10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Funnel Rolodex

James Hughes

things you didn't know about funnel rolodex

Are you someone who has visions and ideas that you want to create? A sales funnel for your online business, perhaps? After all, we’re all aware of the fact that nowadays digital is the way to go. Coming up with the idea is the easy part but execution can be challenging. Good news! I know the perfect solution to your problem – it’s called Funnel Rolodex. We’ll talk about that in a minute.

Have you got stuck on how to get your business online after taking the first step towards your vision? If you think you’ll be keeping your costs low by doing things yourself, think again.

Reality Behind You

Let’s say you have a talent for copywriting but you don’t know anything about design. You watched video tutorials in graphic design and practice the things you learned but the result you got is not what you have in your mind.

This is where Funnel Rolodex comes in. It is a place where you can outsource any funnel building task you don’t know how to do and offer services related to building and optimizing funnels.

Read these 10 crucial things you need to know about Funnel Rolodex.

  1. BJ Wright was the founder of Funnel Rolodex. As a previous business development manager at ClickBank.com back in 2013-2014, he had the idea for the marketplace back in 2013 but didn’t start building it out until March of 2018. Then in October 2018, the first version of the marketplace was launched.
  1. BJ Wright partnered with Russel Brunson. Does the name Russel Brunson ring a bell? That’s right, he is the co-founder of the company ClickFunnels which popularized the concept of sales funnels. It helps thousands of entrepreneurs get their message out in the marketplace. Funnel Rolodex became focused on funnel experts after this partnership. 
  1. Funnel Rolodex focuses on the WHOs rather than the HOWs. Rather than spending a tremendous amount of time trying to do the things you don’t know how to, it offers an easier and quicker solution by basically giving you a rolodex of excellent service providers that can do the things for you. Save yourself from the insane amount of work and turn to outsource to get the results you want!
  1. You can join Funnel Rolodex for free. There are individuals on this platform who can help you get things done on time but at an unbeatable price. You can also create your gig and start selling your services. It’s free and only takes 5 minutes.
  1. Funnel Rolodex is like the Fiverr for funnel builders. Have you heard about Fiverr? It’s a marketplace where people can buy and sell digital services. Funnel Rolodex is like that. It’s a place where you can outsource any funnel building skill you’re not good at or sell funnel building services you excel at.
Funnel Rolodex is like fiverr for funnel builders
  1. It offers various types of services. As an entrepreneur, one obstacle that you’ll face is doing something you don’t know how to do like putting up your own sales funnel. Let’s say you’re good at copywriting but can’t design which leaves you with two options: learn how to do it or find someone who already knows how. Funnel Rolodex gives you the solution to your problem by its current offerings: funnel strategy and building, ClickFunnels backpack, graphic design, copywriting, music/audio, video/animation, advertising, agencies, templates programming, and training.
  1. Funnel Rolodex offers vetted services. To ensure that you get the best quality service, these sellers are subject to buyer’s ratings. Take notice of it if you want to see if people were satisfied or disappointed by the service offered. So even if the service you’ll be getting as of now is cheap, it doesn’t always mean that it’s of low quality.
  1. It makes money by taking a 20% cut of sellers’ earnings on the marketplace. The buyer does not pay any fees in the Funnel Rolodex itself. The fees come out of the seller’s income. For example, if you buy a service from a seller that costs $199 you’ll just have to pay that posted price. However, the seller is only going to take 80% of that amount and the remaining 20% will be automatically going to the Funnel Rolodex team.
  1. Integrated with Stripe. Payments using PayPal are sent directly to Funnel Rolodex and the seller. But Stripe gives you the ability to place payments into an escrow account. Then release later on to the seller after they have completed the sale. This way getting refunds can be a lot easier.
  1. It is currently in the process of redesigning! The Funnel Rolodex team is expanding therefore, it is recognizing different areas for improvement. They are currently developing a new site from scratch while rebuilding the existing features and adding new features as well! So expect a new and improved Funnel Rolodex soon!


Whether you have the budget for hiring experts who can build your funnel or you’re trying to earn by offering your exceptional skill in funnel building, Funnel Rolodex is the best place to go. It is designed to help entrepreneurs go through the roadblocks smoothly in order to put their dreams and vision into reality.

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