Sales Page and Sales Funnel Optimization For Online Spiritual Program

James Hughes


Watch in this video how I reconstructed a sales funnel and sales page created by the client. Learn why funnel optimization for an online spiritual program is very important.

As a sales funnel expert, recreating and reconstructing the sales page is one of my techniques to get leads and results because it is vital to have an effective headline, copy, and design to grab the attention of people.

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Video Transcript

Hi Feras, I hope you well. This is the sales page, sorry for the delay. I’ve restructured it. I’ve simplified it and I’ve changed the copy in places. So what I’ve done here, I’ve took unnecessary images out that really are too big in terms of the scroll, et cetera, et cetera, without reducing the good look of it. So the top we’ve got when we raised our spiritual vibration stress, anxiety, and depression simply fall away. It’s easier than you think I’ll help you. So that’s good. That’s a good headline. Okay. It’s going to solve the problem, Ravi. You can sense it. Element scrolling down the true yogis leads us to happiness.

I mean, you Ravi the master, the one who has mastery, okay. Some pictures of Ravi about this program. I want to help you live a life of free stress, anxiety, depression. So I’ve changed the content here, to represent a program rather than the video series of care. So testimonials, this is your defining moment. There’s a product image, and then we’ve got access to video one in reduction video to why we get stuck. Video three, create a mini 10 happiness video four, video five, video six, video seven, video eight, video nine, video 10, video 11.

I haven’t mentioned 11 videos. I’ve just mentioned that it’s a program. And then we have 11 videos. Okay. That’s what it contains the program. So I’ve, I’ve identified these and emphasized them more so the people can see exactly what they’re getting rather than before it was too much about Ravi and then not what they were getting.

It’s all about what they’re getting at the end of the day and what they want. So this is what I’ve kind of rectified. So as well as the 11 videos of the program, the core we get Robbie’s in a circle, we get access to the inner circle Facebook group with Ravi Singh. Okay. So, we have to emphasize this more than we have to emphasize the bonuses more than actually what they getting in the core program. Okay.

So that’s how it’s doing the perception of what they’re getting. So they’re getting access to an inner circle and the program of videos. Okay. Rather than just 11 videos and access to a Facebook group. That’s what I explained in the beginning. So in a circle, I have the name to the inner circle. Okay. Rather than a private Facebook group plus the three bonuses totaling 291 today, you’re getting all of this only $47.

I’ve changed this down, refine this limited to the first 10 orders, 30 10 when he got a 30-day money-back guarantee. Yes. I want to order the RVs program. Okay. So I’ve simplified it. I’ve increased the value of it and structured it in a way where I’m sure it’ll get better results.

Let me know what you think, but it’s the traffic as well. It’d be interesting in or what exactly what you do with the traffic. If you’re just driving Facebook traffic to it, we need drive traffic, the traffic that you’re driving to the mini-series to get opt-ins, which is 70 converting, 70{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}, very well.

We need to re-target the people that are hitting the first video or that they’re engaging with the videos, retarget them with the sales page now. Okay. With a nod to go near the sales funnel and see what results you get from that. I’m sure they’ll increase. Okay. So let me know what you think. I’ll drop this in total for you. Let me know if you need any more help. I don’t even think cheers.


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