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About Me
"I'm a professional marketing consultant who helps people build online systems that drive more enquires, generate more leads and increase their revenue."  
"I'm a former accountant that has a real passion for digital marketing. It's my aim to educate 1 million+ entrepreneurs on the benefits of having a successful sales funnel."  
"Stop trying to work everything out yourself and follow our exact steps to allow you to automate your entire process."
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Your Sales Funnel Expert is a Step-By-Step Guide Showing You... 
  • ​Why sales funnels are THE most effective tool for sales 
  • ​How to maximize conversion rates
  • ​How to utilize an understanding of psychology to skyrocket your sales 
  • ​And more! 
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James Hughes Online Ltd
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Who are Sales Funnel Expert?
Over the past 7 years, James Hughes and his Sales Funnel Expert team have advised on and built Sales Funnel Systems for companies around the world. Helping them to drive more enquiries, generate more leads and increase their revenue.
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