Marketing and Sales Funnel Strategy For Chiropractor

James Hughes


This video will show you how the marketing and sales funnel strategy for a chiropractic business is planned. If you are a chiropractor, or in the same niche and want to grow your business, take time to study how sales funnel marketing can grow your business relentlessly.

As a business owner, it is vital to set up your marketing strategy online. Watch this video to discover the process, techniques, and tips to increase your leads to grow your business.

Video Transcript

Hi guys, this is a very quick overview of the traffic strategy, my relentless audience growth strategy, which I’ve included for Well Health. So this is what we should definitely implement. Short-Term start, start at short-term with a long-term view in mind just to increase everything that we do and this, this is kind of, this is the marketing for the business, basically.

This will lead to the foundation sales for like, well, you’ve already got one in place with the very high converting style chiropractic sales funnel industry standards. It’s very decent and converts reasonably well. I think we’ve fought a couple of small wins recently with the increase in leads as well, Lyndon told me, so that’s fantastic.

But I’m still actually documenting the finer details for this, which may take me a little bit more time, but once we’ve got a document is we know exactly what we need to do and what actions to follow to make this a real success.

So this is kind of like the overall map with steps. There’s yeah, there’s 11 steps and I’m actually going through a document just to make a crystal clear. So yeah, just to give clarity on exactly what we need to do and what kind of order, what steps this will increase and grow and make things a lot better in so many components to what we do. So I’ll just go over the map slightly, just, just so you know, there’s still more work to do on this.

I’m still waiting on the sales funnel system map as well. And this is the traffic strategy, the relentless audience growth strategy. We lay this foundation and all these activities lead to, to one place, which is the high converting sales funnel. Okay. So there’s still a map to do, which I’ll have tomorrow for you, which we can go over a simulation of the funnel of what I think we should do.

This all starts with step one and I’ve touched on this briefly with Joslin. It starts with a YouTube video, okay. One YouTube video. And then we convert that YouTube video into what I call the powerful post or a powerful post. Okay. That’s the second step. So that’s step three, the powerful post is what we publish to the WordPress site, which is getting built at the moment.

I’ve already had a look at it. Fantastic. Simple, easy to navigate works like a funnel as well, which is very important symbol copy. I know you’re missing a few taglines and things like that, which I’ll help you with, but so far, very good, indeed.

So this is based around that website, which is the publishing platform. We’ve got two things here. We’ve got the number one, the publishing platform, which is that. And two, the sales funnel for sales, which makes the sales funnel system overall.

Okay. So step one, create one YouTube video. I know that sounds a bit crazy. First, create one YouTube video, but I’ll show you what I mean, We create one and we do all this thing just with this one video, this sequence of steps. And then we rinse and repeat, okay. With another video, then we follow the exact steps again.

So YouTube video piece of valuable content for Dr. Ben converts a powerful post, then we publish the powerful post to the WordPress site, the new one that’s getting created.

Obviously, it looks good and it doesn’t, it’s aligned with the branding, et cetera. That’s pretty straightforward then step four, we add what’s called convert box which is software, which acts as a funnel entry.

So when people, when we’re driving traffic to the powerful post each post that we, that we do posts that we publish will act as a landing, a high converting landing page. Okay. So that, that software allows us to do that.

Step five is to create and publish a snippet post on LinkedIn. So to snip it of the powerful post, so it can create two or three paragraphs in LinkedIn, then with a link to read more. What that is doing is it’s getting them to go button to the powerful post from LinkedIn, from that channel back to the WordPress site, which is pixeled, that’s registering the visitor. Okay.

So step six is once the powerful post has been created, We post it to the Facebook page. Okay. Whether that’s Franklin or the other franchises, okay. Then we boost that post to $1 per day. Okay. I’ve already gone over these with Jocelyn. She’s already started doing them. So their engagement starts. So that’s how that works. That generates engagement on each post.

Step seven is we share the powerful post on each social media platform. Okay. Within this process. Step eight is then we set up a retargeting, ad, or adds to retarget the people that are viewing and engaging with the powerful post it’s, as simple as that. Okay. Which starts off in its basic form of a YouTube video. I’ll go into a bit more detail in that in a second, but we’re retargeting on Facebook and what we’re retargeting is the sales funnel.

We’re turning cold traffic and hot traffic. And then when we’re directing the hot traffic, we’re retargeting the hot traffic with the sales funnel system. Okay. Which is the irresistible offer that could be the chiropractic adjustment offers. It could be a well, I’ll go through the sales funnel system tomorrow, or the potential lead magnets before they even get to the offer.

Okay. So that grows more prospects rather than taking them straight to the offer and the call, the schedule call, which works well anywhere.

All of these activities and tasks that we perform consistently are a case of getting in the mind of the prospect, all sorts of doing other things as well, which I’ll explain. And then we’re retargeting with people that are engaging with this super value with the high converting sales funnel, rather than consistently driving direct traffic, cold traffic, or reasonably cold traffic to that, the high converting sales funnel.

Okay. So this is the foundation we need to layout for all our marketing activities. So step eight is retargeting on Facebook and then step nine is doing the exact same thing with Instagram through Facebook, start to retarget on two platforms.

Step 10 is the ad words. This can be the second phase because we can reasonably quickly set up a Facebook ad campaign where we know that we can reasonably quickly set up a Google ads campaign as well.

But obviously, it’s going to be more expensive, more complexity involved, obviously with setting up an ad words campaign. But the purpose of the ads compare the AdWords, the Google ads campaign, I should say a step 10 is to drive traffic to the post. So low-cost ads drive traffic to the powerful post published on the publishing platform, which is the WordPress site for telehealth, the main one.

And then that is driving not only because of what we do with the search engine optimization of the post and the fact that it’s a long-tail keyword, which I’ll explain as well, we’re boosting the powerful post with paid traffic as well.

That’s boosting it up the search rankings even more across the franchises across the main site, across your publishing platform with Dr. Ben is the attractive character. So step 11 is simply the progressive retargeting of our Google ad activities, which is boosting the traffic to the powerful post in Google, on the WordPress site.

And then we’re retargeting them via Google display network. So three retargeting channels there with the sales funnel, obviously with a targeted audience. Okay. So that’s how that works. Yeah. The Google ads, sorry, the SEO of the post.

I’ll just turn to the documents. So this is phase one, the long-term foundation and the action. So I’ll just read this out. This structure with consistent action is the foundation of your publishing platform to create relentless audience growth, turning cold traffic to hot traffic, which creates warmer leads as they enter your sales funnel.

This will over time create a system that’s producing 20, 80, the 80 20 rule, 80{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} results from 20{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} effort in everything that we’re doing in terms of marketing, in terms of the mechanics of how it works, the production of content, the delivery of content.

All of our marketing efforts will be based on this foundation system. Okay. It will reduce overwhelm. It will increase clarity, and it will create a focus on tasks that have benefits. Okay. So there’d be an assurance there that it’s going to work, that it will work if we’re doing the right things in the right order at the right times.

Okay. Obviously using the map and the guides that I’ve created. So I recommend two platforms with aligned social media channels, which are already in place anywhere plus the following additional software and plugins. So we have two main platforms, the publishing platform, which has WordPress already been created. Fantastic.

A blog must be created on that blog page. I’ve touched on this with Jocelyn. I think the sales funnel software is the other platform. Clickfunnels we’ve already got it. And we’ve already got an autoresponder.

We’re ahead of the game. What we do with the WordPress site once complete it’s, it’s under construction. We upload the Yoast SEO plugin to optimize every time, powerful post creators derived from these two things. Okay. So, yeah, we upload the plugins, Yoast, SEO, and we’ll do the things that are involved with that.

Each post after it’s created prior to publishing we upload the ClickFunnels plugin so we can align the ClickFunnels pages, the demand with the domain that, that the WordPress sites on basically the main publishing site.

Okay. Convert box. Yeah. The convert box is the software. For the third piece of software, you will need a purchase that I am you on convert box as software for clients, so no need to purchase that. We’ve already got it. So that will be uploaded to the WordPress site also. So three things that additional software is the convert box.

Google Analytics needs to be uploaded to that. So we can track the traffic, Google tag manager, so we can add it to Facebook. Sorry. So we can add it to a, yeah. So the Facebook pixel and the Google pixel, so we can do the retargeting.

We can track the ads that way as well. So step one, I’m going into detail and documenting every component of the map, basically. It’s a document that you can follow forever, more and it’s there, so we can follow like a kind of Bible.

So step one, YouTube video course into a bit more detail. You probably think, well, when are the hell am I, when I’ve got the timer to create all these YouTube videos, it’s not as onerous or overwhelming, as you may think, you know, you’ve already started, those great episodes when you come in and your, your RV and stuff.

Dr. Ben keeps cracking on with those that they’re fantastic. Then they’re lighthearted with educational pieces in perfect content. Don’t have to be too technical in terms of keywords and things like that. But what we need is content in terms of educational pieces, as well, solely educational pieces, valuable ones, two to three minutes videos that really strike a chord with the audience.

What we need to do to achieve this is to decide on the brand values that well health and Ben is an attractive character. So we need to choose at least four core values that you probably have in mind, anywhere what you and your brand are about.

Under those four core values, we choose 12 macro topics. 12 topics that lead back to the core values one for every month of the year. Okay. So that’s providing 12 months of content within each topic, micro topic. We choose four to eight niches down micro topics that solve the pain points of your target market.

These will be your weekly topics and your headlines, the headlines, or titles, and reduce long-tail keywords, wherever possible. And the title of the video, this will search engine optimize the content. Okay. So I’ve touched on this with Jocelyn as well and what we can use to find these long titles and headlines for the cotton end.

I use Ubersuggest by Neil Patel, he’s the SEO and content king. You know, you can’t go beyond him and you’ve probably already heard of him. But yeah, he’s brilliant at what he does. So why not follow this guy? And I use his tool Ubersuggest it’s free. It’s to analyze long-tail keywords and where we can compete and where we can create a derived continent from these potential titles. Okay.

It’s going to be easy to do to come up with the content, the ideas, and it’s just a case of bad finding the time to do the videos. Okay. Two and three-minute videos spend a few hours, could create many, you know, if we do, based on that. The frequency of the posting we’d want to do seven to eight, seven to eight about five to seven posts per week consistently on the blog, don’t let that frighten you.

This is not frightening. And if we do it properly we’ll be able to do it. Usually, we suggest, or we’ll use Ubersuggest, Jocelyn, and I to come up with the content topics and things like that. So, very easy.

I’ll be there to hold your hand and there’s like a BuzzSumo section in Ubersuggest where it comes up with content ideas. For very much like BuzzSumo does you have to end up going into the premium product to really dive deep into BuzzSumo. But it was suggestible will work for what we want it for very well. Okay.

So yeah, this can be buffed out for the entire year. And all that will be left to do is to create the videos with YouTube then create them. So we post these to the social media channels on the WordPress site.

Obviously, we create a video article basically. So I’ll have a look at the map here, each YouTube video, we’re converting into a powerful post, and then we do the rest here. Okay. So a quick example of the values family first. Already doing up and with the family videos in reducing that into, you know, it’s almost like a TV show, which is really cool.

The format of how you’ve done it, the production is excellent so that hear your values. You can include values in there. It’s obvious scaling businesses, chiropractic franchises. That could be a value empowering people you know, with your adjustments, your techniques that the things that you’re doing on a daily basis to change transform people’s lives basically.

Another one, health is your key. Your health is key. The micro topics associated with the values growing chiropractic business techniques, finding clients demonstration or strategy or implementation. Which can be linked back to the values of those four things.

The micro topics under the macro topics could include 4 techniques. For example, the macro topic of techniques, how to perform the best chiropractic adjustment, five ways to attract clients to your business or franchise.

That’s like a kind of the business pillar or the business value. All three ways to improve your posture, very kind of educational piece, which you already know how to do. And you’ve probably done videos on this already, but we have to do it in a consistent, robotic, methodical way to really generate good visitors.

Okay. Step two, that’s the conversion of the powerful post. So we created a WordPress post using the transcript from the video that we create. Initially, I didn’t refine the Google doc that we can transform that into a powerful post. We publish the article. The WordPress Intuit is ensured, is Greenlight via the Yoast SEO tool.

Each time that we’ll optimize it to its best capability in terms of a search engine is to choose the post that is fully optimized for the search engines are YouTube videos to the post and some great images. And then we’ve got a fantastic post. So what we need to do as well, that go into further detail with the post. We should think of five cool posts of 2,500 to 3000 words. So five epic posts, I call them.

Then every activity in terms of creating the articles, following the creation of the five articles, we link back to the five articles every time. So we create a network of content they’re heading back to the five main articles, okay. At every opportunity cause, they will rank highest in the search engine.

So step four, I’ve gone over that add convert box to the powerful post. So each post that we do five to seven times per week, we’re fundamentally creating five to seven landing pages.

Okay. Powerful then obviously I’ll document the further detail of the further steps which align with the strategy and rollout plan. If you like, and then obviously still working on the sales funnel system, you already have part of it in place. But this can be some improvements there in terms of growth, but that would be the end goal from this.

This is the marketing strategy that leads to the sales funnel, generating more inquiries, increasing the exposure, increasing search engine ranking, increasing paid traffic results, improving paid traffic results, getting more offers in getting more people to shed. You’ll then get more leads, converted. It’s the key to everything. And this is what we need to, you know, religiously abide by if you like.

So that is the relentless audience growth strategy for Well Health. I just want to do a quick video now to show you what point we’re at. And it’s just a case of documenting it now and getting on with it the components and that’s basically it. Wwe just crack on with this and it will yield much better results in all sorts of areas for the marketing of the business and the success of the business.

I hope this helps you, if you can come up with some questions in the meantime, that’d be fantastic. That will help on the call. And by then I’ll have the sales funnels, simulation done. I will have it done by then because I’ve got another full day tomorrow. I’ll have that done and we can go over that as well with some profitability scenarios. So yeah, excited to know what you think. Cheers guys!


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