How To Create a 12 Month Content Marketing Strategy To Dominate Google

James Hughes


In this video, I will show you our simple process of how we create our content marketing strategy for 12 months to rank high on search engines like Google. Watch the video as I helped one of my clients to come up with this content strategy for his business. One of the software we use is Ubersuggest by Neil Patel. If you haven’t heard of it, you can learn more here.

Video Transcript

Hi Jeff, it’s James, here’s the video overview I promised you sorry. It’s a bit late. I’ve had a few family issues to deal with.

Here we are. And those don’t make a lot of difference because this is what I visualize anywhere for the marketing.

Paid ads has been secondary according to the strategy. So we have to get this foundation in place first, the content marketing.

So what this says is, this is from another client. We need to come up with a spreadsheet effectively of contents. So it’s a content plant for 12 months.

If we do this, it will reduce overwhelm. You’ll know exactly what you need to create in terms of the articles, videos, create the articles.

First, I’ve got a company that can do that but then create your own videos going through the articles as the content.

So these will be posted to the WordPress site consistently over time. And this is what we’re creating the monthly visitors that you’re thriving for.

So we need, so this is a spreadsheet, we’ve got five core value topics. So in this case this guy’s a chiropractor.

He’s got franchises all around America. So his first core value topic is chiropractor nutrition. As a second one body mechanics is the third family is the fourth.

Very family-oriented, it’s a solution. And it’s one of its core values as well, based around the family health and wellbeing as the fifth.

So they all congruent, but the main one is chiropractor. So then what we do is we come up with 12 macro topics, which are 12 months okay. And what these are, the micro topics are long-tail keywords, where we can make an impact in the search engine.

Okay. So under each macro topic, we create micro topics, which are the headlines of the videos and the articles. Okay.

The videos that we turn into articles or vice versa. So for this one, for example, for the first-month micro topic, we have the headline 10 things you probably didn’t know about chiropractic care.

So then you create a video or you create an audit or vice versa, and then you publish that on the WordPress site.

And he would do this consistently. So we’ve tried to post five times per week, okay. For each week in the perfect world, but we’ve got to start somewhere.

So these are the keywords and long-tail keywords that we’ve got to come up for for the product. Okay. And for the traffic, for the pregnancy product, for example, and then further ones.

So this is the foundation that we’re putting in place for the content marketing to drive lots of visitors per month when we get this right.

And do it consistently with my help in terms of consultation. But you’ll need to go ahead and use a lot of your marketing budget on the article creation and publishing.

So I’ve got the company to do that for you. But I can kind of guide you on that. And obviously, once we’ve got this in place, then we run the paid ads, corny the traffic strategy in terms of re-targeting visitors of the articles basically, cause people will be searching for the solutions for these things.

These keywords in Google, your article will come upon the Medi blog site. Then we retarget the visitors of the articles as simple as that with the, with the appropriate product.

So in this case pregnancy, so I’ve just been having to look at the keywords for pregnancy. So for example, here’s a keyword.

Half a million over half a million searching for the keyword pregnancy. Okay. So we’re looking for the long-tail keywords, these long-tail keywords here, but then I’ll highlight it in green.

We don’t even want to attempt to make an impact with each one. So when he, it looked like a further, a bit deeper to the ones in green, the pregnancy at six weeks, that’s where we can make an impact.

60,000 and 60,500 people are searching enough, those keyword terms a month. So we can base our content around these. And this is what we are on the spreadsheet.

Okay. And make a 12-month content marketing plan. So all of these are in green. Okay. How many pregnancy weeks pregnancy, how many weeks pregnancy discharge pregnancy test at home pregnancy week by week pregnancy, 23 weeks people searching these pregnancy up pregnancy stages.

So these are the one’s pregnancy calendar. You would leave that alone. There’s too much competition. It’s a number it’s just the green ones.

Okay. So we’ve used this tool, which is UberSuggest Neal Patel. It’s free. We research the keywords underneath the five core topics and then create 12 macro topics because these are the keywords underneath each core value topic.

Okay. I’ll call or main core keyword topic. So that will enable us to create headlines based on the keyword.

And then you go out and create them or go out and purchase the articles and I’ll guide you on that, on the best way to do that.

So that’s what we should do before we do anything else. Then we reduce the payloads. So let me know what you think of that. I’ll drop this in Trello for you. And we can talk more about it. Cheers.

If you want to have a strategy session with me, click here.


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