Sales Funnel Blueprint For A Coaching Program

James Hughes


You’ll see in this video how I helped a coaching program establish a sales funnel blueprint. From a complicated structure, I made changes and made it much simpler and condensed.

Do you know someone who is in the same business? Or are you an online coach who has an online program that you want to be seen by your target audience? Watch this video and learn what you can do.

Video Transcript

Hi Maya, how are you? It’s James and this is the sales funnel system blueprint. Okay. Thanks for completing those questions really quickly. And that’s, it’s great information.

One thing that, that I think we or you should do for sure is to simplify your coaching program, like on your main website, you’ve got three or four different coaching sessions and 11, you know, multiple coaching sessions.

I think it should be condensed in a one, you know, the LMI mentorship, for example, that could be for six months and I’m thinking in a price range of 9 97.

Okay. That includes a lot of value. Of course, one-to-one mentorship. So a price point of 9, 9, 7 of chores, and fill out, let me know your thoughts, but this is how the flow works.

We’ve got the traffic. First of all, traffic strategy would be to have Facebook ads, particularly engagement ads, content marketing, which is the articles and YouTube videos.

So now you’ve already got a YouTube channel, which is getting views, but with condensed and consistent video creation, you know, on a, on a weekly basis try and do a YouTube video every day.

And we’re looking to get, you know, visit 5,000 visitors per month. Okay. And that’s completely free. There’d be no cost there because you’re just creating the video of yourself as you know, and forcing them to YouTube.

Obviously, you can hire people to do that, take that task away from yourself, but obviously one of your talents is as YouTube videos and that you’re very good at them.

So utilize that skill and do them consistently. And we’re looking to get 5,000 minimum at the beginning of 5,000 views also then convert them into articles and then look to get 5,000 views from the articles paid ads engagement 1000 visitors per month.

Okay. So that’s given us a cost of the traffic source, 11,500 visitors a month, monthly visitors. Okay. Got it. And for these kinds of figures, the traffic cost of that is 3000.

And well, yeah, the overall expenses include merchant fees of 4,849 because that’s the cost of the sale and the product.

So that’s not a problem with the monthly fee because I’ll show you why in a second. So based on this simulation the profitability of 11,500 views going through to your free strategy call now the strategy call is very important because it’s a model.

That’s what I use. And if you’re selling a high ticket product such as 9 97, if you speak to somebody for 30 minutes, you drive driving traffic to get them on the call and you’re going to help them give, you know, obliterate them with value and deliver their they usually see what are the next steps.

Then you can talk about your, your, your coaching, your mentorship program at 9 97. So yeah, the 30-minute call is where you go over there, where I go with the three things that will help you overcome fear insecurity, and your limitations about money.

Three things. Very simple. Okay. So this is the first step. That’s a strategy course or opt-in here from the traffic activity here.

Okay. We’re driving them to this page, everything we do, we’re driving them to this page. Nothing else. Okay. That gets a minute with funnel the Salesforce system.

All right. So driving 11,011 and a half thousand views at a 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} opt-in rate, that’s 4,400 K 4,400 go through the call scheduling page, which is the funnel step two.

And our, you shed your ones for mine. It just makes it super slick and very streamlined for the prospect and yourself to manage the cause book some automatically in your calendar, a book, some automatically in their calendar as well, so that you can ability is amazing that the know when the call is going to be, then, you know, when the call is going to be so 4,400 get through to this stage funnel, step two is schedule a call in with you a 30-minute call or, or a 15-minute call or an hour call it depending on what, what you think is best for that strategy calls.

So that upper 25{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} opt-in rate on there, on the shed. So 25{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} of the 4,400 and come to this page, shed you on a call.

Okay. So that’s 1100 people. So then 1100 people would get the email sequence, the confirmation of the call. One day later, they’ll get a reminder, and then it’ll get a second reminder.

Of those 1100 people, 330 people will boot the call. You speak to these people. Okay. And then 330 people at a 25{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} opt-in rate closing rate called your product.

So you talk to them, I’m, you know, probably higher than 25{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}. I’m sure you can clause I, and then 25{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}, but I’ve just plugged this figure in for the benefit of this simulation.

So, 25{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} closing, that’s 830 people, 166 people I’ll change that to 25{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}. No, let’s just do 10{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} on that one.

You close them, you give them the offer page. Okay. Let’s simulate, that it’s still very high. Okay. So that’s all you’re doing this sales funnel traffic system and that the funnel, everything about involved his funnel revolves around this funnel.

Okay. So the consistent traffic using those, even that strategy, get them into the sales funnel because we want to get them to this stage. Which is a Skype call for 30 minutes out of 1100 that have been, that have shown you all then in your calendar that is booked in to speak to you 275, you’ll convert 275.

And then you get them to, to look at your high off a page. You meant the ship 9 97, obviously copy on this page, your video introduction, blah, blah, blah.

If you close this 10{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} of the amount of people that get this point, that creates 77 thought. Well, so to be exact 76,769 revenue monthly.

So that’s 76,000 revenue or 77,000 round it up revenue per month, cost of 5,000 to 249. This base, this, these figures and simulation and based massively on you consistently driving traffic via YouTube videos and having a solid retargeting strategy.

This traffic source here is the retargeting from the engagement. So engagement, retargeting, 500 visitors that’s included in the traffic strategy.

This is all about engagement here. And we’re retargeting that this point we’re retargeting the people that engage with your videos, et cetera, and the strategy core page with the high value of 5, 9, 9, 7.

So that gives a traffic cost of 5,249 per month, earning per click of $6 68 costs per lead, 68 cents cost per acquisition, 38 96, revenue monthly at 77,000 per month with a massive profit of 71,520.

So let’s say, for example, we, we sit, switch out the price. So let’s look at one or the price scenario, Mentorship.

Your coaching program, whatever you decide. That’s the price of the two and then the 79. So a big drop.

But the higher value, it is 9 97 in affordable price for what they’re going to get, but let’s just drop it into 2 97 with less involvement from, from yourself.

Let’s say that, And let’s change. Let’s change the product or 2 97. Let’s simulate this funnel. Yeah. That’s given us still a massive based on that.

The traffic figures, massive figure per month of 22, it’s six, nine, that’s a monthly revenue. Okay. And these figures changed slightly, but still a 22,000 a month revenue with profit being a high 19,183 using the traffic strategies.

But it needs a huge commitment from yourself at this end, which you’re more than capable of creating YouTube videos consistently.

Then with the traffic strategy, we retarget the engages to the offer page based on the figures, more than realistic figures that have been plugged in, we can look to generate these kinds of sums and profit.

Okay. So that’s the sales funnel system, blueprint. Maya, let me know what you think, a traffic strategy as well. I’d love it.

If you give me video testimonials, I know you, you have great videos. So you give me a five-star rating on funnel Rolodex because that helps my business grow.

And I’m more than willing to, talk about the next steps, if you want help with the build, or if you want some further consultations and consulting coaching, I’m happy to discuss the options there with you.

So yeah, this, this gigs finished. So if you’d like to leave five, five-star feedback for me, and we can definitely talk about the next steps and let me know if you’ve got any questions on this, this blueprint as well.

So I’ve really enjoyed doing this for you and let’s keep in touch. Cheers.


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