How To Create Exponential Marketing Growth Using a Viral Sales Funnel

James Hughes


This video is about our marketing growth strategy using a viral sales funnel for one of our clients with business about cryptocurrency. I helped the clients in terms of exponential growth in promoting their crypto competition. Take note of the step-by-step procedure I mapped for them and learn how it can help your business too!

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Video Transcription

This is the viral sales funnel system I was talking about. So the map that I did crypto daily main site share via the socials and we’re sharing this page here, the following, this is the sales funnel step one.

Are you crypto influential? Okay. Now in between that, I think it would be best if we do, if Mark does a video and I work on the script to help them with that, to promote this competition.

So what we’ll do, we’ll do a video article. Okay. So like this promoting the competition or you crypto, what influential, so I’ll get onto in a second.

This article will have the video on like we’ve been doing already explaining the competition and then linking to this page, which is the sales funnel.

Yeah, here we are. He’s the page that we’d be sharing by the socials. So ‘attention, crypto influences. Join our crypto revolution and to Ethereum coins by referring a friend. As simple as that, that is the contests sign up now, complete your name and email address to start earning points.

So the terms and conditions, when they enter the contest, the need to agree with the terms and conditions. So that’s what I’ve written here and I think you’re all happy with that. Just run through it again and see if there’s anything that needs, darling.

Okay. So that would point the page four for this one here to site as well, but you find it. Yeah. Okay. So I’ll just go down the page first to show you that you crypto influential, it’s easy to get started.

Sign up above. Start sharing with your crypto companions, earn points to win to a theory coins. The person with the most points wins easy as that track your progress by the leaderboard.

Yes. I want this winner announced on the 15th of January, 2019. Join our crypto revolution. And there’s the footer, which I’m going to add to the privacy policy terms and conditions. I think we need a smaller about us page as well, but it’s not on the main site can see that where it was before.

I don’t know if I’ve just missed it or what, but I just kind of see it. Okay. So yeah, this is the sales funnel step one. So that is this page here. Mark does a video article while a video explaining the competition and, and pushing them towards this page.

And then we’re linked to this page as well. And this is coming from the main site. So the traffic from the main site will go to the YouTube channel, video article traffic, share via the socials.

People will see this. Thousands of people will see this, and then that will ignite the competition. This will all be also be shared by myself and some crypto groups as well to get it going.

So the mechanics of how it works again, join our criminal revolution. I think this is going to work really well. Complete your name and email address to start earning points. I agree with the terms and conditions. When you click on that button, that’ll bring this in for a peer.

Okay. Also, or that agree with the terms and conditions join the crypto revolution. Okay. So that took us to the thank you page, which I’ll explain in a second, but let’s just jump that up viral.

The backend system refreshes this, right? This is the campaign for crypto revolution, two times a theory of coins. So in theory, once this gets up and running, there’s nothing to stop us running another one next month or next week.

But you know, as frequently as we want obviously we don’t want it to look stupid and just start firing out there, but that does it gradually.

So this is the first one now with signing up by the page, the page he’s the lead. This is me. I’ve signed up. So every lead that signs up by that page will come into here and get five points automatically.

Okay. So if we click into the lead, okay. Sign up. No visitors yet. No subscribers, because I haven’t referred anything yet, but that’s the idea to get more points.

So go back to stats again. Sorry, the lead. Yeah. So every lead that signs up by the page, we’ll come into here and we can track how many points they’re getting, you know, for, for what I’ll show you in a second.

So the point in here, we’ll talk all up and by the 15th of January, which I put that to the campaign end by the 15th of January, we’ll just see who has the most point and we’ll give them the two are theory and coins.

That’s the contest terms and conditions in their symbol. Okay. So viral back in the back end. So I’ve signed up it’s to the thank you page.

Welcome. Get started below bookmark this page to keep track of the leaderboard. So they all get a leaderboard. Okay. And this is their unique link to share. So refer and shadow an instant point, get your friends to sign up with this unique URL. The influencer with the most points wins. Winner announced January 15, easy to, super simple.

Okay. And this is the link that they can share. So that guy that copy that, put that in there. There you go. So every time the sheriff, I refresh that I’ll get points. So I’ve just shared that I’ve got another 10 points for Sharon.

Okay. That’s what keeps track of the competition. So look, thanks. And there’s a leaderboard. So if I refresh this, got a bit dodgy, call their name a developer, look at anywhere, 15 points.

James was on 15 points that everybody who signs up will have access to this page, the leaderboard. And yeah, it’d be able to track the progress of the competition compared to other people. And that will spur them on even more to share our page, which is driving traffic to crypto daily. So yeah.

Share on Facebook to get another five points.  Just cleaned my catch. Yeah, there we are there. So when you press the Facebook button, join the crypto revolution and to theorem coins by referring a friend, sign up now refer a friend to a theory of coins, joined the crypto revolution.

So you can do check this out, post to Facebook and then people share for you, people are sharing the traffic of this competition and the video article which will generate traffic exponentially.

It’s as simple as that. So all easily get points for. So, you know, they’re going to dive in and share by all these social media channels. Also what I’ve shown you before they’re subscribed to the cripple daily official. This will grow the YouTube subscribers. So here we are.

If you click on that button, subscribe to crypto daily, officially the incentive here to get a hundred points. We subscribe to the channel. Okay. So that takes you through to cripple daily official, and then they just need to put the email address in there, what they used for their channel share.

Otherwise, I will not get a hundred points and I’ll do that. Okay. So then let’s look that up viral again, I’ve all I’ve, I’ve subscribed to the YouTube channel.

So let’s refresh that. There we are 150 points and that’s how the competition starts. So people are going to say it like wildfire, and then they’re going to be sharing it here, there, and everywhere via social media plus subscribing to the YouTube channel.

And also the very cool thing is sharing the competition itself. So sharing the competition gets you a hundred points click on the following button and share our competition article, the competition article. It would be a crypto daily video article created by Mark or created by me Mark and do the video.

And yeah, so that’s crypto daily main site, video or article that’s the page that the share get five friends to sign up where it’s not even that now.

So scrap that. If I have socials all these ones, WhatsApp, leaderboard, most points by January the 31st gets to a theory and coins, which I don’t know what the value is at the moment, but listen, Hey, this is going to be a really cheap campaign.

So if you keep running these competitions, that’s just going to generate tons of traffic. And then when they sign-up, they will go through an auto-response sequence and will respond to a sequence that we can put anything in really. But it just gives the notification of the shares.

So let’s look at this. It’s Washington’s there we are. Thank you for signing up James cripple daily official. I need to send that out of it and for signing up, James, thank you for sign up for our campaign, James, you are five points.

Your unique referral URL is this, or it’s reminding them to share using that link, share this link with your friends to get more points. Thank you. What I’ll do is I’ll add a link to the leaderboard here as well. And there we are, sorry that works.

And it’s just going to generate a load of traffic once you start sharing it. So let me know what you think we’ll need an article writing, explaining the I’ll do that.

Mark could do a video explaining the competition, from this video overview. You can get the gist of what’s happening. So I can, I can kind of point them out in the right direction there and that’s it. So we’re getting traffic, we’re getting subscribers to the YouTube channel.

People are sharing the article, people sharing by the socials, and then when people are signing up from the post that the site will start again, it’s as simple as that. So let me know what you think, Alex. And we can launch it tomorrow. I mean, we can launch it straight away, but I think it will be best to do the video article.

So people are sharing the video article of the competition. Let me know what you think. I’m very excited about launching this. So yeah, let us know what you think, man. Cheers.

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