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Funnel Rolodex | Promote Your Business Visually by Using VSL Funnels

New marketing methods have emerged since retailers and marketers are competing to attract and impress customers more than ever. One of those methods that have become increasingly influential, which we recommend to our clients in Funnel Rolodex is video marketing.

Video sales letters can be useful in selling a product or service. Using a funnel is an effective means of getting more attention and maximizing the chances of conversion. 

If you’ve never heard of a video sales letter funnel before, this guide will provide all the information you need. Then, you can go straight to Funnel Rolodex to find someone to build the funnel for you. 

First of all, it’s beneficial to find out exactly what a video sales letter is. A video sales letter is essentially like a sales letter but contains video content. VSL is becoming much more common, as more people consume video content and we spend a huge amount of time online.

The goal is to hype up the viewer with such valuable content before revealing the price at the end so it would seem that it’s a total bargain. 

Now, what is a video sales letter funnel?

Funnel Rolodex – Video Sales Letter Funnel

Video sales letter funnel is a buyer funnel type that has more video and less copy. It’s on the video to do most of the selling. With a VSL, you don’t want to distract people from the video with too much extra sales copy.

This funnel has 4 pages: VSL + Order form, OTO, Downsell, and Offer Wall. While the video sales letter sells your product, you can then add one-time offers and downsells as they go through the purchase flow. 

You can actually see a lot of sales funnel experts in Funnel Rolodex that specialize in VSL Funnels. The reason is that 87% of marketers use video content to promote their products and services.

How To Use The Video Sale Letter Funnel In Your Business

The beauty of a VSL Funnel is that it can appeal to a wide range of target markets. Videos can be used to convey serious messages to legal organizations as well as promote fun products for younger consumers. 

Here are some examples of how VSL Funnels can be used: 

  1. Selling as an author – If you’re an author of books, e-books, articles, guides or lectures, you can use a VSL funnel to sell a particular product and then add extras.

    For example, a subscription to a newsletter, upsell premium products but also include more free or low-ticket products.

  2. Selling professional services – You can create a VSL funnel to promote your product and then add extras, such as more expensive products or future updates.

    Your upsell could be offering continuity and your downsell could offer a payment plan. If they agree to schedule a follow-up session.

  3. Selling in e-commerce – More and more people choose to shop online. With a VSL, you can showcase your products, offer a buy now option, and then market additional products or extras.

    Your upsell could be an offer to get more of the same thing while your down sell may include a payment plan.

Benefits of Using a VSL Funnel

Video marketing has become more common and it’s no surprise since it has multiple benefits in promoting your products or services and in increasing conversion rates. Here are some of the most significant benefits: 

  • Visual Impact – Human beings respond positively to visual content which is why we like to watch TV shows and movies as well as viewing images and photographs. It’s much easier to demonstrate and promote a product when you can see it working. With a VSL, you have the opportunity to show your customer exactly what you’re selling and get an insight into what the product does and how it could benefit them. 
  • Emotion – It can be difficult to describe and portray emotions using words but with a VSL, you can ensure your video has the desired impact with no risk of the sentiment getting lost in translation. People who are looking to buy products don’t want to be confused, and videos can provide clarity, which increases the chances of conversion. 
  • Persuasiveness – A video enables you to go much deeper and provide more information, answer questions and be more persuasive. You want your customer to see your clip and decide that they cannot possibly pass up the chance to make that purchase. 

Creating the Video Sales Letter

Now, let’s talk a little bit about how to create a video sales letter that works. 

  1. Explain the problem. What problem is your target market facing?

  2. Agitate the problem. Explain why it’s a bigger problem than they think it is and how it’s really going to hurt them over the long-run.

  3. Introduce the solution. What is your solution to their problem?

  4. Build credibility. Why should they trust YOU to be the source of this solution? What makes you so great? 

  5. Show Proof. Using a case-study or testimonial is a great way to show proof.

  6. Explain exactly what they get. Explain exactly what the prospect is going to get if they sign up.

  7. Give a reason to act now.  Use urgency or scarcity to put the prospect’s foot on the gas.

  8. Close. Close the sale with a final call-to-action.

How to make a VSL Funnel?

There are variations in sales funnels, which can be modified and adapted to suit individual businesses and their objectives, but commonly, VSL funnels have these four essential parts:

  1. Video Sales Page – It contains your VSL. The customer will open or land on this page, watch the video and then an order form will appear.. 

  2. OTO Page – It is also known as the up-sell page. This page is designed to encourage buyers to purchase additional products or extra services. A one-time offer stipulates a time period, which can increase the chances of conversion by making customers fearful of missing out.

  3. Downsale Page – This page targets buyers who aren’t interested in the OTO, and it gives them the chance to consider other options. If you’re selling a physical product, for example, a book, you could offer a digital version at this page.

  4. Offer Wall Page – This is a thank you page, which contains details of the order and links to other products or subscription services the customer might be interested in. 

The VSL funnel is designed to maximize your chances of conversion at every point of the customer journey. You can promote a range of products and services that will attract a wide range of buyers. 


Video content is an influential marketing tool that can benefit all kinds of businesses. By using a video sales letter funnel, you can attract traffic and improve the chances of converting leads. It allows you to provide an accurate, informative description of your product, demonstrate how it works, and offer proof of its value. It can also open doors for you to offer additional products so you can stay in touch with potential buyers. 

So go ahead and visit Funnel Rolodex now! You’ll find services for VSL Funnels from creating professional video sales letter videos to making powerful whiteboard animations for your products/services. 

See you there!

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