#1 Advisor on Funnel Rolodex – Finding the Right “Who”

James Hughes is the guest of this episode and he is known for dedicating his time to help people grow their businesses. James is the number one advisor on Funnel Rolodex, a top-rated freelancer on Upwork.com for marketing strategy and sales funnels. His clients include Mustad Hoofcare, Crypto Daily & the YMCA of Greater Boston. Funnel Rolodex is where you can provide services or get help with the services you need.

Speaker 1 (00:00):

Welcome to ClickFunnels Radio, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host, Dave Woodward.

Dave Woodward (00:17):

Hey everyone! I am doing a new intro to the podcast you’re going to hear. This is from James Hughes. He is the number one advisor on Funnel Rolodex, where he dedicates his time to helping people start and grow their businesses. I just finished doing the podcast and I just didn’t give him really the value and the recommendation that he deserves.

Dave Woodward (00:38):

You have to understand James Hughes. He quit his corporate accounting job. Started his own consulting business from his parents’ spare room in the UK. He then started with no money, with no capital, no ounce of funding, and literally became the top-rated freelancer on Upwork for marketing strategy and for sales funnels. His clients include Mustad Hoofcare, Crypto Daily, and the YMCA of Greater Boston. He’s just an amazing guy who’s been crushing it for quite some time.

Dave Woodward (01:03):

And I started the podcast and I had a million things going and I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind, and so I apologize to James for not really giving him the credit that he definitely earns and is due. Again, you can find him at salesfunnelexpert.net. He is our number one advisor on Funnel Rolodex. Again, funnel Rolodex is set up with the whole intent of you really being able to go to one place to find everybody that you need for any of the services that really you want in your business to be able to complete a funnel.

Dave Woodward (01:34):

And again, James comes highly recommended from BJ Wright who runs Funnel Rolodex for us and I just want to make sure, as we begin this podcast, we’re going to jump right into it, and so it’s going to be a weird little transition here. But again, he deserves more credit than I gave him and I felt bad after I got off the interview, so I want it to at least record a new intro to this. So again, James Hughes, you can find them on Funnel Rolodex. Again, the number one advisor we have there. You can find him at salesfunnelexpert.net. Again, at this point, we’ll go ahead and jump right into the interview.

Getting to know Mr. James Hughes.

Dave Woodward (02:05):

Just getting to know Mr. Hughes. Welcome to the show!

James Hughes (02:09):

Thanks for having me, Dave. Cheers!

Dave Woodward (02:10):

James, tell people a little bit about yourself and what you actually do, and how you’re using Funnel Rolodex.

James Hughes (02:15):

Yeah, definitely, Dave. Funnel Rolodex is a super cool platform, very simple to use, very, very simple to find clients basically. So, obviously, with my experience from over the years, I used to build sales funnels and work on strategies prior to ClickFunnels even being out. So, I had that experience prior to ClickFunnels, so when ClickFunnels came on the scene, it was almost like, “Oh wow! What a cool piece of kit.” It makes everything so simple and I used to Frankenstein systems together. I used to use WordPress with all sorts of different plugins, which didn’t work too well. But when ClickFunnels came out, that was like a milestone for me in terms of being able to provide a really good service to the customers and clients. So yeah, Funnel Rolodex has been great for me in terms of helping that pool of people that want help with their funnels and strategies.

Dave Woodward (03:08):

That’s awesome. So James, tell people what exactly, what is sales funnel expert? What do you actually do there and what services are you providing on Funnel Rolodex for people?

James Hughes (03:18):

Yeah. Basically, it’s three things. The first is the strategy, so I help people get clear on the strategy. I create a blueprint for them. It doesn’t matter what product they’re trying to sell, whether it’s an intangible product or a physical product, as long as a sales funnel can be used, which is in most cases. But to sell that product, I can help them get clear on that strategy. Then we go to phase two, then we build a high converting funnel using ClickFunnels, based on the strategy that we go through in phase one. And then the third is all about launching it, getting it out, and make sure the traffic is in tune with the funnel, in tune with the strategy, and that it matches the audience. So that’s basically what I do, those three things.

Dave Woodward (04:01):

That’s awesome. For those of you guys, again, if you’re not familiar with Funnel Rolodex, think of it as fiber for funnel builders, or an Upwork for people who actually want to specialize specifically in anything associated with funnels. And so, on Funnel Rolodex, you’ll find everything from people like James, who actually specializes really in the actual funnel building aspect of it itself, other people who do graphics, other people who do design, copywriting, all sorts of things you can find on Funnel Rolodex.

Dave Woodward (04:26):

James happens to be a guy who’s been crushing it, really because he’s got experience. And so, Funnel Rolex is for two different people. For one, it’s for people like James who are looking to get additional clients. It’s also for people who may not know exactly what to do and they’re really trying to find who’s the right person who can help me get this done. So again, Funnel Rolodex works for both. If you’ve already got some skills and you want to market those skills, you can go to funnelrolodex.com and sign up and be the person basically providing services. Or if you’re looking for services, you can then actually go there and you can find people like James.

How much do your services typically cost?

Dave Woodward (05:00):

So James, tell me, how much do your services typically cost? How does it work as far as Funnel Rolodex? Do you get clients off on Rolex? Do you take them offline and do more with them? How’s that whole system work for you?

James Hughes (05:12):

Oh, well, first of all, you got Funnel Rolodex, because that’s the realm that I really enjoy. It’s proved very successful for me and my team, I may add. But the clarity call is only $50, so that’s 15 minutes with James. That’s the first step. Then if they want to take to the next step, I’ve got a seven-figure funnel strategy at $97. That’s a deeper dive of the clarity call, so the clarity call, I get clear on what the goals are for the business, the funnel, the product that they’re trying to sell, the marketing as well.

James Hughes (05:44):

Then, that moves to the second phase. I actually map it out for them. I map a blueprint out for them and they’ve got a map at the end of it to make the decision whether they want it to build from there, or they go to somebody else to get build so great. So, great if they want to build from my team. We go ahead and build it for them and then we help them get launched as well. I’ve got consulting packages on there as well, which are in the four figures, but more often than not people say it’s well worth it for the one month and the three months with me.

Dave Woodward (06:14):

James, I think that is so cool. I always love people who actually are implementing and doing everything we always talk about, and that is, here you’ve got a low barrier offer. Again, 15 bucks, or to get someone started right away. You then go right up the value ladder at $97, and then you’ve got a four-figure engagement afterward. So, please understand, again, if you’re looking right now, you’re trying to figure out, “How best can I get something built?” Go to Funnel Rolodex, look up James. He’s got an amazing team. He’ll actually jump on the call. Again, 15 minutes strategy for 15 minutes. You can get at $97, actually builds it, maps it out. And then, if you want him actually to do the work, then obviously we’ll go right up his value ladder and you got to a four-figure type of deal and networks for James.

Dave Woodward (06:52):

Again, it’s a great opportunity for anybody who’s realized that… Again, you probably have seen this more than I have. I run across people quite a bit who are like, “I’ve got this great idea, but just don’t… I want to be the person out there, want to be a guru, be the person either selling the product, but I don’t want to have to spend all my time learning how to actually do all this stuff behind the scenes as people like yourself who… That’s your expertise, that’s your skill set.”

Dave Woodward (07:15):

I think that’s the part I’m most excited about with Funnel Rolodex, is the opportunity really of putting people together, where you can find the right who’s, who can do all the work that you don’t want to have to do. And I think again, James, BJ talks so highly of you and all your work. We were just taking a look. Again, go to salesfunnelexpert.net. Again, work smarter, not harder.

Dave Woodward (07:36):

I love some of the stuff as I was taking a look at even your case studies and things on there. If you want to walk me through some of these case studies? So you had Crypto.IQ, you have Audi, you’ve got Crypto Daily, [inaudible 00:07:49]. And then you broke things down as far as how many leads, the opt-in rates, recurring revenue. The part I love the most though is how fast you’re able to actually achieve those results. So, do you mind just taking any of those case studies and talking about them?

Two of our biggest successes

James Hughes (08:05):

Yeah, absolutely. I think two of the biggest successes are in the crypto space, the cryptocurrency space, Crypto.IQ, which was an educational program for people that wanted to invest in cryptocurrency. But also, Crypto Daily, they were huge… From a standing start, a WordPress site, it’s now getting 1.5 million visitors per month, and that’s not paid traffic, that’s content marketing purely. I was instrumental in that strategy, so that’s why I implement it in the Funnel Rolodex services. And Crypto.IQ, that reached a seven-figure business in a space of six months, I believe. It was making a six-figure revenue per month within the first couple of months.

Dave Woodward (08:49):

I love it. If you don’t mind, if a person is sitting there saying, “I’ve got a skill set and I want to basically get this skillset out,” what would be some of the things you’d tell them on how to actually have success on Funnel Rolodex to actually get clients?

James Hughes (09:04):

Well, I would look at the whole picture first. I would see what they were trying to sell, who they were as a person. Because I think in the main, you only need to know slightly more than the next person to help that person and over-deliver and double down on that value, just give tons of value. So I look at them, I coax out of them what they’re trying to achieve, and everybody’s got talent. Everybody’s a special talent and that comes with a product that they can sell or service, and I help along those lines, within that structure: the mechanical structure of ClickFunnels and how that works; the psychological way the value ladder works as well. So I implement all of these components. And yeah, I build their confidence slightly as well because they come to me and they’re needing that reassurance. A common theme throughout the people that I’m helping on Funnel Rolodex is that they need this reassurance.

James Hughes (09:57):

There are some super talented people that have come to me at all levels, starters, people who have made lots of money with funnels, and that they just need that push in the right direction, and I’m that solution within Funnel Rolodex.

Dave Woodward (10:11):

I love it. I think that’s you hit on a couple of things that I know. We have a lot of people who come into the ClickFunnels Universe, have these great ideas, and then they just get overwhelmed. I think a lot of that comes back to that confidence aspect that you were talking about. That’s why I’ve loved the idea behind Funnel Rolodex is, again, it’s a Rolodex of the right people. I remember talking to Russell when he came up with the name. He was like, “I literally, for years, have always had a Rolodex of people I would go to, to get stuff done.”

Dave Woodward (10:38):

And so, we have people… Gosh, I get asked all the time, “Who do you recommend? Who you recommend?” I’m like, “I’ve got so many people, it’s hard for me just to pick one.” And so I’ve had the opportunity of sending people directly to Funnel Rolodex, meeting people like yourself, who again, are a specialist in really understanding how to get out of a person’s mind what it is really trying to accomplish. And that’s why I think a strategy call, my gosh! What? 15 bucks for a 15-minute strategy call, you couldn’t find a better investment if you’re…

Dave Woodward (11:08):

Again, we’ve got a lot of people who are going through the One Funnel Away Challenge and they’ve got these great ideas, but they’d like, “Can I just talk to somebody?” And so I’m just going to start referring them all to you, just say, “Hey, you know what? Just give James a call; 15 bucks, you can go on a strategy call with him, get things figured.” And again, that’s the whole idea behind the Funnel Rolodex, is really just setting things up simple and easy enough for you so you can find stuff that… So again, you can focus on what you do best and let someone else do all the heavy lifting, like what you’re doing.

A little bit about our team.

Dave Woodward (11:34):

So if you don’t mind, James, tell me a little bit about your team. How many people do you have on your team? You’ve got basically an agency, I am assuming. How’s that all work for you?

James Hughes (11:41):

Yes, we have. Yes. So, there’s me, there’s my assistant, as chief of operations. He project manages the funnel builds based on my strategy in the beginning. I used to do most of the stuff myself in the beginning, so the strategy, the build, the talking to the client. Obviously, it was too much. I was spinning too many plates at once, as you know. Yeah, so there are seven people on my team.

Dave Woodward (12:07):

That’s fantastic! That’s so cool. I love, I love the fact that you’ve been able to take a skill set like you have and not only do well for yourself but actually provide jobs for six other people. That’s amazing! That’s what I love about what we do is I was talking to my kids the other day… I got kids ranging from 17 to 24 right now… and they’re just trying to figure out what to do and how to do it and it’s fun for me to see.

Dave Woodward (12:32):

You know what? These days, it’s all about just getting a skill. If you can go out and find a skill set that is marketable, man, you can make a fortune. And I think it’s fun for me to see that you’re not also obviously done well for yourself, but most importantly, you’re helping provide income and stability for seven other people, so that’s awesome. Congrats on all you’re doing, bud.

James Hughes (12:52):

Thanks, Dave. It’s good to share. Thank you very much. Yeah. It’s great fun doing it as well. It doesn’t seem like a chore. You get out of bed in the morning and I can’t wait to get to work. And to do this thing, it’s just amazing, really enjoy it.

Dave Woodward (13:05):

I love it. Well again, for those of you guys who aren’t familiar with Funnel Rolodex, go to funnelrolodex.com. And there you’ll actually find a whole bunch of different people who have different skill sets that you could actually use to take a lot of the heavy lifting off of yourself. Most importantly, I highly recommend you go ahead and check out James’ profile there so that you can…

Dave Woodward (13:23):

Again, I love the idea of just 15 bucks for a strategy call. Man, that’s just… Anybody who’s listening to this, please, just go to Funnel Rolodex, get a 15-minute call with James. And from there, you basically, if nothing else, you’ll understand how value ladder works and you’ll progress up his value ladder, and providing income and stuff for not only him but for the seven people on this team. Anything else you want to let other people know about as far as Funnel Rolodex or what your product or service is?

What we preach to people.

James Hughes (13:48):

No. This is what I preach to people. It’s focused on one thing. I’m focused heavily on Funnel Rolodex, nothing else, helping as many people as I can through the One Funnel Away Challenge, getting clarity on the funnels, the business, the goals, and taking them further. I’m getting a lot of enjoyment from the feedback that I’m getting from clients, how I’ve helped them. It’s a great buzz.

Dave Woodward (14:09):

I love it. Well again, James, thank you so much for your time. We’ll go and get this posted right away. Again, everyone, I would highly recommend, go ahead, check out Funnel Rolodex, and also look at salesfunnelexpert.net. There, you can talk to James direct. Any other place they should look to connect with you on?

James Hughes (14:23):

No. Just Funnel Rolodex and at salesfunnelexpert.net, Dave. That’ll be perfect.

Dave Woodward (14:29):

Oh, that’s fantastic. James, thank you so much for your time, bud.

James Hughes (14:31):

Absolute pleasure. Thanks for having me.

Dave Woodward (14:33):

Hey everyone, again, hopefully, you got a ton of value out of that. It’s a pretty quick podcast interview, but I want to make sure that you understand Funnel Rolodex is for anybody at all who is really just trying to find out who’s the right who. What I mean by that is so often, as business owners, we spend a lot of time just trying to find out how to do something, instead of doing what you’re best at. And so, what we’ve really done is we’ve created a marketplace, Funnel Rolodex. Where you can go ahead and find anybody who has a skill set that you need without you having to spend a whole bunch of time surfing around the net, trying to find people on Fiverr or Upwork, or anything else. Funnel Rolodex is the place we highly recommend that you go to.

Dave Woodward (15:09):

Again, go to funnelrolodex.com. There, you can check out all the different advisors who are in there, the different products, services, offerings that they have. It’s a great place for you to get started to really understand that what matters most is finding the right who instead of spending all the time trying to find out how to do something. Take care again. Again, remember you’re just one funnel away.

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funnel rolodex the ultimate stop for all sales funnel professionals

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