5 Simple Steps To Dominating The Search Engine & Drive Relentless Traffic To Your Sales Funnel

James Hughes


Did you know that driving traffic to your sales funnel can be done in 5 simple steps? In this video, I will show you the process I used on one of my clients to grow their audience and leads.

From priming your channel to the distribution and boosting of posts, these steps are the fundamentals in a successful sales funnel.

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Video Transcript

Hi Joe, it’s James. I just wanted to give you a bit more detail on this relentless audience growth roadmap that I was talking about. It’s like five steps. Obviously, there’s this detailed steps within each of the five steps, but it’s all about priming channels first.

So getting everything congruent, which you have in the main, but I think you need a WordPress website as well as mentioned on the call.

So priming the channels, then number two, create your 12-month content plan. Three, creating the video content, which is in the swing of doing already. Number four, multiplying the content, number five, distributing and boosting the content.

Okay. This will create a lot even more engagement, more views, more traffic in the main. So number five, distributing and boosting. That is distributed in the organic traffic that the content, but boosted it with paid ads as well.

So sometimes before diving into paid advertising, which we’re going to go on and on Thursday, you’ve got to get this organic structure in place. Running smoothly, outsourced, whatever you need to do, and that saves a lot of your time. But you’re creating a shitload of traffic in the process.

You know you want to be able to for 1000 viewers per day, that kind of thing. So step one, priming channels. Priming social media channels with consistent congruent branding profiles. Use Canva or hire someone to use it to create or refine a WordPress site.

I would start from scratch in your case, to utilize the SEO capability. You don’t want to be creating an influencer site like JoeWagner.com for example in ClickFunnels. Because having to create a multiple pages for each of the articles, it’s a crazy thing to do.

So time-consuming, ClickFunnels is not made for this kind of site and platform. It’s showing that the WordPress site behaves as a sales funnel on all pages. Have a simple call to action, asking prospects to book the session with you.

It should a WordPress site is hosted on-site ground. For example, are there two or three very fast hosting services? SiteGround is the best. I think we’re just moving over to that and increasing the speed of the content.

So when you click on it at your site, you want to be able to get on it straight away. You don’t want to be letting it load up for three to four seconds before when it, because hosting services like GoDaddy do that.

So get it on site ground. What’s the next one and share the correct plugins are uploaded and has SEO performance. So Yoast plugin link, whisper has another one to do the internal linking the inbound and the outbound like a game of your content. But we go into that more detail over the coming weeks.

Step two, content plan use Neil Patel’s UberSuggest tool to list keywords where you create content. That’s the first thing even touched on it yourself. So sales-related content, long-tail keywords will form the basis of the content plan.

Add long-tail keywords to the structure of the content plan, which is a spreadsheet called topics and keywords, add keywords into the catchy titles and form video topics.

So for example, the three best ways to sell something or the five things not to do when selling something. These kinds of catchy titles really resonate with the viewer complete the full 12-month content plan to the spreadsheet.

This will remove decision fatigue and multiply the efficiency of content creation. Which in a nutshell means at your shitload of time headaches of having to, to deliberate. What you’ve got to create a lot will be down and you just you’ve just created it. You can just go in and dive in.

All right, I’m going to create this video. I’m going to create 30 videos a day, et cetera, et cetera. So you can just lock yourself away. Create all this video content within a couple of hours at like 12 months worth of that can be repurposed and multiplied, and then it’s done.

And then maybe next year I created another 500 videos. Step three, create video content, create the videos, scripts for the content videos.

First, based on the catchy titles, based on that, the keywords are researched. Keyword research is crucial because you can rest assured and have peace of mind that the content that you’re creating is going to be found in the search engine or eventually be found.

So that’s going to create more free traffic for you. And it’s given it’s about giving up value and this, this, this process. So record the first-hand content videos. Don’t attempt to create 300 videos, you know, in the first week, just create the first 10 to get that momentum going.

Then you’ll feel happy about that. Then you can publish that to your WordPress site as a video article. So you’ve got populated stuff for multiply the continental transcribe, the files, the MP4 files create 10 transcriptions for those first 10 videos.

They can then be reformatted in social media posts. Social media material through all of the channels that you’re on rinse and repeat this process.

Step five, distribute the content that you’ve created, the social media posts, the material that would be repurposed from the initial transcriptions distribute these via the social media channels, usually to software such as HootSuite. There are other ones out there as well, that a good buffer as a one as well.

Then when you bring the arts in one, these organic structures boost the content. Preach the content that’s getting delivered and distributed for months on end automatically. This is where the automation falls in which Sylvia, you be able to spend a lot more time with your family.

If this is in place because you know, the traffic’s getting created, you know, yet you dominate another search engine or potentially dominate on keywords to relate it to sales and selling.

So yeah, boost the content with paid ads, retargeting engagers with sales funnel ads. So you retarget all the viewers and engage with all this traffic. Where the hanging out was on Facebook and retarget.

And then you retaught the people that hit your website, watch the videos, clicked on your articles and you retarget them with that one five fundamentals follow.

So that’s not streamlining our content, sorry, streamlining the process makes the whole thing much more efficient. Generate more time for yourself, but generate bet results of the other side.

So hope this helps. And we go over the art part as well on Thursday. Look forward to it already. So yeah, hope, hope we can follow you from that.

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