Full Funnel Marketing Strategy Example for (Wellness Program) Webinar Funnel

James Hughes


This video shows the simulation figures of how a holistic wellness program gains earnings and profits using our sales funnel blueprint. I also included the relentless audience growth strategy created to drive traffic and lead the program. Each step of my growth strategy is essential to have consistency. This will ensure evergreen traffic to the webinar funnel.

Make sure to watch the full video and if you have questions, let me know!

Video Transcription

Hi, Jeremy. This is the blueprint but I wanted to get on a call with you to go into more detail about it. Because the current product, this is obviously not the six, it looks a great product, but it’s not the six-week program.

You said that you wanted to change tack slightly and run a webinar directly to the six-week program. So first of all, I’ve put in a price of 997.

Okay. No, what hasn’t changed on that is actually 997. I’ll just double-check that I put in a price of 997 for the program, but obviously, I need confirmation on that. But based on the figure of 997, just plan up slightly similar to that.

That’s reverting the 697, for some reason, let’s just say it’s for 697, that’s creating, generating revenue of 4,182 per month based on traffic figures of 1300.

Going through the webinar at a cost of 1,423, earnings per click, 3.22 cost per lead, 2.65 costs per acquisition on the program to 16 revenue per month, 4,182, and profit of that 2,759.

Okay. So here are the funnel steps for an evergreen webinar. I’m assuming that you want to do an evergreen webinar, a live webinar.

That’s another question as well. I’ve included my relentless audience growth strategy. That’s based on 1000 visitors going through the webinar funnel on the call.

I’d like to go through that in more detail with you. So that’s thousand based on a thousand visitors, aren’t, re-targeting here 200 at that point and then a third traffic entry of a hundred visitors re-targeting to that the evergreen webinar page that is creating these figures.

Okay. And that they are the steps to build. So you’ve got the registration page confirmation check out for the program.

Okay. And then obviously the confirmation, thank you page afterward. So it’s a funnel stages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 pages there, potentially with the webinar.

And that’s going to preferably a checkout rather than going to a sales page, then a check out because it’s one less step. But we can discuss that book based on those figures using the traffic strategy that with that, I’ll go over more detail with you on the call.

Not sweet. We’d look to get those figures based on a thousand visitors per month. So obviously if we change this to 10,000 a month, even the strategy, it’s obviously going to create a lot more revenue based on those conversion figures of 3{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} there, and 2{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} there.

Okay. Once re-targeted those generate more revenue and more profits, ultimately. So there we are. Yeah. So I love to get Jim on another call and go over this in more detail, ask you a few more questions to help you out, even more, I’ll send this via phone Rolodex expo, not deliver it yet.

Just let me know if you want to get on that call this week on a Thursday, for example, that would be fantastic.

Or if you go on earlier, that would be cool as well. Just to go into a bit more detail of what your intentions are with this and maybe we’ll go through some ideas for the webinar leading, you know, in terms of the title of the subject.

You probably already have that in mind, but a webinar is a great strategy, and have a great webinar. Take them directly through a six-week program of 997.

I think if it was priced at $39, I’m assuming this is like the tripwire product. But if it was $39, for example, it’s not going to, well, let’s have a look.

So I understand that you’ve got chiropractors wanting to promote as well. What kind of figures are we looking at there as well in terms of the traffic?

So if you just share that as product one and simulate that you’re probably not going to make a profit. That’s weird.

So changing, maybe go some reason it’s not, let’s refresh this Simulate that yeah. That’s based on 10,000. So if we change this to 1000 visitors, rather than 10,000, see what like gives us, oh, well, yeah, it’s still giving us a profit on generating a monthly revenue, but I’m guessing that you’ve got in mind that the main product is going to be around 997, maybe 497, 697, 997 for the price of the six-week program.

But be great if you want to call it a, go over it, go over this in more detail and also the traffic strategy in a bit more detail on how to get that amount of visitors per month, but also a bit more on, on the affiliates that you’re going to introduce as well.

Yeah. Contact in the chiropractic space. So, yeah, so it’d be great if we get a call, Jeremy, let me know a suitable day.

Thursday is good for me, but just let me know when we can jump on a Skype call. Thank you.

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