Full Funnel Marketing Strategy Example for (Wellness Program) Webinar Funnel


This video shows the simulation figures of how a holistic wellness program gains earnings and profits using our sales funnel blueprint. I also included the relentless audience growth strategy created to drive traffic and lead the program. Each step of my growth strategy is essential to have consistency. This will ensure evergreen traffic to the webinar funnel.

Make sure to watch the full video and if you have questions, let me know!

Video Transcription

Hi, Jeremy. This is the blueprint but I wanted to get on a call with you to go into more detail about it. Because the current product, this is obviously not the six, it looks a great product, but it’s not the six-week program.

You said that you wanted to change tack slightly and run a webinar directly to the six-week program. So first of all, I’ve put in a price of 997.

Okay. No, what hasn’t changed on that is actually 997. I’ll just double-check that I put in a price of 997 for the program, but obviously, I need confirmation on that. But based on the figure of 997, just plan up slightly similar to that.

That’s reverting the 697, for some reason, let’s just say it’s for 697, that’s creating, generating revenue of 4,182 per month based on traffic figures of 1300.

Going through the webinar at a cost of 1,423, earnings per click, 3.22 cost per lead, 2.65 costs per acquisition on the program to 16 revenue per month, 4,182, and profit of that 2,759.

Okay. So here are the funnel steps for an evergreen webinar. I’m assuming that you want to do an evergreen webinar, a live webinar.

That’s another question as well. I’ve included my relentless audience growth strategy. That’s based on 1000 visitors going through the webinar funnel on the call.

I’d like to go through that in more detail with you. So that’s thousand based on a thousand visitors, aren’t, re-targeting here 200 at that point and then a third traffic entry of a hundred visitors re-targeting to that the evergreen webinar page that is creating these figures.

Okay. And that they are the steps to build. So you’ve got the registration page confirmation check out for the program.

Okay. And then obviously the confirmation, thank you page afterward. So it’s a funnel stages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 pages there, potentially with the webinar.

And that’s going to preferably a checkout rather than going to a sales page, then a check out because it’s one less step. But we can discuss that book based on those figures using the traffic strategy that with that, I’ll go over more detail with you on the call.

Not sweet. We’d look to get those figures based on a thousand visitors per month. So obviously if we change this to 10,000 a month, even the strategy, it’s obviously going to create a lot more revenue based on those conversion figures of 3{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} there, and 2{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} there.

Okay. Once re-targeted those generate more revenue and more profits, ultimately. So there we are. Yeah. So I love to get Jim on another call and go over this in more detail, ask you a few more questions to help you out, even more, I’ll send this via phone Rolodex expo, not deliver it yet.

Just let me know if you want to get on that call this week on a Thursday, for example, that would be fantastic.

Or if you go on earlier, that would be cool as well. Just to go into a bit more detail of what your intentions are with this and maybe we’ll go through some ideas for the webinar leading, you know, in terms of the title of the subject.

You probably already have that in mind, but a webinar is a great strategy, and have a great webinar. Take them directly through a six-week program of 997.

I think if it was priced at $39, I’m assuming this is like the tripwire product. But if it was $39, for example, it’s not going to, well, let’s have a look.

So I understand that you’ve got chiropractors wanting to promote as well. What kind of figures are we looking at there as well in terms of the traffic?

So if you just share that as product one and simulate that you’re probably not going to make a profit. That’s weird.

So changing, maybe go some reason it’s not, let’s refresh this Simulate that yeah. That’s based on 10,000. So if we change this to 1000 visitors, rather than 10,000, see what like gives us, oh, well, yeah, it’s still giving us a profit on generating a monthly revenue, but I’m guessing that you’ve got in mind that the main product is going to be around 997, maybe 497, 697, 997 for the price of the six-week program.

But be great if you want to call it a, go over it, go over this in more detail and also the traffic strategy in a bit more detail on how to get that amount of visitors per month, but also a bit more on, on the affiliates that you’re going to introduce as well.

Yeah. Contact in the chiropractic space. So, yeah, so it’d be great if we get a call, Jeremy, let me know a suitable day.

Thursday is good for me, but just let me know when we can jump on a Skype call. Thank you.

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Sales Page and Order Form Optimization For Dog Supplement Funnel


Learn in this video how sales funnel page and order form optimization is vital before launching your product or services. This client of mine is in the dog business niche and I helped him in polishing and making the sales funnel clearer and more converting. If you are selling dog supplements and products, I can help you with your marketing growth and boost the sales of your dog products in a short period of time.

Video Transcript

Hi, David, just let me go through this. I love that headline. I think that’s really good. But as you say, you’ve got to change there, but I think that’s really, really a good headline there.

Yeah, this is fantastic. I don’t know what it is, but when I first saw it, I think there’s too much space here.

I think this needs to be reduced slightly. Yeah, this is all good. Yeah. Correct picture. I don’t know if it’s a personal thing, but I would left the line this within and make it more centrally.

Yeah. So I think it’s spread too wide and it’s center aligned, which personally when I’m looking at it. I don’t, I think it would work better if it was left-aligned.

Yeah. This is a bit better because I think the text is bigger. Yeah, this is all great. Yeah. Brilliant. I would put a fraction of what this guide will help you achieve.

Here is a fraction. Yeah, that’s good. I just kind of things have stuck out to me there. So the order form here’s a fraction of what you learned.

Yeah, this is perfect. Yeah. It’s really good. Now, the order form’s perfect. Yeah, I think that’s perfect. I think it’s just those few of the things on the sales page, but again, that’s just what personally stood out to me.

I think the copy and the text are fine. The headline is really good as well.

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Dialing In The Numbers For a Webinar Funnel Plus Drip Feed Overview


In this video, I reviewed a webinar funnel of my client. This is a walk-through video on how each step takes place to follow up engaged customers. This strategy can be applied to whatever product or service you offer and if you want to experience relentless growth for your business, contact me today. If you know someone who is in the same niche or type of business, share this video with them!

Video Transcript

Hi Randy, I just got your questions. I’m getting things ready to start for the workshop. Brilliant. Where I sell my one-on-one group coaching at the end, I’m trying to figure out which is the best platform to use, whether the opt-ins could be reminded of the workshop.

Well, I would, I mean, there are several different ways you can do it. I would get them, if you are stuck on setting up a Facebook group, I would just do it in the Facebook group and a Facebook live and that exclusive secret group.

Or I would just set up a webinar via zoom. I would set it up via zoom and I would just do the workshop live on zoom.

Then you can leave them there, fire an opt-in page. It’s like you’re getting them to opt-in for a webinar, but you just, it’s just changing the name of the webinar and call it a live workshop or live online class.

I would use the webinar-style funnels to the opt-in. So it’s a simple opt-in page webinar-style, but call it a live workshop and have indoctrination sequence and follow-up sequence to get them to remind them of when the webinar classes.

So if you do it once a week, that would be very simple to do. In fact, I would do it once a week. But the opt-in page gets them to opt-in for the live work class and reminds them of when the workshop is.

And then when they’re on that email sequence, then advise them when the next workshop is. So they’re on the same email list.

My teacher used Facebook live inside a group. I’m wondering how she got them to turn up after two weeks of opt-in? Which is just constantly reminding them on an email sequence what it is not everybody’s going to show up, but it’s a numbers game.

As you know, you might have got a hundred people to opt-in and you might get 10 people to show up. And then two people are by at the end of it. So it’s worth it. Does Calendly have a feature that allows to set an event and have many people connected to it, where we can drip emails to them, reminding them?

I would send them via your autoresponder, not via Calendly. I would have commonly for you for your strategy sessions. Only I would drive him to an opt-in page via an email list that you’ve already built and taken it up webinar, sorry, live classes.

It’s like a live webinar, but you just call it a live class. So any advice on the subject be great.

Yeah. Perfect. That’s exactly what I would do. It’s similar to what Joe was doing with his email sequence of 1500 plus subscribers is sending. We send in regular reminders and he’s doing these live webinars or workshops the same thing and getting them on. Helping them, take them through the presentation, and selling them at the end.

So it works. I will also be sending an invite to the private Facebook group yet where I may, where I may host a live workshop question when the admin of a group makes a post, does the entire group see, or does it have to be boosted?

Th the entire group sees it and you can have different rooms within the group as well. I was working on a project last year and the lady set up different rooms within the Facebook group.

So you can have a live workshop room, remind people in the group of what it is, then send it out to that room. And then in the group, that’s a separate room. So no, you don’t have to boost it. You would only boost something if it’s outside of your group.

So if it’s from the marketing, so if you posted something on your Facebook page, then you would like valuable posts a PDF or something you would. You would boost that post to create engagement on that post.

So I would set a one-page free live workshop, be two pages only getting them to opt-in. You get them to opt-in via your email list. Cause you’ve got prospects on there. You can also drive some odds to that opt-in page as well.

And you can also retarget people that have opted in by or an not to get them to opt-in for your live workshops. I would do it that way and I do it easily on zoom too or Facebook Live. I would get too bogged down in the structure.

I’ll just use Facebook live and your Facebook group. Cause you said you would’ve set up a Facebook group. Well, I would simply do it on, on zoom.

Hope that helps.

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Utilizing the Power Of Bonuses in an Affiliate Bridge Funnel


This video will show you the sales funnel blueprint I created for an online business. I will also show you the one funnel away challenge in an affiliate bridge funnel that will drive and generate results. Notice the 5 funnel steps involved in this strategy plus the utilization of the free bonuses that we offer to capture leads.

Make sure to watch the full video and if you know someone who is in the same niche or type of business, share this video with them!

Video Transcription

Hi, Jeffery.  Hope you’re well, This is James Hughes. You purchased my gig on Funnel Rolodex. We spoke on the phone and this is the sales funnel blueprint that I’ve created for you based on the information that we discussed and also regarding the one funnel away challenge and an affiliate funnel that will get results.

So this is what I’ve done, and this is what I’m positive will work very well based on what I’ve seen other people do to great success. But I think this is slightly better. So what I’ve done is I’ve created the blueprint and I’ve done a simulation of what we can achieve.

Here we are. So all in all, if you look at the overall picture there’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 funnel steps. Okay. So one, two pages will be created initially, in ClickFunnels. Okay. With a follow-up sequence of emails. Okay. So funnel step one is the opt-in page. What you see here as well. That’s the traffic source. Okay. I’ll get onto the traffic strategy in a second.

So this is what’s feeding the traffic and the fuel to the funnel that we create. Okay. So funnel step one is to start an online business today. Even if you don’t have a product, this is the opt-in page. Copy the life you want. The marriage you want, the family that you want is going to be fueled by this business.

See you on the inside. Get started and they’ll have the button to opt-in. Okay. So driving traffic at all, avenues leads to this opt-in page. Now what this funnel is, is a bridge funnel, a bridging funnel, which includes bonuses of high value to get them on the unfair challenge offer, which is only a hundred dollars.

Okay? So when they opt-in, they get taken to the bridge page, which is funnel step two. Funnel step two is we’ll have a copy very similar to this. Get my affiliate marketing system in a box. It includes a plug-and-play at number one, a plug-and-play funnel system that you can set up instantly to free traffic system blueprint, to debt, to generate traffic, the fuel of your business.

Number three, high converting email sequence to follow up with your prospects, receive my affiliate marketing system for only $100. When you sign up for the UFA challenge, get started now, and then we’d link to the UFA offer page, which is a step here, which is funnel step three. And in the small print, it’ll say, send me your purchase confirmation to my email address. You’ll have your email address on there and I will send you my system.

So, everybody that signs up for the unfair challenge, they will give you the email address, and sorry, they will email you the purchase confirmation to your email address. And then you will then reply and send them the plug-and-play funnel system. The free traffic system blueprint to generate traffic, and the high converting email sequence.

You will send that back to the people that purchase the OFS challenge at a hundred dollars. So they’re getting 1, 2, 3 super bonuses and all in all massive bonus, just for paying a hundred dollars to get everything that the game with the one funnel away challenge as well.

So what’s a stack of major value that they’re getting for only a hundred dollars. Okay. That’s the psychology behind it. Okay. So I can help you set up this plug-and-play funnel system, which is effectively this funnel. Okay. So we give it, we give this sales funnel. Once we build it for the people that purchased the one funnel away challenge, we give them the traffic system blueprint as well, which is a PDF.

And we give them the follow-up sequence in a PDF as well, which will be a series of emails to follow up with their prospects. Once they’ve set up this sales funnel with instructions. Okay. So I’ll help you build this for you. I’ll help you build this for other people, so you can share seamlessly once they’ve purchased the one funnel away challenge.

Okay. Let me know if you’ve got any questions on how that works and I can go over it again, but here’s the video consultation of the simulation. So the traffic strategy, let’s get on the traffic strategy. So we’re driving traffic to the opt-in page. Every avenue leads to the opt-in page. Okay. Which is the starting online business. Opt-in so the Facebook ads are put in 1000 visitors per month at a cost of a click of $1 a click.

Okay. I’ve also added in my relentless audience growth strategy to get 5,000 visitors per month. Okay. I’m based on a 25 cents cost per click could be more, could be less, but you have to aim with the traffic strategy that I’m going to show you to, to get these amount of visitors each month.

That way it feeds the funnel. And these are the sales that you’ll make okay. Based on the opt-in rates. So I’ll put a 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} opt-in rate for the opt-in page. Okay. So 6,000 visitors going through the opt-in page converting 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} that’s 2,400. Okay. Going to the bridge page, which has this information on, okay.

If they don’t, if 10{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}, you know, as we offer and that you convert 10{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}, there they go to the offer page, the purchase, the one funnel away challenge that creates a sale based on 5{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} of a hundred dollars. Okay. See you picking up revenue there. But if the door is 90{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}, they’re going to go through your email sequence of education benefits, call to action, and the bonus follow-up.

Okay. And these emails send them back to the offer page every time if they don’t want to take the offer up at this point. So we’re following up with the cold leads there. Okay. That’s the automation. So based on a 5{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} conversion, which is probably going to be higher because of the style of the page and the offer and the value that they’re getting for a hundred dollars.

Plus the fact that you’re giving them three super bonuses is okay. Of high value. You’re giving them a business in a box. I’ve just put in 5{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}, worst case scenario there. So I’ve done a simulation and per month, that’s going to generate a revenue of 3,500.

Okay. That’s based on traffic visitors of 6,000 per month, traffic cost of 2,362 a, which is includes merchant fees of $112. There actually won’t be any merchant fees in this case because click funnels pick up the merchant fees. So that’s probably not included.

It’s probably 2,250 to be more exact. So that’s created as earnings per click, a 58 cents cost per lead of 94 cents, nearly a dollar, cost per acquisition of 64, 29, the revenue monthly, a 3,500 and a profit generating each month of 1,138 based on these figures.

Okay. So that’s going to pay for your sales funnel stock package okay. That you pay out for. So let me know what you think of that. So for example, let’s say this converts it 45{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}. Okay. Obviously, you will not know until we launch it and see the bridge page.

That’s increased that 15{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} because of the senior super bonus that goes straight through and purchases the warfare challenge. And then we’ll up the sales conversion on the offer page of the click funnels. It’s actual ClickFunnels page to 10{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}. Let’s see how that works. And we’ll simulate those figures. Yeah. So the slight tweaks have created a monthly revenue.

If $9,100 traffic cost is the same and that’s earnings per click of 1 52 cost per lead, 83 cents cost per acquisition, 24, 73 revenue, 9,100 per month, and profit 6,559 of that.

Okay. So that’s how it works. Traffic coming into this sales funnel, or we’re delivering with value. Obviously, you will have to set this up, which I can help you with, take them to the one funnel away challenge, get them to purchase, and sending you their purchase confirmation to your email address.

You reply very seamless system with the three things with the three bonuses because it’d be pre done. Okay. So that’s how that works. And that’s how much revenue we can generate. So the traffic going into the funnel, the fuel of full this is the relentless audience growth, as well as the paid out, create YouTube videos.

Okay. On the value of this affiliate marketing funnel. Okay. Be based on long-tail keywords that will increase the search engine ranking of the videos. And that will be based on affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing business, and all the components of lots, plenty of content to write on that subject, converting the blog post, converting the videos to a blog, post publishing a WordPress site.

We create a powerful post. This is what I call the powerful post. We then add convert box, which is software. This will pick up the lead and each powerful post will act as a landing page and an opt-in page to get leads.

Every time that is published, okay, then we put it on rocket fuel by driving ad words to the powerful post. It will increase in the search engine ranking because of the SEO techniques we lend boost struck in a structured way, each powerful poster to a Facebook page, to your Facebook page for this particular business and will boost at $1 per day.

Okay. Then everybody who’s engaging with this powerful post, which is derived from these components. We retarget them via Facebook, via Google display network, and via Instagram. And that takes them to the start a profitable online business today opt-in page, which is the funnel. Okay. So every activity traffic-wise and this structure will lead to that funnel and that will get us these results.

Okay. So have a look that is the traffic strategy that will get us those results. Okay. So that needs to be rolled out. That’s the blueprint for that, okay. Let me know if you’ve got any questions on the traffic strategy and I can go into more detail about it.

And also the funnel blueprint, which I’ll download PDFs for you. I’ll send this video by a funnel Rolodex as well. I’ll send the documents so that you can look them over in your own time, but I’m ready to help you build this Jeffery.

So if I sat on the phone, if you purchase the funnel, hack a stock, okay. I will build this funnel system for you.

Okay. I will build this sales funnel for you and the system. As soon as you let me know if you’re happy to go ahead, but don’t sign up for the funnel hack stack yet.

I’ll send you over my affiliate link so you can purchase it via my affiliate link and I will get to work and invite you to the project management system that we have, and we’ll build this sales funnel for you.

Okay. So let me know your thoughts, hopefully, maybe five-star feedback for this gig. It’s been really good helping you out with this and let me know if you want to proceed. Cheers, Jeffrey.

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Opt-in Page Optimization for Yoga Program Sales Funnel


I will show you in this video the traffic and sales funnel strategy for an online yoga program with optimization of the opt-in page. Optimizing the copy of an opt-in page is a significant part of our sales funnel strategy as it will either attract or repel the attention of leads.

Creating a traffic strategy for your online business is vital to set yourself and your team up for success. Watch this whole video to know the techniques and ways to establish your strategy for your online business.

Video Transcription

Hi Carmena. Thanks for sharing these headlines on your sales funnel opt-in page. Great progress on this. I personally liked the third one but I wouldn’t put 16 reasons.

I would put the ultimate reason. “The reason that”, and “all the reasons”, you know, something more intriguing than 16 reasons why thousands of people are changing their destiny and how you can join the revolution.

The top two were good. I think there’s still a bit too busy, but looking at this page asking the question, Have you had enough? Are you done? Because if you’re really done, you’re ready.

That’s good. Then it goes into PTSD, impulse control, and other disorders. I think this is slightly too busy and I would definitely remove this “And now yoga” because yeah, move on now yoga.

This question’s good. But I would add something here, ‘discover something’, ‘discover the ultimate reason’, and then ‘discover the ultimate reason why thousands of people are changing their destiny and how you can join the revolution’.

Or discover the tool. So here I would have ‘discover the tool’. Yeah, ‘discover the ultimate reason why thousands of people are changing their destiny and how you can join the revolution.

MDs, psychiatrists, prison chaplins, teachers, therapists, and activists are using the same tool to fight these worldwide issues. I’d remove ‘and now yoga’.

Cause you mentioned it here. I’d definitely move that. I wouldn’t say ‘help us with our film at this point’ as well. I would allude them that more on the second page, I would just put, ‘get instant access to the trailer of and now yoga.

Send me the video and I would put free video reveals and small text here, a small, small sub-headline. Free video reveals, discover how MDs, psychiatrists, prison chaplins, teachers, therapists, and therapists are using this tool to fight worldwide issues.

I don’t think we have to mention this too much either. I think this gets mentioned in the trailer and then I would take out help us with our film and allude to that more on the second page once they’ve opted in.

Cause remember they’re just only interested in what they can get out of it really. So it’s to discover the tool to fight these worldwide issues and, and maybe alluded to this slightly. So send me the video now where it’s going to show you how this tool is going to fix your issue basically.

And then you can allude to the prospect, sorry. You can allude to how the trailer and that tool helps that individual without a specific disorder. Again it’s too busy again.

The question’s good here. So have you had enough all you’ve done because if you’re already done, you’re ready. Then free video reveals, discover how MD psychiatrists, prison chaplins teachers, therapists, and activates.

I’ve probably shortened this down as well. Are using the same tool to fight these worldwide issues. Get instant access to the trailer of and now yoga.

Send me the video. So I would really shorten it down, make it more simple than understand and comprehend because it’s too much information going on on the screen.

Yeah. See what you think of that. Maybe edit the opt-in page to what I’ve suggested there and then we can have another look at it. Cheers, Mina.

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High Ticket Sales Funnel Blueprint For Online Consultant


Are you an online consultant? How are you executing your business strategy and generating leads? This video will help you how a sales funnel is a very important part of your marketing strategy to attract customers. Watch how I explain the steps in the sales funnel blueprint for one of my clients. See how many leads and customers they can reach by using a high-ticket sales funnel.

Video Transcription

Thank you on the detail that you’ve sent in the strategy document, which is fantastic. Not only has that helped me, but it also helps you as well, moving forward.

So anyway, this is the blueprint. Just change it. Okay. So sales funnel, this is the blueprint and we’ve got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 6 funnel steps in Clickfunnels, basically where you’ve taught the sum of, and style a sales funnel, which is cool.

Go run with that one you know, exactly, you know, run with it because it’s very good. And it’s a concept that works. So what I’ve done here is add additional parts to make it really work. So let’s go through this. Six funnel steps and three traffic sources.

Okay. So 1, 2, 3 traffic and reports. Okay. So this is the case study page. So the traffic is coming through to the case study page. I’ll go over the traffic strategy in a second. But all traffic should lead to this free case study. Okay.

So when the update I’ve got that a 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} opt-in rate, if they don’t, so that takes them to the thank you page, which is follow step two. Which is the case study video and the button to apply, which takes you then to the application page, which has funnel step three.

Okay. Like already how you’ve got it, which is great. And then once they’ve scheduled the call in that will take them to the thank you page. Okay. So traffic in the front end, 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} opt-in rate. If we deduct, if 60{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} don’t take that, will receive the welcome email, which leads them back to the case study.

And then the second day, the value email one, and then the follow-up sequence. That’ll take them to the case study again. And again, value to, and obviously consistently email. An email follow-up sequence of you know, 10, 15 emails, at least in the beginning.

So this value sequence will lead back every time to the care study page. Okay. That’s the idea. So if they’re not watching it straight away or they’re just overlooking it, if they’re not getting to the application page, we want to follow up with them and get them to watch the video.

And then with the main goal of getting them to boot, we call it at this point. Okay. So I put a 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} opt-in rate. I put a 60{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} click rate for the first welcome email 40 for the second 30 for the third. So it’s just this a simulation purpose.

I put those figures in. So they go to the case study page. We want to get them here every time. Okay. So that takes in the shed. You will a call, I’ve put that in as 25{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}. So 25{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} of the traffic going through we’ll show you what a call.

Okay. That will give them that. We’ll tell them the thank you page. Thank you for scheduling a call. We look forward to speaking shortly. Okay. That will be on that page. And then using schedule wants that you’ve already got, which is perfect. Yeah. I mean like you’re halfway there.

They get reminders, they get a confirmation and they get two reminder emails, which then takes them the strategy call showed you were a call him with you showed you were a call him with that diary as well.

So it’s all accountable, very streamlined, and professional. So for this one, even let’s change this strategy call, see you do one in four, you close one in four. I closed about one in four. So let’s, let’s, let’s do that one in four. You speak to them, you help them.

And your strategy call, okay. 15 to an hour, 50 minutes to an hour, depending on what you want to do with that strategy.

Call in the duration. Then at the end, they’ll say, Vitaly, what are the next steps? Okay. After you’ve helped them immensely because they’ve already received the case study. You’ve built trust with them. We’ve shown you where to call and you’re giving them even more value on the call, okay.

Going over some pointers and how you’ll help them. And that will be in the call, a guarantee we’ll end with, well, thanks for helping me, Vitaly.

What are the next steps? The next steps are my consulting package. Okay. I don’t know how much you charging at the moment, but I’ll just pick the figure of 9 97, which is, which is a good figure for your expertise to help him in a consulting basis.

It could be a month of consulting, for example. So 997, 25{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}, one in four closed their high-value offer, which is the consulting package.

You take them to that page 20{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}. Take that from there, that’s creating revenue of 187,000 based on these traffic figures.

Okay. So let’s, let’s make it even worse. Okay. So let’s change that to 10, 10{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} sales conversion there. Okay. Close one in four, there let’s say, I don’t know, 50{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} strategy call at that point, but 40{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} Auckland rate is, is decent.

And you can definitely get that. I would imagine. So simulate, let’s see what this gets us. Yeah. So that’s creating a monthly revenue of 71,000. Okay. But that’s dependent on what’s going through the sales funnel, which is the traffic and how we do it and how are we doing that properly?

So it needs to be done properly. So that’s based on Facebook views and content marketing visitors. Okay. Facebook visitors and content marketing visitors at the front end, which has all to do with engagement.

Okay. And I’ve put in a cost per click for this. The purpose of this simulation is 50 cents. And also the cost for the visit is 5,000. This is what you’ve got to kind of aim for 5,000 monthly visitors from content marketing. Okay. Which I’ll get onto the traffic strategy in a second.

So that’s 50 cents a cost per click that’s for the entry go into the case study. Then whoever’s engaging with the case study. Whoever’s going through the sales funnel. We’re retargeting them with the book and a strategy call because that’s the aim, we are getting them.

We try to get them on a strategy call. So you can then give them your expertise, the super value, and then you could sell them on your consulting package of 9 97.

Okay. So the re-targeting cost I’ve put in as I’ve just put in 500 visitors at 25 cents per click because the re-targeting hopefully where we’re going to get a lower cost per click because of the engagement that we’ve already created the front end.

Okay. So that’s how that works. And again, people that are engaging with this page and spook and strategy call your leads, we’ll re-target them here with the high-value offer.

Okay. Let’s see how that works. Three and reports. So the traffic visitors from re-targeting and that all entry points, basically one, two and three that’s, that’s a taller 7,000 visitors per month. Which is more than double overtime. Okay. So the traffic costs, the traffic costs would be 3000, $250 with merchant fees of 2,103.

And this scenario okay. Just plugging my power in. Okay. So that would be a total expense of $5,353 per month. Okay. Based on that traffic that we’ll create, So that’s creating earnings per click of $10, 25. A cost per lead of $1 35, a cost per acquisition at this point, overall of the funnel, $45.

So basically your cost of acquiring a customer and acquisition is $45 40. And that’s creating a revenue monthly of 71,784 with a profit of 66, 4, 3 1.

So let’s make it even a worst-case scenario based on that. Traffic’s just let’s change the opt-in rate here. Let’s change it to 30, let’s change this to 10 per strategy call. Let’s say you only close. That’s not going to write down at 10{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}.

Okay. Let’s see what that gives us. So still a huge monthly revenue. Okay. With a huge profit. See how that works. So I’ve knocked the conversion right down and party only five let’s change this. I would have interest 5{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} only booked a strategy call that is coming through the sales funnel.

Simulate that Again, it’s still very high. Let’s increase the strategy, the people that you close on, the strategy call. I close around one in four.

So let’s look at this. See what the figures are. Producers. Yeah. So that’s, that’s excellent as well. That’s because the product’s price at 9 97 and this is it’s dependent on the traffic that we’re creating.

Okay. So let’s call the traffic strategy. So the traffic coming into new source one here, this is the strategy, the traffic strategy for, for relentless audience growth. That I’ve kind of touched on in the core. So Vitali creates consistent YouTube videos. Okay. Based on your audience, okay.

Helping your audience ABCs one, two threes of how you can help volume, not selling anything, just value. Okay. Then we repurpose and convert these to blog posts consistently in this structure. This is what creates a powerful pause. This is what I call a powerful pause. Okay. A major piece of value in terms of an article, then add convert box software.

Okay. If I was to help you with that, I can add that software for you. A convert box is a pop-up that when you scroll down or one of the methods is when you scroll down on the article, convert box pops up and then we get them.

We get a lead from that. We basically design, we create a PDF download of the powerful post. And then we add convert box and we ask them to download the PDF download. So that gets a lead for us as well. So every post that is perf that is created in this structure is, is a landing page effectively. Okay. It’s acting as a landing page and a funnel in itself.

So we drive outward traffic okay. To the powerful post because people are searching for solutions. And in Google, they’re not searching for solutions on Facebook. Okay. So we drive ad word, low-cost traffic to at $1 per day, perhaps, in the beginning, we use long-tail keywords for the content to be created.

Okay. Long-tail keywords in the title that will increase search engine ranking. It will also increase search and ranking because of the content being posted consistently powerful posts and the Google traffic going into it. Then once the powerful post is created and published to the WordPress site, we boost it on the Facebook page by $1 per day.

So this puts the content marketing on rocket fuel. Okay. So we put it on an engagement campaign. And we also, once we’ve done that, we do a third thing we posted in LinkedIn because this is business to business.

We will post the first paragraph. And then we’re linked to the article, which is a pixel. Okay. So we creating a massive retargeting audience, okay. That we can create lookalike audiences from as well. Whoever is interested in this kind of value is content.

We can create, lookalike audiences to target as well. Very powerful. So everybody who’s engaging with the powerful post we’re re-targeting them via Facebook. Okay. We’re retargeting via Google or the Google display network. We retarget via Instagram and we’re retargeting them with the case study.

Okay. Which he’s the, so this traffic strategy runs into this sales funnel. Okay. It’s powering this funnel. That’s being created here, that blueprint. And these are the things that we can look to generate. It’ll have more automation, it’ll be more simple. People will be coming to you rather than you chasing them.

Okay. So that’s how that works. So just to recap, this is creating YouTube video, converting to a blog publishing into the website, the WordPress website, creating a powerful post adding convert box, driving traffic via AdWords, making sure the content is around a long tail keyword based on your audience and your solution posting via Facebook, boosting the post and an engagement campaign posting via LinkedIn, the socials to get that pixel firing to retarget via Facebook, Google display network, and Instagram, get them into the care study.

Okay. So that’s how that works. Fatale. Let me know if you’ve got any more questions. I hope I hope this has helped. I’ll download the PDFs and add them to you, your Google drive file your Google drive folder. Let me know if you need any more help.

And I would love it if you left me some five-star feedback with some good comments because I tell it helps my business.

And it’s been great working with you on this particular gig. So have a great day. Cheers.

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Traffic and Sales Funnel Strategy For Online Masterclass


Creating a sales funnel strategy is vital for your online business whether you sell products or services. In this video, watch the sales funnel blueprint that I built for one of my client’s online masterclass. There are 7 sales funnel steps that we followed to ensure that we generate leads and customers. You’ll also learn how we drove traffic to the funnels by using social media and paid advertising.

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Video Transcription

Hi, Ferris. It’s James. This is the blueprint. Great talk this morning. This is how I would do it. This is the, so this is the blueprint of the steps altogether. Let’s zoom out. Yeah. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 steps. So that would be seven ClickFunnels pages. Okay. The first step funnel, step one is the free masterclass opt-in page like you’ve got it.

Funnel step two is the thank you page and link to the sales page. Okay. But a refined sales page, a refined product structure. When you improve the copy, the headline, the calls to action, and the grammar we need at a time of urgency and we need to increase the price after so many days or threaten to increase the price after so many days.

This will improve sales and start generating sales. So this is the traffic coming in. Okay. Now with, based on Facebook ads and content marketing. Okay. And the Facebook ads is $1 per click. Okay. I don’t know what you’re currently doing, but I’ll just for the purpose of this simulation, lets it go by in the content marketing I put at 20 cents per click because what we want to do here is create engagement.

Okay. And then we retarget them and the people that are going through the funnel with the sales page, the refined sales page. Okay. So for the purposes of this simulation, I’ve put in 500 views per month at 50 cents cost per click, okay.

So traffic going into the free master class, sign up, thank you. Would you like to see the offer and the sales page? If not, we give them lesson video one on the thank you page. It will have a copy saying, Please check your inbox. Thanks for signing up.

Please check your inbox to receive your first lesson. So these will be three pages as here. Okay. These emails are linked to three separate pages, three separate lesson pages, lesson one, two, and three.

Like you currently have on the thank you page, but we’re just switching it around slightly. Okay. So there’s the automation one day part of the emails every day, basically.

And the purpose of the lesson, the lesson pages are, will be the lesson and then we’ll have a call of action on the sales page, less than to call the action at the sales page, less than three calls to action to the sales page or case we’re following up with them and we’re getting them to the sales page every time and then hopefully onto the order form.

So let’s simulate that and let’s see some figures. Okay. So based on the price of $47, okay. Obviously refining the sales page. First, as we discussed it’s going to create traffic. Good. It’s going to create a revenue of $4,559 with traffic sources of 6,500.

That’s the re-targeting from Facebook. Sorry, the re-targeting plus the content marketing and the Facebook engagement because we’re, re-targeting everybody that’s engaging with the sales funnel.

Okay. So that’s given us a traffic cost of 2,250 merchant fees are 205, which is a total of 2,455. That’s given us earnings per click of 70 cents cost per liter, 54 cents cost per acquisition of 9 22 generating a revenue monthly of 4,559.

Like I’ve just mentioned which profit 2,104 profit. Okay. If we do these things right. So that’s the blueprint for the sales funnel. Okay. That’s what I’m going over. I’ll send you a PDF of that. Okay. I’ll just pause this video and then we can go through the traffic.

Hi, I’m back first with the traffic strategy. So the traffic strategy is what’s leading into the sales funnel. Okay. So the traffic going into this page, this which is this page on this diagram. Okay. So everything we do is related to getting them on the free master class because everything that follows is to get them to the sales page.

What you need to do or potentially you can do is create consistent videos on your client can create a consistent. In this case, your client could do lots of content videos, which you already have for the master class, but we based them on long-tail keywords.

Okay? So we find long-tail keywords associated with depression, eliminating depression, anxiety, et cetera, et cetera. We create articles from the long-tail keywords we’re using in the title. And we create videos, which we convert into articles, video articles. Then we post them to WordPress. Okay. Cause that’s the best medium for search engine optimization in terms of traffic.

And we drive it and this is what creates the powerful post. Okay. This is our relentless audience strategy. Okay. Relentless audience growth strategy. So the powerful posts will include a convert box, which has software that your ad to each article that is posted deriving originally from the YouTube video.

Okay. And every article that’s posted acts like a landing page. If they don’t sign up at that point, they’re going to engage with it. It’ll be pixeled. And we retarget them by these avenues. Okay. But we also boost the post. We drive Google AdWords to it.

It will obviously increase the search engine ranking using techniques. Then we boost each article that’s created and posted to the WordPress blog. We boost it on the Facebook page at only $1 per day or one pound per day. Then whoever engages with the post, we retarget them via Facebook.

We retarget them via the Google display network. And we retarget them via Instagram and all avenues of re-targeting or to get them in the free master class. Okay. Which then leads to our automated funnel. Simple as that. Okay. So that is the traffic strategy. That is the relentless audience growth strategy, best around the powerful posts.

And then we put it on rocket fuel basically by using paid methods to re-target the engagement of that post or posts.

So that’s how that works. I’ll send you a PDF document of that Ferris. I hope you can leave me five-star feedback.

And if you want me to help you with the next steps, let me know, and we can continue. But hopefully, this has helped you and I end out what you need to do for the funnel.

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How To Create Exponential Marketing Growth Using a Viral Sales Funnel


This video is about our marketing growth strategy using a viral sales funnel for one of our clients with business about cryptocurrency. I helped the clients in terms of exponential growth in promoting their crypto competition. Take note of the step-by-step procedure I mapped for them and learn how it can help your business too!

If you know someone who is in the same niche or type of business, share this video with them!

Video Transcription

This is the viral sales funnel system I was talking about. So the map that I did crypto daily main site share via the socials and we’re sharing this page here, the following, this is the sales funnel step one.

Are you crypto influential? Okay. Now in between that, I think it would be best if we do, if Mark does a video and I work on the script to help them with that, to promote this competition.

So what we’ll do, we’ll do a video article. Okay. So like this promoting the competition or you crypto, what influential, so I’ll get onto in a second.

This article will have the video on like we’ve been doing already explaining the competition and then linking to this page, which is the sales funnel.

Yeah, here we are. He’s the page that we’d be sharing by the socials. So ‘attention, crypto influences. Join our crypto revolution and to Ethereum coins by referring a friend. As simple as that, that is the contests sign up now, complete your name and email address to start earning points.

So the terms and conditions, when they enter the contest, the need to agree with the terms and conditions. So that’s what I’ve written here and I think you’re all happy with that. Just run through it again and see if there’s anything that needs, darling.

Okay. So that would point the page four for this one here to site as well, but you find it. Yeah. Okay. So I’ll just go down the page first to show you that you crypto influential, it’s easy to get started.

Sign up above. Start sharing with your crypto companions, earn points to win to a theory coins. The person with the most points wins easy as that track your progress by the leaderboard.

Yes. I want this winner announced on the 15th of January, 2019. Join our crypto revolution. And there’s the footer, which I’m going to add to the privacy policy terms and conditions. I think we need a smaller about us page as well, but it’s not on the main site can see that where it was before.

I don’t know if I’ve just missed it or what, but I just kind of see it. Okay. So yeah, this is the sales funnel step one. So that is this page here. Mark does a video article while a video explaining the competition and, and pushing them towards this page.

And then we’re linked to this page as well. And this is coming from the main site. So the traffic from the main site will go to the YouTube channel, video article traffic, share via the socials.

People will see this. Thousands of people will see this, and then that will ignite the competition. This will all be also be shared by myself and some crypto groups as well to get it going.

So the mechanics of how it works again, join our criminal revolution. I think this is going to work really well. Complete your name and email address to start earning points. jameshughesonline@gmail.com. I agree with the terms and conditions. When you click on that button, that’ll bring this in for a peer.

Okay. Also, or that agree with the terms and conditions join the crypto revolution. Okay. So that took us to the thank you page, which I’ll explain in a second, but let’s just jump that up viral.

The backend system refreshes this, right? This is the campaign for crypto revolution, two times a theory of coins. So in theory, once this gets up and running, there’s nothing to stop us running another one next month or next week.

But you know, as frequently as we want obviously we don’t want it to look stupid and just start firing out there, but that does it gradually.

So this is the first one now with signing up by the page, the page he’s the lead. This is me. I’ve signed up. So every lead that signs up by that page will come into here and get five points automatically.

Okay. So if we click into the lead, okay. Sign up. No visitors yet. No subscribers, because I haven’t referred anything yet, but that’s the idea to get more points.

So go back to stats again. Sorry, the lead. Yeah. So every lead that signs up by the page, we’ll come into here and we can track how many points they’re getting, you know, for, for what I’ll show you in a second.

So the point in here, we’ll talk all up and by the 15th of January, which I put that to the campaign end by the 15th of January, we’ll just see who has the most point and we’ll give them the two are theory and coins.

That’s the contest terms and conditions in their symbol. Okay. So viral back in the back end. So I’ve signed up it’s to the thank you page.

Welcome. Get started below bookmark this page to keep track of the leaderboard. So they all get a leaderboard. Okay. And this is their unique link to share. So refer and shadow an instant point, get your friends to sign up with this unique URL. The influencer with the most points wins. Winner announced January 15, easy to, super simple.

Okay. And this is the link that they can share. So that guy that copy that, put that in there. There you go. So every time the sheriff, I refresh that I’ll get points. So I’ve just shared that I’ve got another 10 points for Sharon.

Okay. That’s what keeps track of the competition. So look, thanks. And there’s a leaderboard. So if I refresh this, got a bit dodgy, call their name a developer, look at anywhere, 15 points.

James was on 15 points that everybody who signs up will have access to this page, the leaderboard. And yeah, it’d be able to track the progress of the competition compared to other people. And that will spur them on even more to share our page, which is driving traffic to crypto daily. So yeah.

Share on Facebook to get another five points.  Just cleaned my catch. Yeah, there we are there. So when you press the Facebook button, join the crypto revolution and to theorem coins by referring a friend, sign up now refer a friend to a theory of coins, joined the crypto revolution.

So you can do check this out, post to Facebook and then people share for you, people are sharing the traffic of this competition and the video article which will generate traffic exponentially.

It’s as simple as that. So all easily get points for. So, you know, they’re going to dive in and share by all these social media channels. Also what I’ve shown you before they’re subscribed to the cripple daily official. This will grow the YouTube subscribers. So here we are.

If you click on that button, subscribe to crypto daily, officially the incentive here to get a hundred points. We subscribe to the channel. Okay. So that takes you through to cripple daily official, and then they just need to put the email address in there, what they used for their channel share.

Otherwise, I will not get a hundred points and I’ll do that. Okay. So then let’s look that up viral again, I’ve all I’ve, I’ve subscribed to the YouTube channel.

So let’s refresh that. There we are 150 points and that’s how the competition starts. So people are going to say it like wildfire, and then they’re going to be sharing it here, there, and everywhere via social media plus subscribing to the YouTube channel.

And also the very cool thing is sharing the competition itself. So sharing the competition gets you a hundred points click on the following button and share our competition article, the competition article. It would be a crypto daily video article created by Mark or created by me Mark and do the video.

And yeah, so that’s crypto daily main site, video or article that’s the page that the share get five friends to sign up where it’s not even that now.

So scrap that. If I have socials all these ones, WhatsApp, leaderboard, most points by January the 31st gets to a theory and coins, which I don’t know what the value is at the moment, but listen, Hey, this is going to be a really cheap campaign.

So if you keep running these competitions, that’s just going to generate tons of traffic. And then when they sign-up, they will go through an auto-response sequence and will respond to a sequence that we can put anything in really. But it just gives the notification of the shares.

So let’s look at this. It’s Washington’s there we are. Thank you for signing up James cripple daily official. I need to send that out of it and for signing up, James, thank you for sign up for our campaign, James, you are five points.

Your unique referral URL is this, or it’s reminding them to share using that link, share this link with your friends to get more points. Thank you. What I’ll do is I’ll add a link to the leaderboard here as well. And there we are, sorry that works.

And it’s just going to generate a load of traffic once you start sharing it. So let me know what you think we’ll need an article writing, explaining the I’ll do that.

Mark could do a video explaining the competition, from this video overview. You can get the gist of what’s happening. So I can, I can kind of point them out in the right direction there and that’s it. So we’re getting traffic, we’re getting subscribers to the YouTube channel.

People are sharing the article, people sharing by the socials, and then when people are signing up from the post that the site will start again, it’s as simple as that. So let me know what you think, Alex. And we can launch it tomorrow. I mean, we can launch it straight away, but I think it will be best to do the video article.

So people are sharing the video article of the competition. Let me know what you think. I’m very excited about launching this. So yeah, let us know what you think, man. Cheers.

Do you have any suggestions, questions, or inquiries about sales funnel and marketing strategy? Let us know.

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Marketing Analysis of KinoBody Website Platform Using SimilarWeb


This video will show the marketing analysis I did for a website of my client by using SimilarWeb. Similarweb is a digital intelligence provider for enterprise and small to mid-sized business customers. The platform provides web analytics services and offers its users information on their clients’ and competitors’ web traffic and performance. Watch the whole video as I explain the details regarding the traffic source and how it can be improved.

Video Transcription

Hi Tyce. Thanks for your video on SimilarWeb. Yeah, I use it. It’s very interesting, indeed. In terms of analysis of traffic. So what this is telling us is it’s in the states, it’s the 67,000 most popular website and ranked 591 in the health and nutrition of fitness.

Yeah. And rightly explained that he gets daily 200,000 visits per month, a bounce rate of 63{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}, which, which means if somebody hits his website, 63{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} of them bounce off.

So for example, the lower, the bounce rate, the better. So if it was 99{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}, that’s a horrendous bounce rate. But if it was 1{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}, what that means is they stay on there forever when they get on. So the traffic is coming predominantly from the United States.

English-speaking countries really are from Sweden. They speak English as well.  Traffic sources, this is direct to the website. Referrals are referred from other websites.

Search is a very interesting one here. Search is the organic keywords search of the keywords. So the exercise we’re going through at the moment, he ranks pretty high yet. Well, 54{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} of the traffic is coming from this channel, which is the search. So people search for keywords, such as OBS, keynote, et cetera.

Get on to that in a second, the search is winning here. Social traffic is already 90{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} already, a very slight from email marketing, a display advertising next to nothing.

So if you look at the referrals, what these referrals mean is all of these websites here. I think I’ll take a list. So 30{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}, I think he’s paying for email marketing. So say email lists basically that that’s is sending traffic to a movie star.

Body is getting 80{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} referrals from there. And these other ones here, top destination sites. This is where the ed doc from his website is. Okay. So the search traffic is a hundred percent organic. He’s not doing any paid traffic according to this, particularly Google, not no display or paid search.

So this organic search, which has people that what we got, what we went through, people searching the keywords in the Google and this paid advertising as well, paid search.

According to this similar web, he’s not doing any paid search and his top five keywords are Keno body Keno opt-in Henry Cavill, where I think I’d Superman, Zac Efron kino body ballgame.

So Kinobody, It’s 20{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} of his keywords. He must rank really high on Kinobody social traffic is already 90{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} of his overall traffic.

So it’s not a lot, but the majority of his social traffic comes from YouTube that Facebook, Reddit, Reddit ties in with the keywords relative. Really good site for publishing articles debates, things like that, which include the keywords in the title, display advertising only.

Anyway, I don’t know, a cute one. Birds are audience interests. Yeah. Also visited. And I know the competitor sites, I think that fitness is a good one.

I don’t get too bogged down in what the competition’s doing. I think Kinobody are probably out there on their own compared to these other ones on a James clear is not a hundred percent related to fitness.

It’s more of a habit. He’s a good person. James clear bred some of his content don’t get too bogged down in, over analyzing well over analysis with the competitors and things like that.

What we need to look at is the fact that he’s killed it with the keynote body keyword. He’s not doing any paid advertising, paid search on Google.

It’s all through keywords, whereas he’s getting this traffic from. So if you look at kinobody.com should have content slowly though.

Yeah. So the keywords here we are blog the keywords throughout his website, the pages kinobody that had been the main one, 20{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f} of his traffic, organic traffic.

I’ve got a plug here. Is that going to the same? Wow. So on his blog, he’s really got information about this program that is phenomenal. The keyword, just on his website, gets them that amount of traffic. So it’s obvious that he’s got backlinks from other websites.

Lady did to his programs. So if I click on the learn more, so this overall strategy, not getting that many referrals already 1.4{7fd2d0ed749bc00ad12033cf25ed0a876adb03f781c7a449944bf661f85c290f}, but just based on the keywords, he’s ragged really high and that’s just on his website.

I can’t really, he has a blog on his website. It does look like it has that much content on it. I think it’s just the keywords throughout his website pages, which he has many of. Yeah, very interesting. This is why you need a website like this, a WordPress, you need a WordPress site.

And then you have the ClickFunnels leading into the programs late, you know, using the ClickFunnels pages as the funnel pages, but having a WordPress site, which is keyword rich can help you rank superbly high.

So that’s why we’re creating that content for the eventual blog, which is your video content. That’s where it’ll be published by your content fries.

So let me know what you think of that. That’s cool. You find similarweb this is a client. Hey, I just want to show you this. This is basically what my strategy is based on. Yeah. 897,000. That’s been at 1.5 million per month. At one point it’s dropped.

It gets a lot of referrals in contrast to the keynote body where it’s based on search. So in this respect, he gets half of it from referrals, from these big crypto sites.

So it all no paid at all, just all pure organic. This fits in with the yeah, this fits in what we’re going through. I think to really knock this out of the park, w it would be fantastic to create a WordPress site per basic one.

And also how the sales follow is as soon as possible, I started stopped building that. Now I start building the WordPress site, let me know if you’d like us to do it. We’re going to give you a really good core for that special deal. But yeah, I think it’s time to start kind of moving in that direction.

So let me know, but I’ll, we’ll talk know on a Wednesday, would it be all right to move the call 30 minutes old? So I think it’ll be seven 30 your time. I’ll plug that in. Let me know if that’s doable. I’ll send that to you.

I think it’s 7:30, salt lake city time. So I’ll send that to you, but I’m glad you brought Lumina because it just really approves the proves the comms in trouble.

You know, if we’re short each other stuff. Well, a lot of people can’t grasp the loom, but you are very well. So that’s great. Speak to your Wednesday. Cheers Tyce.

How To Create a 12 Month Content Marketing Strategy To Dominate Google


In this video, I will show you our simple process of how we create our content marketing strategy for 12 months to rank high on search engines like Google. Watch the video as I helped one of my clients to come up with this content strategy for his business. One of the software we use is Ubersuggest by Neil Patel. If you haven’t heard of it, you can learn more here.

Video Transcript

Hi Jeff, it’s James, here’s the video overview I promised you sorry. It’s a bit late. I’ve had a few family issues to deal with.

Here we are. And those don’t make a lot of difference because this is what I visualize anywhere for the marketing.

Paid ads has been secondary according to the strategy. So we have to get this foundation in place first, the content marketing.

So what this says is, this is from another client. We need to come up with a spreadsheet effectively of contents. So it’s a content plant for 12 months.

If we do this, it will reduce overwhelm. You’ll know exactly what you need to create in terms of the articles, videos, create the articles.

First, I’ve got a company that can do that but then create your own videos going through the articles as the content.

So these will be posted to the WordPress site consistently over time. And this is what we’re creating the monthly visitors that you’re thriving for.

So we need, so this is a spreadsheet, we’ve got five core value topics. So in this case this guy’s a chiropractor.

He’s got franchises all around America. So his first core value topic is chiropractor nutrition. As a second one body mechanics is the third family is the fourth.

Very family-oriented, it’s a solution. And it’s one of its core values as well, based around the family health and wellbeing as the fifth.

So they all congruent, but the main one is chiropractor. So then what we do is we come up with 12 macro topics, which are 12 months okay. And what these are, the micro topics are long-tail keywords, where we can make an impact in the search engine.

Okay. So under each macro topic, we create micro topics, which are the headlines of the videos and the articles. Okay.

The videos that we turn into articles or vice versa. So for this one, for example, for the first-month micro topic, we have the headline 10 things you probably didn’t know about chiropractic care.

So then you create a video or you create an audit or vice versa, and then you publish that on the WordPress site.

And he would do this consistently. So we’ve tried to post five times per week, okay. For each week in the perfect world, but we’ve got to start somewhere.

So these are the keywords and long-tail keywords that we’ve got to come up for for the product. Okay. And for the traffic, for the pregnancy product, for example, and then further ones.

So this is the foundation that we’re putting in place for the content marketing to drive lots of visitors per month when we get this right.

And do it consistently with my help in terms of consultation. But you’ll need to go ahead and use a lot of your marketing budget on the article creation and publishing.

So I’ve got the company to do that for you. But I can kind of guide you on that. And obviously, once we’ve got this in place, then we run the paid ads, corny the traffic strategy in terms of re-targeting visitors of the articles basically, cause people will be searching for the solutions for these things.

These keywords in Google, your article will come upon the Medi blog site. Then we retarget the visitors of the articles as simple as that with the, with the appropriate product.

So in this case pregnancy, so I’ve just been having to look at the keywords for pregnancy. So for example, here’s a keyword.

Half a million over half a million searching for the keyword pregnancy. Okay. So we’re looking for the long-tail keywords, these long-tail keywords here, but then I’ll highlight it in green.

We don’t even want to attempt to make an impact with each one. So when he, it looked like a further, a bit deeper to the ones in green, the pregnancy at six weeks, that’s where we can make an impact.

60,000 and 60,500 people are searching enough, those keyword terms a month. So we can base our content around these. And this is what we are on the spreadsheet.

Okay. And make a 12-month content marketing plan. So all of these are in green. Okay. How many pregnancy weeks pregnancy, how many weeks pregnancy discharge pregnancy test at home pregnancy week by week pregnancy, 23 weeks people searching these pregnancy up pregnancy stages.

So these are the one’s pregnancy calendar. You would leave that alone. There’s too much competition. It’s a number it’s just the green ones.

Okay. So we’ve used this tool, which is UberSuggest Neal Patel. It’s free. We research the keywords underneath the five core topics and then create 12 macro topics because these are the keywords underneath each core value topic.

Okay. I’ll call or main core keyword topic. So that will enable us to create headlines based on the keyword.

And then you go out and create them or go out and purchase the articles and I’ll guide you on that, on the best way to do that.

So that’s what we should do before we do anything else. Then we reduce the payloads. So let me know what you think of that. I’ll drop this in Trello for you. And we can talk more about it. Cheers.

If you want to have a strategy session with me, click here.