Find the Right Clients Using an Application Funnel

James Hughes

Find the Right Kind of Clients for Your Business Using the Application Funnel in Funnel Rolodex

Your goal as a business owner is to drive traffic and grow your email list. You can increase your revenue and boost your lead-to-customer conversion rate by doing this. That’s why it’s certainly important to find the right clients for you. Are you struggling to find the right kinds of leads for your online business? Let’s face it, your business isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. There’s always plenty of clients to go around. To help you obtain the right clients, Funnel Rolodex has a great way to qualify leads making sure that you’ve got the right clients lining up for your product. 

It’s called an Application Funnel. 

What is an Application Funnel in Funnel Rolodex?

An application funnel is when you have prospective clients fill out an application form so they can see if they qualify for a product or service before you make them an offer.

Unlike most opt-in campaigns, an application funnel isn’t concerned with the number of leads you get but the quality of the lead itself.

In other words, the added application step weeds out all those leads that are not a great fit for a specific product. That way, you aren’t wasting your clients’ time on services they won’t want. Plus, your unqualified leads won’t be wasting your time and resources, either.

We have helped hundreds of coaches and consultants sell their high-ticket coaching through our service in Funnel Rolodex.

When to use it? 

Some products are tailored to specific people. This is particularly true as your price-point starts getting bigger. It’s a lot harder to get cold traffic to opt into a product that costs $10,000 than it is to find cold traffic that will buy a product that costs $10. 

In some instances, though, the cost is not what you worry about. For online coaches, the real problem is time. If you interview every lead without qualifying them, you’d never get anything else done!

The application funnels are mainly suited for two scenarios:

  • High-ticket offers of $1,000 and up 
  • Online consultants and coaches who want to spend their time actually consulting or coaching

Those are just two of the most common reasons business owners use application funnels. So use it to qualify leads for any product or service that you think it’s best suited for. We use this funnel to help most of our clients in Funnel Rolodex.

How an Application Funnel Helps 

  1. It helps you define your ideal customer. An application funnel forces you to think more in-depth about your target customer. For instance, who they are, what their purchasing journey is, and what their pain points are. Document these details and after that share them widely within your business since everyone can use them.

  2. It uncovers in-depth information about potential customers. It can help you discover more information about your potential customers, which you can use in future marketing and sales efforts. These can help you create the right sales or marketing strategy. So you can uncover who your leads are, who your customers are, what they’re looking for, and what they care about.

  3. It identifies your target audience. Leads will self-select into or out of your sales funnel, as a result, saving you both a lot of time. They don’t want to waste their time on a product that wouldn’t help them, and neither do you. Applications can help qualify leads for any product or service in any industry.

  4. It makes it easier to convert leads. If a lead makes it through your funnel, they’re ready to buy from you. You’ve addressed their pain points. They’ve identified your explanation on why they can’t move forward without a solution. You’ve asked them questions about their specific situation and given them a glimpse into how your product could help them. Most likely, at this point in the funnel, you’ve determined you’re a good fit, and they’re ready to buy. You just need to send a link to purchase your product, and the conversion is complete. 

If you’re looking to hire someone to build an application funnel for your online business, consult first with an expert. For instance, before we build any funnel for clients in Funnel Rolodex, we ensure it’s suitable for their business.

How Funnel Rolodex Consultants Create an Application Funnel?

The 3 Steps of an Application Funnel:

  1. Reverse Squeeze Page – A reverse squeeze page doesn’t worry about the email address yet. Instead, you share your lead magnet upfront (usually in the form of a video) and then work toward getting their email address. For an application funnel, your reverse squeeze page leads to more than just an email address. It takes the visitors to an application form that will provide you with a lot more information about your potential client. You encourage people to sign up with you in anticipation of receiving something they’re after starting with a recognition process usually with a video about a case study or something about what you do. They have to know that they have a problem before committing to a solution. 

  2. Application Page – Here you have a small questionnaire designed to weed out unqualified prospects. Your application page is super important because this is where you’ll really start to qualify your leads. The application form is a tool to gauge how qualified the lead is. The questions should be written to understand if the person is worth calling. Consider their level of interest: have they responded to each question with length and detail, or are they giving you one-word answers or no answer at all?

  3. Thank You Page/ Homework Page – You can use a thank you message as a way of connecting with your new lead. For instance, you can add a link in the message to schedule an appointment with you (or a sales representative) online with a scheduling service. Use the thank you message as a way of providing instructions to your applicants on what will come next and in what time frame.

    Alternatively, you can have a “homework page” in your application funnel instead. Here you’ll let them know what will happen if they are accepted or declined (you’ll get an email, or you won’t) and what they should do right now. For instance, homework includes (1) videos that build credibility such as testimonial videos and instruct them to watch, and (2) asking the prospect to share your product or service on social media. Provide links for them to share the post. This is a great way for increasing traffic to your funnel!  

  4. Email Follow-up – The follow-up is an important part of the sales process. It is important to set up an automated and personalized email sequence for anyone who is accepted. The first email will congratulate the prospect on their acceptance and present the next call to action: schedule a discovery call. If they haven’t scheduled a call after two weeks send a short follow-up email: “Are you still interested in [the promised result of the product]?”, for instance.

We help our clients in Funnel Rolodex create a tailor-fit application funnel for their business.


To sum up, the application funnel is a terrific way to get well-qualified leads for high-ticket coaching, courses, and events. Likewise, using this type of funnel is a great way to appeal to a very specific client type. The application funnel is focused on building a relationship and evaluating the prospect’s qualifications. So we recommend using an application funnel to sell your next high-ticket item. You can check out Funnel Rolodex to find professional help in building your very first application funnel now!

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