Case Study Sales Funnel Blueprint For High Ticket Consulting Program

James Hughes


In this video, I will show you the blueprint that I used including the 6 sales funnel steps which gave and provided results to my clients. I had lots of clients who offer a high-ticket consulting program to their audience so if you are in the same niche, this video can help you. Or if you know someone who has the same type of business, share this video with them!

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Video Transcript

On possession and the detail that you’ve sent in the strategy document, which is, which is fantastic. Not only has that helped me, but it’s also helped you as well, moving forward. So anyway, this is the blueprint. Just change it. Okay. So the funnel, this is the blueprint and we’ve got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6 funnel steps in clickfunnels basically while you’ve built a Samoan style, a sales funnel, which is cool.

Go room with that one, you know, exactly, you know, run with it because it’s, it’s very good. And it’s a concept that works. So what I’ve done here is add additional parts to make it really work. So let’s go through this. So six sales funnel steps and three traffic sources. Okay. So 1, 2, 3 traffic and reports. Okay.

So this is the case study page. So the traffic is coming through to the case study page. Okay. I’ll go over the traffic strategy in a second. But all traffic should lead to the free case study. Okay. So when the update I’ve got that a 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} opt-in rate if they don’t, so that takes them to the funky page, which is funnel step two, which is the case study video and the button to apply, which takes you then to the application page, which is funnel step three. Okay.

Like already how you’ve got it, which is great. And then once they’ve scheduled a call in that will tend to the fund new page. Okay. So traffic in the front end, 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} opt-in rate. If the docs, if 60{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} don’t take that, we’ll receive the welcome email, which leads them back to the case study.

And then the second day, the email one, and then the follow-up sequence that will take them to the case study again. And again, value to, and obviously consistently email an email follow-up sequence of you know, 10 to 15 emails, at least in the beginning. So, this value sequence will lead back every time to the case study page. Okay. That’s the idea. So if they’re not watching it straight away or they’re just overlooking it, if they’re not getting to the application page, we want to follow up with them and get them to watch the video.

Then with the main goal of getting them to boot recall, and at this point, okay. So I put a 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} opt-in rate. I put a 60{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} click rate for the first welcome email, 40 for the second 30 for the third. So it’s just this Russ simulation purposes. I’ll put those figures in. So they’d go to the case study page. We want to get them here every time. Okay.

That takes in the shed. You will a call, I’ve put that in as 25{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}. So 25{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} of the traffic going through we’ll show you what a call. Okay. That will give them that will tell them the thank you page. Thank you for scheduling a call. We look forward to speaking shortly. Okay. That will be on that page. And then using schedule ones that you’ve already got, which is perfect. Yeah. I mean, you’re like, you’re halfway there. They get reminders, they get a confirmation and they get two reminder emails, which then take them. The strategy call showed you as a calling with you, showed you a call him with that diary as well. So it’s all accountable, very streamlined, and professional.

So for this one, even let’s change this, a strategy call, see you do one in four, you close one in four. I closed about one in four. So let’s do that one in four, you speak to them, you help them. And your strategy call, okay. 15 to an hour, 15 minutes to an hour, depending on what you want to do with that strategy. Call in the duration. Then at the end, they’ll say, Vitaliy, what are the next steps? Okay. After you’ve helped them immensely because they’ve already received the case study. You’ve built trust with them. We’ve shown you with, to call and you’re giving them even more value on the call, okay. Go over some pointers and how you’ll help them. And that’ll be in the call, a guarantee we’ll end with, well, thanks for helping me, Vitaliy. What are the next steps?

The next steps are my consulting package. Okay. I don’t know how much you charging at the moment, but I’ll just pick the figure of 9 97, which is, which is a good figure for your expertise to help them on a consulting basis. It could be a month of consulting, for example. So 9, 9, 7 25{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}, one in four closed their high-value offer, which is the consulting package. You take them to that page 20{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}. Take that from there, that’s creating revenue of 187,000 based on these traffic figures. Okay. So let’s, let’s make it even worse. Okay. So let’s change that to 10, 10{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} sales conversion there.

Close one in four, there let’s say, I don’t know, 50{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} strategy call at that point. We’re 14{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} Upland rate is, is, is decent. And you can definitely get that. I would imagine. So simulate, let’s see what this gets us. Yeah. So that’s creating a monthly revenue of 71,000. Okay. But that’s dependent on what’s going through the sales funnel, which is the traffic and how we do it and how are we do a properly, so it needs to be done properly. So that’s based on Facebook views and content marketing is that as, okay.

Facebook visitors and content marketing visitors at the front end, which have all to do with engagement. Okay. And I’ve put in a cost per click for this. The purpose of this simulation is 50 cents. And also the cost for the visit is 5,000. This is what you’ve got to kind of aim for 5,000 monthly visitors from content marketing.

Okay. Which I’ll get onto the traffic strategy in a second. So that’s 50 cents cost per click that’s for the entry, go into the case study. Then whoever’s engaging with the case study. Whoever’s going through the sales funnel. We’re retargeting them with the book and a strategy call because that’s the aim. We’re getting them. We’re trying to get them on a strategy call. So you can then give them your expertise, the super value, and then you can sell them on your consulting package of 9 97.

The re-targeting cost I’ve put in as I’ve just put in 500 visitors at 25 cents the click because the re-targeting hopefully where we’re going to get a lower cost per click because of the engagement that we’ve already created the front end. Okay.

That’s how that works. And again, people that are engaging with this page and spookiness strategy, call your leads. We’re retargeting them here with the high-value offer. Okay. You see how that works. Three and reports. So the traffic visitors from retargeting and that all entry points, basically one, two and three that’s, that’s a total of 7,000 visitors per month. Okay. Which is more than double overtime. Okay. So the traffic cost, the traffic costs would be 3000, $250 with merchant fees of 2,103. And this scenario okay. Just plugging my power.

Okay. So that would be a total expense of $5,353 per month. Okay. Based on that traffic that will create,

So that’s creating earnings per click of $10, 25, excuse me. A cost per lead of $1 35, a cost per acquisition at this point, overall of the sales funnel, $45. So basically your cost of acquiring a customer and acquisition is $45 40. And that’s creating a revenue monthly of 71,784 with a profit of 66 43 1. So let’s make it even a worst-case scenario based on that. Traffic’s just let’s change the opt-in rate here. Let’s change it to 30. Let’s change this to a 10 poop strategy call. Let’s say you only close. That’s not going to write down at 10{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}.

Let’s see what that gives us. So it’s still a huge monthly revenue. Okay. With a huge profit. See how that works. So I’ve knocked the conversion right down and part C only five let’s change this out of interest. Five said only book, a strategy call that is coming through the funnel. Simulate that again, still very high let’s increase the strategy, the people that you close on a strategy call. I close around one in four. So let’s look at this. See what the figures are.

Producers. Yeah. So that’s, that’s excellent as well. That’s because the product’s price at 9 97 and this is it’s dependent on the traffic that we’re creating. Okay. So let’s call the traffic strategy. So the traffic coming into the source one here, this is the strategy, the traffic strategy for, for relentless audience growth. Okay. That I’ve kind of touched on in the core.

So Vitaliy creates consistent YouTube videos. Okay. Based on your audience, okay. Helping your audience ABCs one, two threes of how you can help volume, not selling anything, just value. Okay. Then we repurpose and convert these to blog posts consistently in this structure. This is what creates a powerful pause. This is what I call a powerful pause care major piece in terms of an article. Then we add convert box software. Okay. If I was to help you with that, I can add that software for you.

A convert box is a pop-up that when you scroll down or one of the methods is when you scroll down on the article, convert box pops up and then we get them. We get a lead from that. We basically, we, we design, we create a PDF download of the powerful post. And then we add a convert box and we ask them to download the PDF download.

That gets a lead for us as well. So every post that is perf that is created in this structure is it’s a landing page effectively. Okay. It’s acting as a landing page and a sales funnel in itself. So we drive AdWord traffic, okay. To the powerful posts because people are searching for solutions and in Google, they’re not searching for solutions and Facebook. Okay. So we drive outward low-cost traffic to at $1 per day, perhaps, in the beginning, we use long-tail keywords for the content to be created. Okay.

Long-tail keywords in the title that will increase search engine ranking. It will also increase search and drunk. And because of, of the content being posted consistently powerful posts and the Google traffic going into it, then once the powerful post is created and published to the WordPress site, we boost it on the Facebook page by $1 per day.

This puts the content marketing on rocket fuel. Okay. So we put it on an engagement campaign. And we also, once we’ve done that, we do a third thing we posted on LinkedIn because this is business to business. We will post the first paragraph. And then we link to the article, which is a pixel. Okay. So we creating a massive retargeting audience, okay. That we can create lookalike audiences from as well. Whoever’s interested in this, this kind of value is content. We can create, lookalike audiences to target as well. Very powerful.

Everybody who’s engaging with the powerful post we’re retargeting them via Facebook. Okay. We’re retargeting via Google, the Google display network. We’re targeting via Instagram and we’re retargeting them with the case study. Okay. Which he’s the, so this traffic strategy runs into this funnel. Okay. It’s powering this sales funnel. That’s being created here, the blueprint.

And these are the things that we can look to generate. They’ll have more automation, it’ll be more simple. People will be coming to you rather than you chasing them. Okay. So that’s how that works. So just to recap, this is creating YouTube video, converting to a blog post publishing to the website, the WordPress website, creating a powerful post adding convert box, driving traffic via AdWords.

Making sure the content is around a long tail keyword based on your audience and your solution posting via Facebook, boosting the post and an engagement campaign posting via LinkedIn, the socials to get that pixel firing to retarget via Facebook, Google display network, and Instagram, get them into the care study. Okay. So that’s how that works. Fatale.

Let me know if you’ve got any more questions. I hope I hope this has helped download the PDFs and add them to you, your Google drive file your Google drive folder. Let me know if you need any more help. And I would love it if you if you left me some five-star feedback with some, some good comments, cause that helps my business. And it’s, it’s been great working with you on this, this particular gig. So have a great day. Cheers.


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