Anatomy of a Bridge Funnel For Networking Marketing Recruitment

James Hughes


Do you know how a bridge funnel works? This video will explain the step-by-step process to get leads and customers so your product or program keeps going. Creating a sales funnel strategy for your online business is vital to set yourself and your team up for success.

Watch this whole video to know the techniques and ways to establish your strategy for your online business.

Video Transcript

Hi Ricci. So this is the bridge funnel for the business side, the recruitment side. So it’s four steps. First, the phone step is the opt-in page. Funnel step two, which will be built in ClickFunnels, is the bridge page. Funnel step three would be the call scheduling page, scheduling page there, the call scheduler will be on.

And this is the member’s area, which is like funnel step four. So the opt-in page I think we need to look at getting the sign-in for a case study revolved around the actual offer of getting them to sign up for the business.

So that’s, that’s the opt-in page. And obviously driving traffic via content marketing and Facebook ads to the opt-in page. This takes in the second funnel step, which is the bridge page that should be set up with an introductory video at the top explaining the three steps. What you have to complete once the signup is here.

The first step would be the case study, but it’d be you on camera explaining. You know, here’s the case study, click download to download it. Step two is to book a 15-minute discovery call with yourself. And then step three is a joiner, the Ricci Boyer in a circle, which will be the first boot group, the free one, which you already have.

There are three steps there, that’s the bridge page. So that the real, the main reason really for this is to kind of warm the prospect up. And then when you speak to them on the 15-minute call, which the scheduler in via that link on there get as many people in your calendar as possible.

And then on the 15-minute call, you help them, with the Zyia business opportunity. Yeah, the explanation behind it. And also we look at these things here to explain that if you sign up for the Zyia business opportunity, that you’ll coach them and help them through the journey.

But also when they sign up and only if they sign up, they will get access to these six things or similar things. So that’s how that would work. And then once they’ve signed up for Zyia, you build in your download downline up, and then once they hit the members area, they’d be able to access these seven things.

And a good thing that we discussed already is that the automated recruiting sales funnel and a video, pre-recorded videos, to explain how that works. So if you get them to sign up for the sales funnel and sorry, the member’s area, you can give that valuable funnel to them. The recruitment funnel, which obviously if you’re on the downline, you’ll be helping them.

They’ll be using the funnel that you give them, but to use our funnel and then sign up for clickfunnels. So that’s building a passive income stream alongside desire, a business opportunity, but also the individual products like the leggings that you wanted to sell at the front end.

That’s how that works basically. So let me know what you think of that. And then we can decide on templates that we’re going to use to customize within your branding, within your account. So let me know what you think about that. And we can discuss it further. Cheers.

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