Dialing In The Numbers For a Webinar Funnel Plus Drip Feed Overview

James Hughes


In this video, I reviewed a webinar funnel of my client. This is a walk-through video on how each step takes place to follow up engaged customers. This strategy can be applied to whatever product or service you offer and if you want to experience relentless growth for your business, contact me today. If you know someone who is in the same niche or type of business, share this video with them!

Video Transcript

Hi Randy, I just got your questions. I’m getting things ready to start for the workshop. Brilliant. Where I sell my one-on-one group coaching at the end, I’m trying to figure out which is the best platform to use, whether the opt-ins could be reminded of the workshop.

Well, I would, I mean, there are several different ways you can do it. I would get them, if you are stuck on setting up a Facebook group, I would just do it in the Facebook group and a Facebook live and that exclusive secret group.

Or I would just set up a webinar via zoom. I would set it up via zoom and I would just do the workshop live on zoom.

Then you can leave them there, fire an opt-in page. It’s like you’re getting them to opt-in for a webinar, but you just, it’s just changing the name of the webinar and call it a live workshop or live online class.

I would use the webinar-style funnels to the opt-in. So it’s a simple opt-in page webinar-style, but call it a live workshop and have indoctrination sequence and follow-up sequence to get them to remind them of when the webinar classes.

So if you do it once a week, that would be very simple to do. In fact, I would do it once a week. But the opt-in page gets them to opt-in for the live work class and reminds them of when the workshop is.

And then when they’re on that email sequence, then advise them when the next workshop is. So they’re on the same email list.

My teacher used Facebook live inside a group. I’m wondering how she got them to turn up after two weeks of opt-in? Which is just constantly reminding them on an email sequence what it is not everybody’s going to show up, but it’s a numbers game.

As you know, you might have got a hundred people to opt-in and you might get 10 people to show up. And then two people are by at the end of it. So it’s worth it. Does Calendly have a feature that allows to set an event and have many people connected to it, where we can drip emails to them, reminding them?

I would send them via your autoresponder, not via Calendly. I would have commonly for you for your strategy sessions. Only I would drive him to an opt-in page via an email list that you’ve already built and taken it up webinar, sorry, live classes.

It’s like a live webinar, but you just call it a live class. So any advice on the subject be great.

Yeah. Perfect. That’s exactly what I would do. It’s similar to what Joe was doing with his email sequence of 1500 plus subscribers is sending. We send in regular reminders and he’s doing these live webinars or workshops the same thing and getting them on. Helping them, take them through the presentation, and selling them at the end.

So it works. I will also be sending an invite to the private Facebook group yet where I may, where I may host a live workshop question when the admin of a group makes a post, does the entire group see, or does it have to be boosted?

Th the entire group sees it and you can have different rooms within the group as well. I was working on a project last year and the lady set up different rooms within the Facebook group.

So you can have a live workshop room, remind people in the group of what it is, then send it out to that room. And then in the group, that’s a separate room. So no, you don’t have to boost it. You would only boost something if it’s outside of your group.

So if it’s from the marketing, so if you posted something on your Facebook page, then you would like valuable posts a PDF or something you would. You would boost that post to create engagement on that post.

So I would set a one-page free live workshop, be two pages only getting them to opt-in. You get them to opt-in via your email list. Cause you’ve got prospects on there. You can also drive some odds to that opt-in page as well.

And you can also retarget people that have opted in by or an not to get them to opt-in for your live workshops. I would do it that way and I do it easily on zoom too or Facebook Live. I would get too bogged down in the structure.

I’ll just use Facebook live and your Facebook group. Cause you said you would’ve set up a Facebook group. Well, I would simply do it on, on zoom.

Hope that helps.

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