Funnel Rolodex: The Ultimate Stop for all Sales Funnel Professionals

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funnel rolodex the ultimate stop for all sales funnel professionals

The business world of today thrives online. From getting inspiration to actually selling products, you can get anything online. You want an idea? Ask the internet. You have an idea but aren’t sure about its execution, ask the internet. From advice to actual professionals, the internet can connect you to solutions for your business obstacles.

The online world gives you access to software that make your sales funnel business self-reliant and more efficient. It provides you with the most targeted potential consumers to direct all your customer attraction efforts to, and even helps you convert them into paying customers. 

But what is Sales Funnel?

Sales Funnel is the marketing term for the technique that businesses employ to convert potential buyers to actual ones. The top of the funnel is considered as the landing page of any online business. It’s the place where a visitor is exposed to your business. Once a potential buyer appears on the automation software’s radar, it follows them around the online sphere via emails and messages to coax them into becoming a real customer.

The large numbers of visitors that enter the sales funnel through the top are purged, and only the ones who are actual buyers come out the narrow end of the funnel. 

Sales funnel narrows down your business process and makes it singularly focused. 

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a sales automation software that helps online entrepreneurs make as many sales as possible. 

Creating a website is not enough. Your website is just the door to your enterprise. Even if you get enough traffic on your website, there’s no guarantee that you’ll hit your sales target. Your website alone doesn’t have the power to lure the visitor and converting them into a customer. They might look at the site, leave, and not think about it again. What would you do then? How can you ensure that a visitor actually makes a purchase?

You take their information and decide if your business is targeting that kind of buyer. If it does, then you need to follow them and persuade them to buy your product. 

Obviously you’re not going to actually tail them, instead you are going to barrage them with emails and offers to bring them back to your page. But you can’t do all that heavy lifting yourself. And that’s where ClickFunnels is going to help you, just like it has helped so many other online entrepreneurs. 

The pain of missing a possible sale stings. That’s part of ecommerce, or even conventional commerce businesses. You get some, you lose some. But if you have a shrewd sales funnel acumen, then you lose less and get more. 

A sales business without a proper marketplace funnel system in place would never achieve soaring sales targets. It would be too busy dealing with the aftermath of missed meetings, forgotten follow ups, and sub-par numbers.

The inopportune glitches that can happen with any business and we are not implying in any way that your company is not qualified enough to hire the best experts of the field. But sometimes, an employee may have the most relevant and prime credentials needed for the job, but they may not be passionate about it. That’s when they can be categorized as mediocre experts, because without passion, there is only so far a person can go.

And hiring professionals is going to cost you a lot of money and hassle. But you can save a lot of money by just buying an online sales automation plan.

Hence, to ensure the best outcomes at the best rates, employing the expertise of a sales automation software will help you build the best funnel strategy to convert potential customers to real customers and build your sales funnel efficiently. 

Russel Brunson

Clickfunnels is one of the best solutions for your sales funnel business. It was created in 2014 by Russell Brunson and offers a host of effective sales funnel tools. 

Depending on the need of your business, it will link you to the market that your business seeks to target. And thus, it will help create the most effective funnel strategy based on the business model. If your business hopes to target working women then the software will filter them and shoot them emails to make them your customers. 

This will build an efficient sales funnel for your enterprise according to your needs.

It has a wide array of funnel building options. Some of the templates offered by the software are the best seller book launch funnel, the opt-in funnel, the real stuff funnel, the fishbowl funnel, the product launch funnel, the webinar funnel and the free assessment funnel.

The Best Sales Funnel Builder

The vast assortment of funnels makes ClickFunnels the best funnel builder for a variety of businesses. 

But what if you don’t want to just put the software to work? And you want to connect with professionals who would do the job and you can brief them again and again on your requirements.

In today’s world, the demand for freelancers is on the rise. Instead of going through the tricky process of recruitments, online business owners prefer engaging with freelancers . 

This also opens numerous doors for self taught freelancers who do not have proper diplomas or credentials to show for themselves. And it’s a great way for online entrepreneurs to save up a substantial amount of money that they would have to spend on hiring qualified professionals. 

But how do you know who is actually talented enough to do the job for you? You cannot just hire any self-proclaimed expert of the field. You are going to need credibility? But where can you get that from?

ClickFunnels has the solution for that as well. It offers a virtual rolodex that keeps the records of experts for any job related to your sales funnel business. And that solution is Funnel Rolodex.

What is Funnel Rolodex exactly?

How often have you come across someone who is thinking about starting an online business but keeps getting stuck in the technicalities? Haven’t you heard your friends or relatives that they have had an idea of an online business but they keep running into stumbling blocks? Or maybe you, yourself is one of those people who has a vision but don’t know how to execute it

Sometimes it’s the creative stuff that’s hindering your process. And sometimes it can be the logistics that you just can’t figure out. 

When a budding entrepreneur gets stuck at any point during the process of building an online business, it leads to delay. And in most cases, the duration of the delay keeps getting longer and longer because you’re stuck at a certain ‘how’ of your dream project.

You keep going in circles to figure out a way of doing a job. The troubling job may be of creating the logo of your enterprise, or creating the website or any other task of your sales funnel business. 

Dave Woodward

Dave Woodward from Clickfunnels branched out their service portal and launched the service of Funnel Rolodex. He figured out that when people get stuck on the how of things, they tend to stay stuck there for a while. Because the wish to do it yourself directs you towards a rabbit trail. 

A rabbit trail is like a maze. Once you get stuck in it, you are going to be there for a while. And that’s because chances are that in order to solve a problem, you’ll scour the internet to learn how to do it. 

Going online to learn something, though easy, can get super confusing super quick. There an infinite number of sites, and videos and so-called experts giving advice and tutoring you. 

Click on a website and it’ll direct to a bottomless pit of ‘knowledge’ to absorb.  And since you’re not the expert how do you know which source is credible and which isn’t?  You can’t take a risk and follow just any random influencer because your money is at stake. 

To save businesses from going through the torture of trying to find solutions themselves, Dave decided to provide people with ‘who’s’ (experts) who’ll do the job for businesses. 

And hence, emerged the magic rolodex, which is Funnel Rolodex.  


Funnel Rolodex pools expert freelancers to help entrepreneurs with jobs that are not their forte. If you’re looking for a graphic designer, a website expert, an advertising strategist for your online business then Funnel Rolodex is your answer. 

Clickfunnel rolodex offers you a variety of options to optimize your profits. It connects you with experts who are expert funnel builders and can design an efficient customized sales funnel prototype for your business. Aside from providing experts, funnel rolodex also offers programs that teach you effective funnel strategies.

Once you get through the funnel rolodex login you can also learn productive techniques and quip yourself to run a successful business, instead of just hiring someone.

Pros and Cons of Funnel Rolodex


Funnel Rolodex offers prime quality work because all the service providers hired by the portal undergo a vetting process. 

They ensure consistent quality of work because the service regularly scrutinizes the work of their workforce.

Freelancers, whose work doesn’t meet the criteria set by the company, are disapproved immediately.

The frequent scrutiny becomes a driving force for service providers to maintain their quality of work and in return demand more money.

Funnel Rolodex also offers other services of ClickFunnels to online businesses.


Funnel Rolodex charges a fee for its services. As they hire the cream of the crop, service providers ask for a cut, but still do provide compensation based on what the freelancer quotes.

Since Funnel Rolodex provides clients with the opportunity to review and rate the work of the service providers, it can get detrimental for workers. 

In order to eliminate low quality work, Funnel Rolodex only hires top-notch workers. Hence, it has fewer service providers to offer.

Funnel Rolodex is a new service and was launched in 2018. The chances are that you might encounter some bugs on the portal.

Fiverr or Funnel Rolodex

Fiverr is also a service, like Funnel Rolodex, which connects aspiring freelancers to businesses or individuals looking for specific services. It has a wide array of categories to work in. 

But which service is better?

Fiverr is relatively cheaper than Funnel Rolodex. So if you are short on budget then you should go for the services of Fiverr. 

Sales Funnel Services

However, even though Funnel Rolodex is expensive, its quality of work is premium, and well worth the price you pay for it. 

Fiverr and Funnel Rolodex both offer a wide assortment of fields to get services for. It is not just beneficial for businesses looking for services but also for a diverse set of individuals looking for work.

For service providers, Fiverr maybe not the best option because its prices keep fluctuating. Whereas, Funnel Rolodex offers high compensation to service providers in exchange for good quality work, based on the fee they quote. 

Both the service portals are quite easy to navigate through and will eventually get you what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for work or you’re looking for a service, you’ll get to your desired provider easily. 


If you’re looking to hire a freelancer for any job, both the service provider portals can help you. But it comes down to your business’s specific needs and budget.

Funnel Rolodex is a well-designed specialized service that works in the best interests of both businesses and service providers. If you’re a business that is looking to maximize its profits or if you’re looking for businesses seeking your expertise then Funnel Rolodex is definitely a great option to consider.

Make sure to check out our interview with Dave Woodward of Clickfunnels Radio, click here.


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