Sales Funnel Overview Of Mindset Program For Men

James Hughes


In this video, I will give you an overview of the sales funnel strategy I mapped out for a men’s mindset program. This strategy is very simple yet it can make a big difference in the results of this program. I will also cover in this overview how VSL is a game-changer in terms of marketing.

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Video Transcript

Hi, Shannon. It’s James, hope you’re well. In this world of chaos at the moment, I’m sure you are. Yeah, if I don’t catch it a day, cause it’s getting late here now. We can definitely catch up tomorrow, but I’ve been watching the sales videos, and they’re absolutely, absolutely perfect. Absolutely brilliant.

What I want to clarify with you is that the VSLs well, I’m pretty sure the for the $97 product that we went over, but I wanted to mention that we need to kind of fit at the moment.

It’s not, if I just find the page first bear with me. Yeah. So this is the $97 product in line with the strategy.

Yeah, here we go. So this is a sales page to the VSLs for here. So all we need to do is refine the copy here.

And excuse me currently, we’ve got bonus 1, 2, 3, and four, but we don’t mention those bonuses in the VSL. I mean, we don’t necessarily have to, but what we need to refine is what they get here with what you said in the VSL.

So what you said in the VSL is absolutely what they will get. So all we need to do in term terms of refining the copy.

Yeah. So what we need to do, we need to refine and align what you’re seeing in the video with what the actually getting the product.

Okay. The $97 product, plus the bonuses, I think almost feels like a bit of a balling doing it again, but I think the Megan even better would be dimension what you’ve already mentioned, but then mention the bonuses as well.

Okay. Whatever they may be, if they’re the right bonuses mentioned bonuses 1, 2, 3, and four, along with what you mentioned in terms of what they get here as well.

If you can do that, then we can refine that the sales page and then we’ve got a whopping product for $97.

Okay. Then my only question or the question would be is the one-time offer. Yeah. The one-time offer, we were going to make it a 9 97 product when we, but I think this has been other than he had.

Can you confirm that you’ve entered this in? It’s pretty good. Can you just confirm if you’ve added that in?

Yeah, just let me know about that. I don’t think Lyndon’s mentioned this to me, but what was going to go to you’ve got the $97 product and then we’re going to the 9 97 product.

But according to this funnel, it’s going to wear an upsell of only 1995. But I think we should just in the VSL, you’ve mentioned, did they will get this keynote, so then to offer it as an upsell we’ll have to, well, I don’t think we should offer that as an upsell.

I think we should just start it in the $97 product. Let me know your thoughts on that. Also, it was leading to a 9, 9, 7 upsell, which is your more personal kind of coaching product.

But if you’ve already had this conversation with Linden about that fair enough. But the membership area let’s have a look.

Yeah. We just need to update it with the content. So this is pretty much wrapped up. Shannon. We just need to find out if that’s definitely what you’re offering in the VSL, and then we can refine what it says in the text.

So the worries, mind book worries, mind self-evaluation program worries mind five-part video series. These don’t really match with what you’re seeing in the VSL.

So what are you seeing in the VSL? Definitely. Right. I think it probably will be also, are you wanting to offer these bonuses as well, but if you are, we need to refine the VSL, and then we need to refine what they’re actually getting, okay.

The recap of what they’re getting for $97. So I think, check that out for me as soon as possible. That’d be fantastic.

Shannon. Also, if you could ugly upload those, put my teeth back in upload these videos the VSL once, obviously once we’ve confirmed that, that we’re doing the right thing with the VSL and what the getting we can, you upload them to YouTube or YouTube channel.

So then we can add them to the sales page on the opt-in page, all to Shannon.


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