How To Create A Product Launch Funnel Through Funnel Rolodex

James Hughes

launch your product successfully using product launch funnel through funnel rolodex

We’ve all been there before. You’re browsing the Internet, looking at your Funnel Rolodex account, or busy doing other things then all of a sudden…BOOM! A new product idea hits you like lightning. You know that your product has a lot of potential because your research shows a strong market need however, you’re still at Point A.

What you want to know now is how do you get to Point B? In other words, how do you launch your product successfully to make sure that your million dollar idea actually makes millions of dollars?

For a first time entrepreneur who is considering selling products or services online, it’s really just seeing that it’s possible. But there is actually more to it than just coming up with the idea. Launching the product to your target audience can be quite a challenge. Still, there’s an excellent Funnel Rolodex solution to that problem.

What is a Product Launch Funnel?

A product launch funnel is a perfect tool in Funnel Rolodex when doing a product launch for any type of product in any niche. But this is most commonly used for high-ticket services like coaching or digital courses. This funnel is very effective and can also be used as an evergreen funnel. It’s designed to help you get maximum dollar value out of your product launches by creating an army of eager ready-to-buy prospects just waiting for you to open the cart to your product.

The idea of a product launch funnel is that you’re building hype and excitement to a launched product. You also need an email campaign that will help you educate and connect with more of your ideal customers. The more your ideal customers feel like you understand where they are in their journey, the more likely they are to buy.

What are the key elements of a product launch funnel?

key elements of a product launch funnel

  1. The excitement created to ensure that your product launch is a success is one of the key elements. 
  2. The video contents should be engaging, have valuable content, and leave a cliffhanger for the next video. 
  3. When the last video was delivered, make sure the email doesn’t end. Your email campaign should continue promoting the offer pitched in the last video. This is where money begins through this funnel!

Parts of a Product Launch Funnel

A Product Launch Funnel is usually composed of 4 to 5 pages which are broken down into several parts. These pages are designed to drive hype for an upcoming product launch and nurture prospects prior to reaching your sales pages.

  • Opt-in Page
  • Page 2: Wow + How Video
  • Page 3: Transformational Education Video
  • Page 4: Ownership Experience Video
  • Page 5: The Offer Video

In this funnel, contents are dripped over a series of videos which leads to the product launch. The final video is extremely important because it is the one that promotes the offer and it delivers the final content and encourages your target to purchase your offer.

How to create Product Launch Funnel Through Funnel Rolodex

Now that you’re familiar with the components of the product launch funnel, let’s now discuss the process of creating one by breaking down the anatomy and giving you tips along the way on how to create your own.

Step 1: Determine what your offer is going to be. 

Step 2: Create an outline for your video series. 

Step 3: Record all the videos series.

Step 4: Create the squeeze page that will help you capture your leads and all the video pages.

  • Squeeze Page/Opt-in Page – You’ll need an Opt-In Video for this page that can get your clients excited and get them to register for your product launch series or for the training videos they’ll be seeing throughout the rest of the funnel.

  • Page 2 (Wow + How Video) – This is where you will talk about your big idea and show them how you and others are using this concept. These are sent a couple of days after they opt-in their details on the squeeze page.

  • Page 3 (Transformational Educational Video) – In this video, you will let people behind the scenes and walk them through the process. This video is sent out a couple of days later after the Wow + How Video.

  • Page 4 (Ownership Experience Video) – This is where you show the viewers what it’s like to have the end-result. Each of the previous videos teaches one step of the process that gets the prospects closer to the sale.

  • Page 5 (Offer Video) – This is the actual sales video where you sell or make a special offer of the product or service that the previous videos have been creating a desire for.

squeeze page to capture leads

Step 5: Set up your autoresponder emails and put them in an email campaign inside of your autoresponder to drip out the video series properly.

So how do these emails should look?

  • Email #1: In this email, you aren’t trying to sell anything. The goal is to simply show up in your client’s inbox with a friendly message to “touch bases.” 
  • Email #2: Talk about the problem, tease the solution. In this email, focus on the problem. You built your product to solve some problem in your prospects’ lives. Your prospects are in some pain right now, and your product is there to solve it. In this email, focus on the problem.
  • Email #3: In this email, you want to dive deeper into the problem your clients are facing. So you have to educate them about the problem and the coming solution in a more detailed, science-based way. 
  • Email #4: This is the email before your official product launch. Rather than focusing on the problem, you’ll be nothing but smiles and positivity here. 
  • Email #5: This is all about letting your audience know that your product is officially ready, and you couldn’t be happier with the results.
  • Email #6: Either later in the day of your product launch or the day after, send out a follow-up email reminding your customers that your product is out while focusing on building a sense of urgency around your product. 
  • Email #7: This last email is a gentle follow up that you’ll usually send 1-2 days after your product launch. It’s where you can ask your audience who didn’t purchase your product for some feedback. Was there something about your product they didn’t love and hesitated to use it?

Step 6: Make sure that everything works together.


Now, you know the basics when it comes to a Product Launch Funnel. You’ll now be convinced of how effective it is for setting your business idea into motion. It is also the perfect way to market your product in a non-salesy, helpful way. However, to create this funnel you’ll be needing to hire a designer, webmaster, programmer, and so on. Thinking about how much of a hassle it would be may prevent you from taking this path! That’s why Funnel Rolodex is here to help you solve that problem. You can find just one funnel expert or specialist that can do all the work for you.

So what are you waiting for? Log in to your Funnel Rolodex account now.

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