email, which leads them back to the case study.

And then the second day, the email one, and then the follow-up sequence that will take them to the case study again. And again, value to, and obviously consistently email an email follow-up sequence of you know, 10 to 15 emails, at least in the beginning. So, this value sequence will lead back every time to the case study page. Okay. That’s the idea. So if they’re not watching it straight away or they’re just overlooking it, if they’re not getting to the application page, we want to follow up with them and get them to watch the video.

Then with the main goal of getting them to boot recall, and at this point, okay. So I put a 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} opt-in rate. I put a 60{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} click rate for the first welcome email, 40 for the second 30 for the third. So it’s just this Russ simulation purposes. I’ll put those figures in. So they’d go to the case study page. We want to get them here every time. Okay.

That takes in the shed. You will a call, I’ve put that in as 25{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}. So 25{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} of the traffic going through we’ll show you what a call. Okay. That will give them that will tell them the thank you page. Thank you for scheduling a call. We look forward to speaking shortly. Okay. That will be on that page. And then using schedule ones that you’ve already got, which is perfect. Yeah. I mean, you’re like, you’re halfway there. They get reminders, they get a confirmation and they get two reminder emails, which then take them. The strategy call showed you as a calling with you, showed you a call him with that diary as well. So it’s all accountable, very streamlined, and professional.

So for this one, even let’s change this, a strategy call, see you do one in four, you close one in four. I closed about one in four. So let’s do that one in four, you speak to them, you help them. And your strategy call, okay. 15 to an hour, 15 minutes to an hour, depending on what you want to do with that strategy. Call in the duration. Then at the end, they’ll say, Vitaliy, what are the next steps? Okay. After you’ve helped them immensely because they’ve already received the case study. You’ve built trust with them. We’ve shown you with, to call and you’re giving them even more value on the call, okay. Go over some pointers and how you’ll help them. And that’ll be in the call, a guarantee we’ll end with, well, thanks for helping me, Vitaliy. What are the next steps?

The next steps are my consulting package. Okay. I don’t know how much you charging at the moment, but I’ll just pick the figure of 9 97, which is, which is a good figure for your expertise to help them on a consulting basis. It could be a month of consulting, for example. So 9, 9, 7 25{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}, one in four closed their high-value offer, which is the consulting package. You take them to that page 20{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}. Take that from there, that’s creating revenue of 187,000 based on these traffic figures. Okay. So let’s, let’s make it even worse. Okay. So let’s change that to 10, 10{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} sales conversion there.

Close one in four, there let’s say, I don’t know, 50{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} strategy call at that point. We’re 14{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} Upland rate is, is, is decent. And you can definitely get that. I would imagine. So simulate, let’s see what this gets us. Yeah. So that’s creating a monthly revenue of 71,000. Okay. But that’s dependent on what’s going through the sales funnel, which is the traffic and how we do it and how are we do a properly, so it needs to be done properly. So that’s based on Facebook views and content marketing is that as, okay.

Facebook visitors and content marketing visitors at the front end, which have all to do with engagement. Okay. And I’ve put in a cost per click for this. The purpose of this simulation is 50 cents. And also the cost for the visit is 5,000. This is what you’ve got to kind of aim for 5,000 monthly visitors from content marketing.

Okay. Which I’ll get onto the traffic strategy in a second. So that’s 50 cents cost per click that’s for the entry, go into the case study. Then whoever’s engaging with the case study. Whoever’s going through the sales funnel. We’re retargeting them with the book and a strategy call because that’s the aim. We’re getting them. We’re trying to get them on a strategy call. So you can then give them your expertise, the super value, and then you can sell them on your consulting package of 9 97.

The re-targeting cost I’ve put in as I’ve just put in 500 visitors at 25 cents the click because the re-targeting hopefully where we’re going to get a lower cost per click because of the engagement that we’ve already created the front end. Okay.

That’s how that works. And again, people that are engaging with this page and spookiness strategy, call your leads. We’re retargeting them here with the high-value offer. Okay. You see how that works. Three and reports. So the traffic visitors from retargeting and that all entry points, basically one, two and three that’s, that’s a total of 7,000 visitors per month. Okay. Which is more than double overtime. Okay. So the traffic cost, the traffic costs would be 3000, $250 with merchant fees of 2,103. And this scenario okay. Just plugging my power.

Okay. So that would be a total expense of $5,353 per month. Okay. Based on that traffic that will create,

So that’s creating earnings per click of $10, 25, excuse me. A cost per lead of $1 35, a cost per acquisition at this point, overall of the sales funnel, $45. So basically your cost of acquiring a customer and acquisition is $45 40. And that’s creating a revenue monthly of 71,784 with a profit of 66 43 1. So let’s make it even a worst-case scenario based on that. Traffic’s just let’s change the opt-in rate here. Let’s change it to 30. Let’s change this to a 10 poop strategy call. Let’s say you only close. That’s not going to write down at 10{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}.

Let’s see what that gives us. So it’s still a huge monthly revenue. Okay. With a huge profit. See how that works. So I’ve knocked the conversion right down and part C only five let’s change this out of interest. Five said only book, a strategy call that is coming through the funnel. Simulate that again, still very high let’s increase the strategy, the people that you close on a strategy call. I close around one in four. So let’s look at this. See what the figures are.

Producers. Yeah. So that’s, that’s excellent as well. That’s because the product’s price at 9 97 and this is it’s dependent on the traffic that we’re creating. Okay. So let’s call the traffic strategy. So the traffic coming into the source one here, this is the strategy, the traffic strategy for, for relentless audience growth. Okay. That I’ve kind of touched on in the core.

So Vitaliy creates consistent YouTube videos. Okay. Based on your audience, okay. Helping your audience ABCs one, two threes of how you can help volume, not selling anything, just value. Okay. Then we repurpose and convert these to blog posts consistently in this structure. This is what creates a powerful pause. This is what I call a powerful pause care major piece in terms of an article. Then we add convert box software. Okay. If I was to help you with that, I can add that software for you.

A convert box is a pop-up that when you scroll down or one of the methods is when you scroll down on the article, convert box pops up and then we get them. We get a lead from that. We basically, we, we design, we create a PDF download of the powerful post. And then we add a convert box and we ask them to download the PDF download.

That gets a lead for us as well. So every post that is perf that is created in this structure is it’s a landing page effectively. Okay. It’s acting as a landing page and a sales funnel in itself. So we drive AdWord traffic, okay. To the powerful posts because people are searching for solutions and in Google, they’re not searching for solutions and Facebook. Okay. So we drive outward low-cost traffic to at $1 per day, perhaps, in the beginning, we use long-tail keywords for the content to be created. Okay.

Long-tail keywords in the title that will increase search engine ranking. It will also increase search and drunk. And because of, of the content being posted consistently powerful posts and the Google traffic going into it, then once the powerful post is created and published to the WordPress site, we boost it on the Facebook page by $1 per day.

This puts the content marketing on rocket fuel. Okay. So we put it on an engagement campaign. And we also, once we’ve done that, we do a third thing we posted on LinkedIn because this is business to business. We will post the first paragraph. And then we link to the article, which is a pixel. Okay. So we creating a massive retargeting audience, okay. That we can create lookalike audiences from as well. Whoever’s interested in this, this kind of value is content. We can create, lookalike audiences to target as well. Very powerful.

Everybody who’s engaging with the powerful post we’re retargeting them via Facebook. Okay. We’re retargeting via Google, the Google display network. We’re targeting via Instagram and we’re retargeting them with the case study. Okay. Which he’s the, so this traffic strategy runs into this funnel. Okay. It’s powering this sales funnel. That’s being created here, the blueprint.

And these are the things that we can look to generate. They’ll have more automation, it’ll be more simple. People will be coming to you rather than you chasing them. Okay. So that’s how that works. So just to recap, this is creating YouTube video, converting to a blog post publishing to the website, the WordPress website, creating a powerful post adding convert box, driving traffic via AdWords.

Making sure the content is around a long tail keyword based on your audience and your solution posting via Facebook, boosting the post and an engagement campaign posting via LinkedIn, the socials to get that pixel firing to retarget via Facebook, Google display network, and Instagram, get them into the care study. Okay. So that’s how that works. Fatale.

Let me know if you’ve got any more questions. I hope I hope this has helped download the PDFs and add them to you, your Google drive file your Google drive folder. Let me know if you need any more help. And I would love it if you if you left me some five-star feedback with some, some good comments, cause that helps my business. And it’s, it’s been great working with you on this, this particular gig. So have a great day. Cheers.

Sales Page and Sales Funnel Optimization For Online Spiritual Program


Watch in this video how I reconstructed a sales funnel and sales page created by the client. Learn why funnel optimization for an online spiritual program is very important.

As a sales funnel expert, recreating and reconstructing the sales page is one of my techniques to get leads and results because it is vital to have an effective headline, copy, and design to grab the attention of people.

What type of business are you in? Let us know in the comments below.

Video Transcript

Hi Feras, I hope you well. This is the sales page, sorry for the delay. I’ve restructured it. I’ve simplified it and I’ve changed the copy in places. So what I’ve done here, I’ve took unnecessary images out that really are too big in terms of the scroll, et cetera, et cetera, without reducing the good look of it. So the top we’ve got when we raised our spiritual vibration stress, anxiety, and depression simply fall away. It’s easier than you think I’ll help you. So that’s good. That’s a good headline. Okay. It’s going to solve the problem, Ravi. You can sense it. Element scrolling down the true yogis leads us to happiness.

I mean, you Ravi the master, the one who has mastery, okay. Some pictures of Ravi about this program. I want to help you live a life of free stress, anxiety, depression. So I’ve changed the content here, to represent a program rather than the video series of care. So testimonials, this is your defining moment. There’s a product image, and then we’ve got access to video one in reduction video to why we get stuck. Video three, create a mini 10 happiness video four, video five, video six, video seven, video eight, video nine, video 10, video 11.

I haven’t mentioned 11 videos. I’ve just mentioned that it’s a program. And then we have 11 videos. Okay. That’s what it contains the program. So I’ve, I’ve identified these and emphasized them more so the people can see exactly what they’re getting rather than before it was too much about Ravi and then not what they were getting.

It’s all about what they’re getting at the end of the day and what they want. So this is what I’ve kind of rectified. So as well as the 11 videos of the program, the core we get Robbie’s in a circle, we get access to the inner circle Facebook group with Ravi Singh. Okay. So, we have to emphasize this more than we have to emphasize the bonuses more than actually what they getting in the core program. Okay.

So that’s how it’s doing the perception of what they’re getting. So they’re getting access to an inner circle and the program of videos. Okay. Rather than just 11 videos and access to a Facebook group. That’s what I explained in the beginning. So in a circle, I have the name to the inner circle. Okay. Rather than a private Facebook group plus the three bonuses totaling 291 today, you’re getting all of this only $47.

I’ve changed this down, refine this limited to the first 10 orders, 30 10 when he got a 30-day money-back guarantee. Yes. I want to order the RVs program. Okay. So I’ve simplified it. I’ve increased the value of it and structured it in a way where I’m sure it’ll get better results.

Let me know what you think, but it’s the traffic as well. It’d be interesting in or what exactly what you do with the traffic. If you’re just driving Facebook traffic to it, we need drive traffic, the traffic that you’re driving to the mini-series to get opt-ins, which is 70 converting, 70{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}, very well.

We need to re-target the people that are hitting the first video or that they’re engaging with the videos, retarget them with the sales page now. Okay. With a nod to go near the sales funnel and see what results you get from that. I’m sure they’ll increase. Okay. So let me know what you think. I’ll drop this in total for you. Let me know if you need any more help. I don’t even think cheers.

Recurring Sales Funnel Revenue Subscription Model For Affiliate Business


These recurring sales funnel revenue subscription strategy I mapped out is for an affiliate business using ClickFunnels. I will show you the 5 steps needed to attract people to get subscriptions and become your customers.

If you are an affiliate business searching for a sales funnel expert whom you can trust, this video is for you. Do you know someone who is in the same niche or type of business? Share this video with them!

What type of business are you in? Let us know in the comments below!

Video Transcript

I hope you are well, thanks for the information on the strategy document. That’s enabled me to, to create this blueprint for you. So yeah, you wanted to create recurring revenue. And the best way to do that, from a standing start is to create an affiliate marketing funnel and create that in clickfunnels, the steps here, there’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 steps. So kind of like five pages, but three of those steps are attached to clickfunnels. Okay. And you wouldn’t kind of interfere with that process.

The two pages that you would need to create all that opt-in page, funnel step one and funnel step two, the bridge page funnel, step one. So you’re getting people to opt-in at this point here, and you want to take them, you want to take them to the bridge page because Facebook ads don’t love advertising to, to clickfunnels.

So what, what we do is we base it around something more generic, which is starting a profitable online business. And then we get them to sign up and opt-in for the bridge page. That’s the key to getting them to the bridge page, but also when they opt-in at this point, we can follow up with them with a follow-up sequence okay. And get them to the bridge page and get them to the offer. Okay. So this is how this works.

A funnel step one the copy would be something like start a profitable online business today. Even if you don’t have a product the life you want, the marriage, you want the family that you want, it’s going to be fueled by this business, see you on the inside. Get started. So they’ll have the opt-in. I’ll have the button driving traffic to this page here.

I’ll get onto that in a second. And it says, opt-in into this page, with that copy, they get taken to the bridge page, which is funnel step two. And this is about getting your, your, the Perry Vincent affiliate marketing system in a box which is a plug and play of funnel and the plug and play funnel system. The plug-and-play funnel system is basically getting this funnel and how it works. Instructions, do a video, explain how this sales funnel works and you give it to them, but only you only give it to them.

Well, you can only give it to them if they sign up through your affiliate link. So every time they come through this funnel, okay. And the wanting the funnel to download the funnel to their account, they need a half a click funnels to account to do that.

So, that generates the monthly revenue there. So with number one with step two, we do a video explaining how it works, the funnel, you’ll get this funnel a few sign up for ClickFunnels, blah, blah, blah. Also, we give them a bonus. Okay. And the bonuses, the free traffic system blueprint generate traffic, the fuel of your business, a high converting email will give them as well. The followup with your prospects and receive my affiliate marketing system for only a hundred dollars when you sign up for the warfare challenge.

The one that you’re doing at the moment, now, the reason we price it at a hundred dollars is that that’s the price of the one funnel away challenge. So not only do you pay a hundred books for the one funnel away the challenge, but you get a, B, C, D E F G H I G care loads of features and benefits.

We’re giving them the Perry. Vincit Perry, Vincent high-class bonuses, air B and C one, two, and three. Okay. So that’s the plug and play funnel, which is this funnel, the blueprint, a traffic system blueprint, where we just map out where you can just mark those. And also the email sequence follow-up that comes with the sales funnel that you build. Okay. Which will give them a piece of education. And the first email will stay at the benefits, call the action, and then we’ll explain the bonus and the fourth email pushing them towards that fair challenge. Okay.

That’s how it works. It’s about the perception of what they’re getting in terms of the bonuses that it’s taking them away from the one funnel away challenge in that, right. If I purchase the one funnel away challenge, I’m going to get Perry, super three bonuses. That’s the psychology that you’ve got to get them in.

And that’s the psychology of the sales funnel. So you give them that you give them this funnel and they can only get this funnel if they sign up for ClickFunnels because they can’t build it any other way because you would share, you give them the share link once they purchase, the one funnel away challenge. So sorry, you had to go back a bit, send me your purchase confirmation. Once they’ve purchased the one funnel away challenge for a hundred dollars, and I will send you my system.

So you send them these three things. And one of those, the first of the three things is the link of the funnel. Okay. So they share that in their account, but they can only share it in their account if they’ve got an account. So that grows there, it grows your affiliate income per month via click funnels, sign up for the one funnel away challenge. Perfect. So that’s how you generate the monthly income. Okay. So let me know if you’ve got any questions on that traffic.

Yeah. We use a relentless or audience growth. What I call the relentless audience growth traffic strategy, which is effectively articles posted to a WordPress blog. Okay. Based around the subject of affiliate marketing, using long-tail keywords, as the subjects within the titles to boost search engine ranking, aim over 2, 3, 4, 5 months to get 5,000 visitors per month to your WordPress site. Okay. And then we retarget them via Facebook, via Google. Okay.

But the whole idea and the bottom line is getting them in this funnel. So usually not traffic strategy to get sick up to 6,000 views per month, I’ve plugged in some figures for you to do a simulation. So yeah, that’s based on an opt-in rate, the front end 45{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} opt-in for your starting a profitable online business offer 45{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}. Okay.

And no patient only 15{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} conversion on this buying the bonus that is going to generate monthly revenue of $9,100 based on the traffic of six thousand per month. Traffic cost of 2,541 generating a profit of 6,559 based on those figures.

Okay. So that’s the funnel. It’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, but this is obviously that the one funnel away challenge sales page using your affiliate link, it would be affiliated to you. Okay. So when the, when the purchase that you get a hundred dollars and then they send you the confirmation because it would be, it’ll be mentioned on the bridge page, send you the confirmation and you give them the three of the bonuses or more bonuses but just stick the three for simplicity reasons. And that is basically how it works.

Let me know if you’ve got any questions, mate. I hope you can leave me five-star feedback. I’ll drop this in your you’re in front of Rolodex. I deliver a fire. They’re the blueprint and this video as well. And let me know how you get on booking to the gig and we can go over it whatever you want to do. So hope that helps cheers.

Overview of Profitability Scenarios For Real Estate Affiliate Sales Funnel


This real estate affiliate funnel is a great sales funnel because it has a lot of profitability scenarios. Watch as I give you an overview of what the possible numbers or results are and I will also explain why a content traffic strategy is very important to attract leads and eventually convert them to customers.

These business growth strategies and sales funnel tips are not only for real estate but also applicable to any other niche out there. Make sure to watch the step-by-step guide so you’ll have an overview of the possible scenarios. If you know someone who is in the same niche or type of business, share this video with them!

What type of business are you in? Let us know in the comments below.

Video Transcript

Hi, Chris. Well, this is James and I said that I’d map out the blueprint for you and for you and Chris. We said that it wasn’t necessarily a funnel problem. It was a traffic problem. Well, not a problem, but something that we have to structure in the right way and keep simple and act consistently on the following. So that blueprint for the funnel, which I’ll explain in a second, but this is the traffic strategy. So it starts with YouTube video. So starting off with one YouTube video on a piece of content, you know, the three best ways to become a success in real estate, for example. So you create, a YouTube video with that kind of content, three minutes, three minutes long, three to five minutes long. Then what you do is you convert that what I call a powerful post.

So which is essentially a WordPress post, so you’ll need a WordPress site. Okay. So you’ve got the publishing platform, number one, which is on WordPress, and you’ve got to the sales funnel and clickfunnels. Okay. So you create a YouTube video convert that into a WordPress blog, which created a video article step three, that’s the powerful post. I published this to the WordPress site. You add what’s called, called convert box, which is like a landing page, a capture form, which when people are reading the article captures the name and address the details basically and sends them to the sales funnel.

Step five, you post that to LinkedIn, you create what I call a snippet post. So it’s just a copy and paste of the first few paragraphs of the powerful posts, which is a WordPress. And then you link it to the main site, back to the main article where they can read the whole thing and that would be pixeled.

Then we can then post it on the Facebook page. We could boost the powerful post within the Facebook business page. So the Mora Facebook business page, or the Mora Christina, sorry. And then we retarget using steps eight and nine. Okay. We retarget people that are engaging with this powerful post, which is derived from the YouTube video. And we retarget to them by Facebook and Instagram. Okay. To the sales funnel page here. Okay. So that, that’s the, basically this funnel here, every marketing activity is going here. Okay. Cause that’s how we’re going to generate leads. Okay.

Next, step 10 is to drive Google traffic to the powerful post. And the reason we do that is because people search for a solution in Google, by the keywords, you know how to become successful in real estate. For example, they would type that in Google to find out what the result was.

And that would up your article doing the right things what they wouldn’t be searching for. They wouldn’t be searching for that on Facebook because people watch cat videos and hang out with a friend on Facebook. They’re not looking for a solution. So that’s why we drive AdWords traffic to the powerful post. So what that does is generate engagement, the traffic it’s pixeled. And then we re-target using step eight, 11, and nine.

Facebook, Google display network, and Instagram. And we retarget them with the funnel page, the first funnel page, the landing page. Okay. That’s how we’re going to drive floods of traffic into the sales funnel. So what it also does is increase the search engine ranking, the powerful posts we share via socials. Each time we create one, and that creates a relentless audience growth. If you like with traffic going into the funnel.

So the funnel is here. So this is the relentless audience growth strategy that I’ve just explained. And traffic source one, this is leading through to your squeeze page, okay. For the funnel, the landing page, people will download it here, but they need clickfunnels to download it. Okay. So at this point, this is clickfunnels on the $97. And obviously, the clickfunnels platinum, which is 29, $297. So that be a percentage of people signing up for the $97 package and also the $297 package. Okay. This leads them to the order form. And then the thank you page your care. So this is built-in ClickFunnels.

What we’re doing, we’re bridging two clickfunnels using your squeeze page and your bridge page, which is already created by your partner, which is fantastically designed already mentioned. So what we do when the signup, we have a follow-up sequence, education emails stating the benefits, email, or call to action email, and then adding a bonus to the call to action, which is driving people back to the ClickFunnels offer page every time.

Okay. So also that is the follow-up sequence. After we driving people back to click funnels to degenerate the recurring revenue would then continue in it, drive content give content on the up sequence of emails, and then drive people to your high ticket offer, which we, we decided we’d go with 2 97 for that. So here’s the, you would have the sales page for your real estate program here and obviously the order form so that the follow-up sequence is following up with the leads that are coming through from the audience growth strategy, which is this leading into the funnel. Okay. Okay.

I’ve done a simulation. So based on 1000 traffic coming through per month to your funnel using this strategy and the 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} opt-in rate that will take them to the bridge page, 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} of those people, the rest of the 60{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} will go up.

The follow-up sequence will receive a follow-up sequence and lead them back to the ClickFunnels offer page. Okay. To get the funnel basically for your real estate. Okay. The share funnel. That’s how it works. Okay. And then following onto the high ticket. So taking them back to their 10{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}, the call straight through to the offer page. Okay. So on the offer page, you’ve got the click funnels basic and the ClickFunnels platinum, which is 2 97 per month, it’s a monthly recurring income. So 90{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} I’ve put a split of 90{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} on the, on the basic and 10{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} on the platinum. Okay. So what that does, if you, if I’ve simulated.

Based on 1000 traffic coming through the sales funnel, that’s creating a monthly revenue of 2095 on the basic package, 356 40 on the clickfunnels platinum which will be recurring. I’ve put a stick rate of six months for the basic and three months for the platinum.

Also, you’re going to sell based on that traffic, those amount of visitors per month, 1000, you’re going to get a sale of your real estate program. 2 97. Okay. Adding on the merchant fees of 81, based on strike figures, that’s given us earnings per click of 2.75 costs per lead, two 50, and a cost per acquisition overall in the funnel of $200. Okay.

That’s creating a monthly revenue of 2,749 and a monthly profit of 1 6, 6, 7. That’s based on a 4.5{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} sales conversion, their attempt to send sales conversion, which is converting one in 19, the, for your high ticket program 10{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} per year, 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} opt-in rate here. So based on 1000 visitors coming through your funnel, let’s say a couple of months down the line using the same structure and strategy, we’re driving 5,000 monthly visitors through the funnel. Okay. Which is more than doable, based on those same figures.

Let’s see what that gives us five based on 5,000 visitors per month. There we go. Change considerably. So it’s generating 13 grand on the basic two months, 2,316 on the platinum 3000 on your high ticket program, creating revenue of 80,000 per month based on traffic costs of 5, 5, 5, 9, a that’s earnings per click, 3 78 cost believers stays the same at two 50 costs per acquisition reduces considerably from 200 and 138 creating a monthly revenue of 18,905 with a profit monthly of 30,346. That’s based on 5,000 visitors only per month. Okay.

Say six months down the line, you get 20,000 visitors per month. Okay. 20,000 visitors there and see where we’ve optimized it. We increased the sales conversion and we reduce, and we increase the opt-in rate to see if it’s converting an opt-in rate to 55{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}. So just over half signing up with the traffic that we’re driving. Okay. So let’s do a simulation here.

Based on 20,000 visitors per month, which is definitely more than doable. Let’s see what figures that give us. Well, there you go. Cost per acquisition, reduced cost per lead, reduced earnings per click increased monthly revenue, six figures, profit, nearly six figures per month. Okay. Based on 20,000 visitors per month. Okay. Let’s stick it back to the standard. 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} here. Let’s reduce this by a 10. Let’s reduce your sales page to only 5{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} conversion. And it’s a year down the line and you’ve, you’ve, you’re doing consistent traffic-driving based on the structure of that, the relative, this audience growth plan. And you’re now creating 70,000, 75,000 visitors per month, based on the cost per click of $1, let’s do a final simulation of that.

There you go. Ask them the three revenue of 270,000 traffic cost, 75, sorry, 82,075,000 visitors per month. Now earnings per click are reduced because the opt-in rate has been reduced cost per lead, increased to two 50 costs per acquisition, 155. It’s creating six figures a month revenue. This is a seven-figure business. Okay. you’re making 22 care per month based on 77 purchases per month of your 2 97 private products. Okay.

This is the potential. And if the numbers don’t lie, if you stick to the structure and, and carry out this consistently, these are the kinds of figures you can get. Okay. Based on the good funnel that you already have potential there for a webinar funnel as well. But based on the traffic strategy, driving into this, that’s based on 70,000 care visitors per month. Okay. That’s, what’s going to generate, so let me know what you think that Christina I’ll deliberate in front of Rolodex.

If you’d like to speak any more on this or go into any more depth, I’ve got a gig there for $5, a clarity call just book as many calls as you want, and we can go over it. Hopefully, leave me five-star feedback for this. It’s been great working with you on this gig. I suppose it’s now just ready to, to, to, to roll out and get started on the traffic strategy and the traffic activity and get the sales funnel out. Let me know what you think. Cheers.