Funnel Rolodex vs. Fiverr – Which One is Better For A Beginner?

James Hughes

funnel rolodex vs fiverr - which one is better for a beginner

In this age of the gig economy, there are different kinds of online marketing platforms that are ready to cater to people’s needs whether they’re looking to start as a freelancer or they’re outsourcing for their own business. If you’re a novice in this field, then you’re probably confused about which platform to use. That’s why in this post, we’ll compare two outstanding online marketplaces for freelancers – Funnel Rolodex and Fiverr. We’ll discuss these three aspects – price, services available and being offered, and the quality of services. Knowing the pros and cons in depth for each will help you decide which is best suited for you and your demands as a beginner.


funnel rolodex vs fiverr - which one is better for a beginner

Are you one of the many entrepreneurs who hates pushing a sale? You actually end up losing prospects when you try to push a sale. It’s one of the challenges faced by people in digital marketing. The good news is the solution is already invented and it’s called a sales funnel. A sales funnel works according to a plan to affect the decision of prospects. You don’t make their decision for them, but let them get to the conclusion of making a purchase. However, most of the time people who start online businesses aren’t as skilled as they need to be in order to put their sales funnel up and running. Usually, their problem gets worse by making the mistake of trying to learn how to do things. Like writing copies and graphic design which is so hard that they never actually get anything done.

So instead of looking for the HOWs, as a beginner, it is best to start looking for the WHOs. This is where Funnel Rolodex comes in. It offers an easy and quick solution to all of your sales funnel problems by providing you with a rolodex of excellent service providers that can do all tasks related to building and optimizing funnels. Some services include funnel strategy, funnel building, copywriting, and even graphic design. If you’re looking for the most effective way to do digital marketing today, then sales funnels are the best method you can utilize.


  • Higher prices. If you are outsourcing work, you will likely be paying a higher price than on other online platforms but ultimately, there will be a higher chance of receiving higher quality work because of their application process for agencies.

Available Services

  • Focused/targeted on sales funnels. Its backed by ClickFunnels. Funnel Rolodex partnered with Russel Brunson of ClickFunnels and since this partnership, it has become focused on sales funnel experts. ClickFunnels is without a doubt the innovator and leader when it comes to building sales funnels online.

Service Quality

  • The services here are vetted. To ensure the quality of the services offered, all funnel builders should apply to sell their services. The sellers are also subject to buyer’s ratings. Through this, you can see how many people were either satisfied or disappointed by the service.



Fiverr has been very popular among many freelancers. It had gained a huge freelancing community in a short period because of its unique features. Fiverr provides a two-sided online platform for people to buy and sell a variety of digital services typically offered by freelance contractors. Also, it was designed for employers who have quick, and low-cost projects where they need help. It is a company built on the model of listing temporary work positions. Some of the services being offered include writing, translation, graphic design, video editing, and programming. So basically, this online marketplace is ideal for beginners because of its low entry barriers. You just need a skill that clients are willing to pay for and you just need to invest some time in creating gigs


  • It has affordable services. Projects start as low as $5 and there’s a limit for the highest price of projects. For a buyer, it is the best opportunity to get their work done at the lowest price. It not only helps you to save more money but also more work is done under the lowest amount. This affordable service is one of the main reasons why Fiverr is liked by so many people.

Available Services

  • There’s a variety of projects. It’s a broad field where you can get different varieties of projects related to different fields. There are more than 10,000 different projects available that relate to different categories. Apps, websites, videos, music, graphics, and many more fields are available for the sellers and buyers at Fiverr freelancing websites.

Service Quality

  • Quality service demands high charges. Buyers usually think they’ll end up getting quality work for $5. If you look carefully then you will find that at Fiverr the seller categories are per their rank. The rank shows their work quality and also some more benefits to the buyers. But to get quality service from the expert sellers, you also have to pay a good amount too.


If you’re looking for an ultra-fast way to grow your business online or you’re an expert on any funnel related skill, we suggest using Funnel Rolodex. Start building your very first sales funnel that will rake in more revenue without driving away potential clients by pushing that sale. Stop wasting extra effort and time but instead accurately predict how much you will sell in the future. You can also become a seller and start selling your services at a good price. 

On the other hand, if you’re a buyer who’s searching for cheaper options or a newbie in the freelancing industry with no clients then Fiverr just might be the best place for you to start. Fiverr provides a user-friendly interface to all the sellers and buyers so they can complete their work without wasting time. Since this community is not limited to a particular field, there are so many job categories that you can apply for. 

Using Funnel Rolodex and/or Fiverr has many pros, it just depends on how you’ll be smart in establishing your business and preventing mishaps.


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