Boost Your Sales Using The Automated Webinar Funnel

James Hughes

boost sales using the automated webinar funnel in funnel rolodex

In this busy world full of distractions, being able to get someone to hang out with you for an hour is a rare privilege so you’ll have to make the most out of it. The same goes for marketing your business. It’s almost an impossible task to have people listen to your sales talk. If you’re having a hard time doing this, then you can make use of the webinar funnel in Funnel Rolodex which will bring in leads that can turn into customers.

If you’re looking for something better, how about a webinar but make it an automated one?

What is an Automated Webinar Funnel?

An automated webinar sales funnel is a series of steps you will lead a potential customer through, with the main step being an automated webinar. You run it on autopilot, without you having to go live and will allow you to give massive value to your audience and then pitch them something they need, all in ONE seating. Simply put, an automated webinar is a webinar that is prerecorded. Therefore, it’s not “live” when people see it and you can then continue playing it whenever you like.

It can also help you cultivate a close relationship with a potential customer and then have a smooth transition to a pitch without losing their attention. It’s like launching every single day to someone personally, without having to do all the back-breaking launch work again and again.

Why use an Automated Webinar?

Live webinars are such a hassle to conduct – it’s not just the time you will spend on the webinar itself, but each webinar requires a lot of time spent on prep work, slide creation, email follow-up sequence, and much more. The following are the benefits of an automated webinar that makes it awesome:

  1. You can use it again and again. Once you have yours done and recorded, you never have to go back and do it all over again. You’ll always have this great content on hand. Companies that utilize live webinars have to host them over and over. This means that someone has to take time out of their day to stand in front of a camera for 30 to 60 minutes.
  2. They can be viewed 24/7, 365. Another drawback of the live version is that you’re leaving out a whole lot of people who would like to attend but can’t because of scheduling conflicts. By recording, people can watch yours whenever it makes the most sense for them. Never again lose viewers because of timing issues.
  3. There’s no need to be around. Some of you may be small business owners or entrepreneurs who are pretty much-doing everything on your own. Among other things, this means you’re solely responsible for doing the work it takes to keep your company afloat. If you have a webinar recorded that you can play whenever it’s needed, all of a sudden you have some serious time freed up. You could use it for any number of productive activities. 
  4. You can make it perfect. The biggest fear most people have before hosting a webinar is that they will screw up. This isn’t hard to believe since the majority of people’s greatest fear is public speaking. Not directly speaking in front of an audience doesn’t necessarily make things any easier. An automated webinar not only erases this problem but actually gives you quite the advantage, too. You can take all the time you need to create the perfect webinar which would be impossible to do live.

How to make an automated webinar?

  1. Prepare your webinar topic. Ideally, align your webinar topic with whatever you are selling. This will help you to increase your webinar conversion rates. 
  2. Create your slides. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does have to get your point across. You can break it down into 3 main points or strategies to structure things. Here’s how you can potentially structure your webinar:
  • Engaging introduction and welcome + Go through what they will learn
  • Quick introduction/ Your story 
  • Teaching / Content 
  • Pitch
  1. Record a live webinar. The recording is what you can re-use when you automate it. Once you’ve recorded it, you want to export it as an mp4 file.
  2. Don’t make your webinar date-specific. Make sure your email newsletters, landing pages, and other promotional materials aren’t date-specific, either. This keeps your webinar evergreen so you can replay it again and again.
  3. Avoid discussing current pop culture trends. This may seem like a great way to hook your audience, but it dates your webinar.
  4. Set up your webinar using webinar automation software. At this point you should have a webinar landing page, a thank you page, and pre-webinar reminder emails, and you should have connected your webinar setup to your email service provider.
  5. Make sure your webinar has a live chat component. Be clear with your audience that your webinar is automated, but having someone on hand to answer questions adds value.
  6. Tally up your viewers and make this number visible. This way, people feel less alone watching your pre-recorded webinar. 
  7. Be transparent about whether your webinar is pre-recorded. Even if parts of it are live and only a few minutes are pre-recorded, let your audience know. They will appreciate the transparency and it will be good for your brand long term. 
  8. Create a  simple follow-up sequence. Just start with a simple email sequence prompting registrants to watch the webinar replay. Your webinar replay will do the selling for you. You may even have a second deadline within your email follow-up sequence, where you offer your product/service for a good deal that ends 5 days after the webinar has ended. This gives people who didn’t purchase on the webinar or who didn’t attend the webinar to have another opportunity to purchase.
create a  simple follow-up sequence


We’re going to end this with some tips on how you can make an amazing and effective automated webinar through Funnel Rolodex. First, if you’re nervous about recording, either have someone else do it or practice until you get it right. Make sure you’re gathering emails in exchange for access. This introduces a certain amount of exclusivity but is also just great for building that all-important email list. If you have the time to put out new webinars regularly, continue using this formula. Your list will make it easy to keep bringing in new viewers.

Now, the hard parts are building your automated webinar sales funnel, creating a good offer and a  high-converting webinar. But you can easily find someone to do all of that for you in Funnel Rolodex. Choose from a rolodex of sales funnel experts and start building your funnel now.

Go to Funnel Rolodex here.

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