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James Hughes

funnel rolodex solutions to online business problems

In these modern days, when a consumer wants something, his/her first port of call is the Internet like Funnel Rolodex. E-commerce has grown at an incredible rate since its birth and it’s no secret that many businesses have already made the shift to online or digital marketing. However, running an e-commerce business is not as easy as it sounds. The rise of digitalization has transformed the way companies operate therefore creating challenges faced by e-commerce companies today.

So what are the challenges online businesses face today? Are there available solutions to these problems?

Here are some of the problems e-commerce companies have to deal with and the solutions offered by Funnel Rolodex:

Common Problems Faced by Online Businesses

1. Attracting the right customer

Online shoppers don’t shop the same way they used to back in the day. They use Google to search for products and they ask for recommendations on social media. They use their smartphones to read product reviews while and pay for purchases using all sorts of payment methods. A lot has changed and business owners must figure out where their audience is and how to attract them efficiently without killing their marketing budget.

2. Capturing quality leads

Online business owners are spending a significant amount of money driving traffic to their online store.  With conversion rates ranging between 1% to 3%, they must put a lot of effort into generating leads in order to get the most out of their marketing efforts. The money is on the list.  Building an email subscriber list is key for long-term success. Not all leads are created equally. Business owners must craft the right message for the right audience in order to convert them into leads with hopes of turning them into customers.

3. Nurturing the Ideal Prospects and Converting Them into Paying Customers

Having a large email list is worthless if you’re not actively engaging with subscribers. A small percentage of your email list will actually convert into paying customers.  Nonetheless, retailers must always deliver value with their email marketing efforts. Online retailers put a lot of focus on communicating product offerings as well as promotions, but prospects need more than that. Value and entertainment go a long way but that requires more work.

Addressing these problems could be demanding. Surviving the e-commerce industry requires an outstanding strategy. The good news is that Funnel Rolodex can address these problems through sales funnels! How? Read on.

As you probably know by now, Funnel Rolodex is an online marketplace that focuses on sales funnels. A sales funnel is basically the process that helps sales reps turn cold prospects into hot leads. Without a solid sales funnel, it’s almost impossible to convert leads into sales efficiently and grow sales and revenue over time. Here are the stages of a sales funnel that can clear up the challenges faced by online businesses.

Funnel Rolodex Solutions

1. Awareness and problem recognition

When a person recognizes a certain need they have, this is the trigger for the first phase of a marketing and sales funnel. This is the lead generation phase. A prospect must become aware of two things, the problems of customers and the solutions of the company. A brand must attract the attention of potential customers, so they are aware that it is available. This recognition of a problem or need triggers a search for more information. At the top of the sales funnel, your prospect wants to feel educated and confident to be able to talk about their questions and problems when the time comes. From a marketing perspective, they want content that will guide them through the topic that matters to them, including blog posts, videos, and even quizzes. In this stage, your Untouched prospects turn into Contact made prospects. More precisely, they are now your Leads.

2. Researching Solutions

In this stage, you’re no longer dealing with nameless and faceless contacts. They have now named and defined their problem, and they are looking into all available solutions such as products and services. In the middle of the sales funnel, your lead is diving deeper into the specifics of the problem. They understand what’s bothering them in great detail and want to know the possible solutions. At this point, they might not necessarily be evaluating solution providers such as specific companies and their products. Instead, they are looking for the types of solutions available to them. The content that serves your leads best in this stage includes in-depth guides, comparison-style checklists, pros versus cons lists, and other insightful pieces. In this stage, your Leads become Qualified as you get to talk to them and ask them questions that help you decide whether your offer is the right fit for their problem.

researching solutions

3. Making an educated purchase decision

Finally, the bottom of your funnel is when your leads now know everything about their problem, and the best type of solution for them, and are ready to select the provider to purchase this solution from. This is why their questions and concerns in this stage become vendor-driven. That’s what helps your lead make a decision that suits their exact needs, specific problems, budget, and other relevant resources. The best content for the bottom of the funnel is frequently-asked-questions pages, videos about product features, live demos, and side-to-side competitive feature analysis. These reinforce their confidence in your offer as they keep seeing their fit for their specific problem. This is when your Qualified leads go through the Proposal presented and Negotiation phases, after which you ideally win their business.

Through these sales funnel stages, your sales and marketing will work in perfect harmony to attract, nurture, and impact the decision-making process of a potential customer.


As we discussed earlier, a sales funnel can bring benefits both to your prospects and the journey they go through before they purchase, as well as to your organization’s health and revenue. Why don’t you take advantage of Funnel Rolodex while you’re at it? Funnel Rolodex is the number one place you need to be when it comes to sales funnel-related jobs. It offers various types of services like funnel strategy, funnel building, ClickFunnels backpack, graphic design, copywriting, music/audio, video/animation, advertising, agencies, templates programming, and training.

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