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The Dentist
This funnel is perfect for businesses that wish to encourage customers to visit a physical location by offering a discount or voucher for a selected service. Once a customer visits your practice you may get the opportunity to upsell on your other services.

This type of funnel works well when shared on social media and enables you to capture customer details for future promotions.
The Gym Funnel
This funnel has been designed to convert website visitors into paid gym members. Initially it offers the chance to get a free day at the gym, (which you could set to be a specific date or change to your offer of choice), then it offers an upsell of 30 days discounted membership, again this can be easily changed if required. All payments are processed online and vouchers for the free gym day are issued automatically.
The Travel Agent
This funnel is perfect for businesses that operate online or may not have a physical location. In this example you offer a prize in exchange for contact details. This works well at increasing brand awareness on social media by encouraging potential customers to follow your updates for news about the competition.

Alternatively offer a voucher or discount code to encourage bookings.
The Burger Bar
This simple but effective funnel is perfect for any kind of restaurant or bar wishing to increase site visits on specific days, nights or in general. Simply post on social media or advertise in store. Once a visitor enters their details the voucher will be emailed automatically. The lead will then also be prompted to share the page, increasing viral reach.

This can easily be edited for any type of offer.
The Barber Shop
This funnel is perfect for businesses that wish to encourage customers to visit a physical location by offering a discount or voucher for a selected service. Once a customer visits your store you get the opportunity to upsell on your other services or products.

This type of funnel works well when shared on social media and enables you to capture customer details for future promotions.
The Article Funnel
This article style landing page can help to build trust by offering value or pre-framing your offer first and increasing awareness of the solution (your offer).

This type of page can also be used as a traditional lead magnet funnel by utilising the side bar areas on the page to promote a free gift in exchange for opting in.
ClickFunnels Affiliate Funnel
This 4 page funnel is designed to show people how they can start making a living online by selling digital information products via ClickFunnels. It includes video testimonials and explains how to get done for you digital products you can sell as your own.

Choose this funnel if you are looking to promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate.
Clickbank Affiliate Funnel
This 2 step affiliate bridge funnel is an example of how to best promote other peoples info products found on ClickBank.

By using a bridge page, rather than sending traffic to an offer directly, it ensures you capture the leads and can follow up with you own email sequence. This enable you to maximize your opportunity to make the sale and allows you to promote other similar products at a later date.
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The 'Fish Bowl' Funnel
The 'Free + Shipping' Funnel
The 'Real Stuff' Funnel
The 'Webinar' Funnel
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Auto Webinar Funnel
Create auto webinars that automatically sell your products around the clock.
Survey Funnel
Find out who your visitors are first and then send them into the right funnel.
Sales Letter Funnel
Use a traditional sales letter to sell your products or services.
Application Funnel
Have people apply to work with you through an application funnel.
Hero Funnel
Let people know who you are and how to connect with you.
Lead Magnet Funnel
Give people an ethical bribe in exchange for their email address.
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