Self Liquidating Sales Funnel Overview For Dog Supplement Business

James Hughes

Learn in this video how a self-liquidating sales funnel will boost your online business especially if you are selling dog supplements and products.

I will explain how a sales funnel strategy using ClickFunnels can help in your marketing growth and boost the sales of your dog product business in a short period of time. If you know someone who is in the same niche or type of business, share this video with them!

What type of business are you in? Let us know in the comments section.

Video Transcript

Hi, Dave, this is really good. So yeah, you’ve got the guide, but you push it straight to the $7 product. Self-liquidating funnel. We go over this in more detail in the session, but yeah, in terms of the flow, I mean, I haven’t looked too much into the copy yet, but it looks at first glance.

It looked fine, but yeah, this is cool. This is really good. I like the super value for 6.97. Basically. I wouldn’t even put a normal price in, I would get rid of this. I wouldn’t even give him a, I would just say it’s 6.97. That’s perfect.

So the order form, I would move this further up again. It’s sort of, it’s not a huge deal. It’s still all right. I’ll still work. I’d put Hayes a fraction of what you learn. I would probably just remove the normal price. Yeah. That’s really cool. Perfect.

Yeah, PayPal. And then so one is the usual joint protection system and I can’t do one-click upsells with peer power. I don’t believe that’s what you said. I would increase the price of this.

I’ll run it with the 47 and see how it goes, but I would probably increase the price. What did you have in mind for the order bump as well? Because there was an audit bump on the $7 product, 6.97.

Well, this is all cool. This is what we’ve come through this. This is brilliant. I would increase the price, sell to just a load to mind for you over deliver, like though.

Yeah. And I’ll sure what the prices are. Let me know what the price is on the PayPal, but that looks great. It’s the three bottles instead of the six yet. Oh, here we go. Perfect.

What’s your average call file. You will not be interesting to see, that all looks good. It’s a bit of refinement. Yeah. Get the pixels in.

I think you’d probably run a run through that, but let’s have a look at the copy together and on the session when we look deeper into it, but yeah, I’ll leave this in the group. Cheers, guys.


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